The Gym is clossed

Today I decided to goto the gym in the evening as I got up late. But as it is the eve of new years eve the damn place closes early. WTF? Why are they closed early today which isnt even new years eve but the eve of the eve, but they are open till late on chirstmas eve? WHY?

Anyway, I'm gona go there tomorrow morning and pee in the pool.

Ulki Question Mark

My new name is "ULKI ?". Or atleast thats what one of my neighbours think... After reciving a Christmas card. My mum and sister got their names written properly, but I was not so fortunate. I'm not sure why or how you get Ulki Question Mark from D-Man but apparently you can. Also my pressents for Christmas are much the same as always. Got a Finding Nemo DVD and a Diary. Now I have 4 Diarys. One is a present. One I bought because I thought i could save money and live with out spiralness. And ofcourse the spiral one which I will eventually buy. Tomorrow hopefully. Will also get a free student diary when I go back to uni, so that will make it 5 diaries in total..... Plus my notebook, time allocation sheet and time tickers..... Thats a lot of time management tools....

Signed Ulki Question Mark

How To Blog

Blogging is a simple process. Yet there are so many books and guides and even a video.... WTF? is this really necessary. All it is typing stuff into a box and clicking publsih. Its not like the books help you with content. Much like "job search" books etc. They may tell you about the mechanics but the actual content of what you are supposed to say etc in a specific interview isnt there.... Unless someone wrote a book about content to include in blogs...

I Have Passed My Subjects

Looks like I have passed all of my subjects. Which is just fine. Not great becuase I didnt get the marks that I wanted, but still good that I passed. You know failing actually makes you appreciate the times that you do, do well. Or at least pass. Its seems as though I am able to breathe a little easyier now that I know my results (and that they are good).

It also makes it easier to sit infront of the telly and watch cricket all day and not worry about uni. At least not as much when you fail. I still want to give auditing a little bit of a crack this summer in preparation for next semester. That way I can have a four week head start on an important subject and hard subject.

To the library...

Missing Out

As I work in a record store, there are certain perks. Today we were giving away tickets for 1200 techniques which would of been really nice to goto. They were for customers but if I wanted to I could get some. Because I'm stupid I say, yeah ok, if there is any left at the end of the day. On the other hand I could of been assertive and say "Give me the damn tickets!". Alas, today turned out to be a good day for selling records and the small number of tickets quickly disapeared and by the time I came back from my lunch break. Well, lets just say there was disapointment. Its becuase I especially like free things. It just seems so much more fun and exciting when its free or cheaper then the recomended retail price.

I also managed to finish getting the months of paperwork upto date. Which wasnt as exciting as I thought it might of been. And going to see 1200 techniques would of been a nice way to celebrate..... Anyway, its kinda a releif and now I can work on putting together a more efficient system etc together. Also I finnaly got my stuff from the ATO. It came in a big envelope. Proberly too so long because the senate had to approve the usage of the large envelope.... Ahh, ATO stuff. Now I will have more to read which is also exciting. I like getting mail. Which I am sure I have mentioned not so long ago....

Oh yeah! Dont forget to pick up the AFR tomorrow as there is a free BOSS calander in it (no not the fagy clothing shite....)... Anyway I hope everyone has a nice day at work tomorrow becuase I wont be going. Not only becuase I dont really feel like it but because I finnished all my work and dont have anything to do. Whoo! (apparently...)

Another Day another couple of dollars

Looks like I have now found a way to do work consitanty. The only thing is I dont know what it is. Today I got everything I wanted to do done but just sort of paced my self instead of starting realy well then sort of burning out like when doing assinghments etc... Except at work you dont get the whole adrenaline/flow going, if at all.

It seems so obvious now

Its been a while since I last blogged. Mainly becuase Blogger was not allowing me to blog when I wanted to (internet errors). Anyway work is going ok. The main problem I have is that in the afternoon I tend to drift off a bit and not as fast as in the morning, which sux when you planned to get a certain amount done and you just dont have the spirit to go on anymore. Also I have a crap chair and hurts my back which is a problem. There are other problems but not worth mentioning... So work is not as enjoyable as a few days ago. Obviously. But I am still on track to be completing everything by the end of the week, which will be a releif.

In other not so sad news. We got a bus shelter built near the park. Its very shiny and new with no crap graffiti on it (yet), and its so much nicer sitting there then out in the open waiting for the bus, especialy on a hot day like today. Also the tax office sent me this CD so I can install my digital certificate. But for some reason it requires SP1 to be installed, which for some unknow reason I have not done this............ It just seems werid that it would even need this. Also I orderd some stuff from the ATO last Monday and it still hasent come yet. The ATO realy do suck. Thats why they should hire me. As a consultant.

My first day at work

Today was my first day at work today. I was expecting it to be hard and I was right. Mainly because I have never done anything like this before, so I'm obviously going to be slow. But when I did figure out what I am getting paid for things sort of went smoothly. Basicly its my job to sort everything out. Initialy that seems ok, but in between I actually have to do accounting work. And accounting requires everything to be in order, ticked off, complete, organised, in a fileing system of some kind, and cross refrenced so that it can be audited etc.... So its proberly harder then I thought, more complex and just so much work. Mainly becuase its backlogged. But thats ok. I actually have experiance in sorting small recipts and invioices etc when my parents ran a convenience store. Mainly the hard part is just matching stuff up (accounting is all about balancing things...). So I think I earned my wage today thats for sure. Surprisingly I am tired, most possibly becuase of my bad posture....

I got to goto (...) work tomorrow which will be even more interesting because Brooke wont be their to assist me. I like things in order and written down (business policys etc) which I am doing now. So that I know what to do in the event of X. The system is pretty much being developed from scratch so if it can sort all of this information I think it will be a job well done. This should be something I'm good at becuase I spend a lot of time sorting things out and then re-sorting them for fun...

Anyway, the place is really cool since its a record store. Initialy I thought it was just another indepedent music store. But they actually sell records. You know, the big round black things made of vinyl. The music they play is of high quality, which makes it sort of a nice enviroment to workin. But I'm not really used to working with music so its a little distracting. On the good side, I am getting to listen to stuff I have never heard before, and proberly would never of heard, which is fine by me....

In summary, my day was exciting (want to know and learn more), challanging (which keeps you busy and not bored (sort of (when you can figure out what your supposed to be doing))), tiring (hard days work) and interesting (its cool to be working in a record store).

The Unexpectedness

Tomorrow is the first day of my first real part time job. And it couldnt of come at a better time, considering I turn 22 in three weeks time. I had that costcutter job but that was just stacking shelves and I knew what I was getting my self into. This job is a little different in that I actually have to call upon my four years of study (QUT university for the real world) todo something practical. For a real business. So I'm a little nervous. Maybe even a little excited. Who knows.

In an effort to reasure my self and gain some confidence for tomorrow I have been going over my basic accounting stuff and MYOB, so that I am fully prepared and come accross like I actually know what I'm talking about. Rather then saying "you know the thing that makes the cashy type thing reduce the invetory thingy.", which wouldnt make a good impression...

Spiral Diary

I like spiral diarys. Or anything in spirals... But today I had a choice. Buy the spiral diary or the new "commercial" diary. There are two distinct differences between the two. Firstly the fact that one is spiral bound and the other case bound. The second diffrence is that the "commercial" diary has more space to write stuff in on a day to day basis. The spiral one, which is identical to my current diary, is a week to a view. That means its spread accross two pages. So far this has been ample room for me to write stuff into it. But now I have that book keeping job, so I need room to write down when ato stuff is due etc. Which could mean the diary gets busy. Ofcourse this would of easily fit into the spiral diary, but I also goto keep some room for uni dates and other personal crap. So thats why I bought the "commercial diary".

Of course I am having second thoughts. The spiral diary has 12 lines of space going from 9am to 5pm. Which means its currrently underused, with just uni stuff. The commercial diary has 18 lines of space. Basicly half the page (A5), going from 8am to 8pm and some... Which now that I look at it, is a lot. Which is why I am thinking about returning it, or giving it away as a present, and just buy the spiral one like I planned.

12-18=6 Which means the spiral one has a 6 line premium attached to it. Spiral has the extra movement, which is why I like it. But the extra space to able to write is also appealing, as it adds greater functionality/potential/capability to write more. I could use two diarys, but thats out of the question. Because I want all of my dates in one place where I can see them and not have to crossrefrence to a diffrent diary to see if I have an exam on. That I think would be even worse. The people at office works must think I'm crazy.

The Clensing Begins

Today I decided to start throwing away bank statements. Turnout I even had statements from accounts which are now closed.... I thought my room was already tidy, but I just have so much junk that I should throw away that I no longer think its clean. So now I have to start throwing stuff away. I also goto organise my self a little cos I got a job, which is gona require me to be organised and ready for action.

I am also thinking about selling some of my books that I no longer need as they are taking up quite a lot of room in my book case. My day has been pretty good. Didnt goto the gym, which was bad of me, but I got up so late that I could never of gone today. Hopefully with a better sleeping time today I can accomplish this task tomorrow.

However the big news today is that I got my ABN. Which wasnt as exciting as I thought it was gona be, but none the less I now have one. This also comes with some responsibility, like quarterly PAYG installments and proper recording of my finances. Which means I'm gona have to use something other than MS money (which is what I am currently using). I have setup a file for MYOB, but its only a trial version so.... thats not good. So I'm gona have to setup somthing in excel tomorrow untill I finnaly get around to making something in access that is capable of doing the job properly, then sell my software for millions of dollars. After selling my software I will travel the world doing motivational speaches etc to business type people for money. Then retire in the carribean and play the stockmarket/forex from there, making even more money.

Getting used to Boredem

Well as soon as I starting to get used to boredem, everything changes..... Thursday was the last day of boredem. Because Friday was pretty busy and so was saturday and sunday is sort of busy. I will still be bored over the holidays but I think I can manage.

The big news of the day is that I got a job. Which will not only help my financial situation but also my condition of boredem.

Saturday was a good day, becuase I went and attended a focus group thingy in regards to the Capalaba Bus station (which was extreamly poorly designed etc and everyone hates it...). For which I got $50. Basicly Everyone just talked over everyone else and by the end of it the interviewer was just pleased it was all over. So I dont think it was worth them having me there, but I got my money, which is the main thing. Almost feels like stealing becuase of the little amount of work I had to do. When we finnished the bus left, meaning I had to wait two hours untill the next one.... So I walked home, so I guess I got my exercise for the day out of the way. And of course today was when I found out about the job.

Friday was also, good as I got a lot done. Gym, apply for jobs and went to go see Napolean Dynamite. It was an awsome movie and very funny. Too bad more people wont see it....

Sunday was good mainly becuase I got all the things I wanted to do done. Which included doing house work, ringing people and even went to (finaly) give Karl his present...... I have even been to the video store and rented Kill Bill 2, which I havent seen yet. And if all that wasnt enough its only 5:15pm..... Looked up some info on ABN's and the such. Seems pretty straightforward now, as apposed to me making stuff up for my self. The website to which you register is awfuly slow. So I think I might have to goto the tax office and fill out the form. Which is going to be a pain, but atleast I will be doing something and not just bumming around the house.


Its been less than a week and I am bored. Yesterday I was bored, but thats nothing to what I expeiranced today. Today I really did nothing, it was a really plesant day to make it even more blander... Did house work to keep me busy, but even that was boring because I was making my own mess to clean up. Luckily mum was home to give me a day long lecture.... I wonder what I'm gona do when mum goes to work tomorrow..................................................................

I thought about just sitting at the computer and blogging my holiday, minuite by minuite, but even that would be boring and I think I would run out of things to write about.

Its proberly a good idea that I collate some goals to complete during the holidays so I dont go insane. I have already sorted out my books and stuff from uni into boxes etc so thats already been done. Thats pretty much all I had planned and I have done it already..... hmmm.... What next. Oh the gym. I could just go there and work out untill I cant work out no more and become like arnie. Hopefully that will help me in being as successfull as arnie. heheh, and guess what? The gym caught on fire today. That was exciting, had to walk out side and then go home. Cant think when the excitement from today will end.

Anyway, in the real world I have 3 applications to fill out and email etc tomorrow which is gona be exciting and maybe the catalyst to do something during the holidays. I really need to make a list. I like lists, they help me to stay alive. Thats all I can think about now, in fact thats what I've been thinking about all day, making a list.

Job Seaching

Well its monday and I decided to look for a job. So I started at the uni's carrees website and it was good to see so many jobs.... Which should keep me busy this week. Must of downloaded about 25 jobs.... The newspaper had about 3 jobs that I would consider but nothing really accounting related there. Should also just apply to employers even if they dont adversite. They still might hire me, even if it is on casual etc. So, yeah everything is looking good so far. Possibly the bestest website at making me feel better is the gradlink site. It has a whole heap of stuff to read to make stressed uni students waiting for their exam results feel better....

Also David jones is having 25% off sale so I think I'm gona go get a second shirt to wear to interviews and the such.

Other than looking for a job I mowed the "lawn" (green areas of dirt) and I must say, it does look much better. Hopefully in the future I will have real grass to mow and not just weeds. Only took me 2:30 today which is good, but there is a problem with the lawn mower not running at full power. This is because the throtle controler thingy is broken and doesnt go all the way...

Its broken

My scanner is now borken. I have tried everything and the yellow lines are here to stay. So it looks like I will have to buy a new one. Which wont be for a while... as I still have no job. Looks like the postcard and picture drawing thingy are kinda gone. Still collecting and drawing though.

Its just sad that its broken. Its been such a good foot rest. Maybe I can turn it into some kinda lamp.

D-Time Machine (c)

Last week I was worried about not getting the work that I want to get done, done. That was all just a lie. lies. Lies and more lies.... Its because I went back in time. Fitting 28 hours into 24 hours is not easy but I did it. All I had to was change the universe faster then it already changes, enabling me both the extra time to get more work done.

Its all over

I have finnished all of my exams. Whoo. Was a busy couple of weeks, but I'm still alive which is good. Considering I almost felt like I was dead(KAROSHI) a few times...

300 moves

Well for a break in studying I decided to play some chess witht the computer. Normaly I am one of those people that take all of the peices and then go for check... (bad strategy...) anyway. This one game I played only went for 16 moves! Sometimes I even amaze my self.

BP -- WP -- -- WQ -- --
-- BP -- -- -- BP BP --
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- BP
-- -- -- -- WP -- -- WP
-- -- WP -- -- WP -- --
WP WP -- -- -- -- WP --

WHITE: Player 1
BLACK: Novice

1. P-K4 P-K4
2. P-Q3 P-KR4
3. P-KR4 N-KR3
4. B-N5 N-N5
5. BxQ KxB
6. P-KB3 N-K6
7. Q-K2 N-B3
8. QxN P-QN3
9. Q-N5ch P-B3
10. Q-N6 P-Q3
11. Q-B7 N-K2
12. P-B3 P-N3
13. P-Q4 N-N1
14. PxP N-K2
15. PxQP N-N1
16. PxP++

This also happens to be the 300th post.

Conquering the Treadmill

Today wasnt just a momentus occasion for me applying for jobs. But also because I successfully ran on the treadmill. This may seem like completly absurd and ordinary to some. But for me it is not. The last time I tried running I fell off sideways.... So I just did brisk walks. Which get very boring, very quickly... But after about 11 months of this I thought, why not give another go. And it worked. possibly because I have better control over my self and better technique in doing exercises then when I started [obviously]. It was good. I kept a nice pace for 10 mins, obviously never doing any running, I'm gona have to build up to something more respectable. But its a start. The key is to get a good pace that is comfortable and sticking to it.

I also did a bit of study for my exams today (4 hours) so that was also pleasing. But didnt get as much as I want to get done, done....

New questions

Spent most of the day applying for a job at EY. Its supposed to take about 45 minuites, but there were a few questions I wasnt really prepared for. But I think just by appling I think I have gained some experiance. Especialy when it comes time to actually apply for the real graduate jobs. Hopefully I will get an interview, which would be nice. Even if it just for the experiance. But, I'm still gona give it a good go. Been looking up questions they ask during interviews etc. As long as I get my basic story right, I should be ok. Then if I get through that, there is an assement day. Which means more exams. But this time the quest is a job (and eventually a career). Hopefully nothing too hard. Apparently they like to do reconciliations.... I havent done a reconciliation in about 5 years so I think that will be a learning experiance.... And then if you pass the assement then you get an interview with the partners of the division. Then you get the job.


I am definatly going to have to do a lot more thinking, if I want one of these jobs. The questions are like. Why should we hire you? What is your value proposition??? Why do you want to work here? Why do you think you will fit in? What are some of your achivements outside uni?

Some of these questions are just a little heavy for my liking. Also how can you make an assement on how you will fit in the company buy just reading promotional material on their website.... Theres somethings I just wont get.

Stupid Scanner

I have a scanner. Which I use to scan the postcards (and occassionaly drawings) in, but mine still scans but adds its own highlighter-yellow tinted stripes.

Thusday Tragedy

Today, It started ok, but eventually the time just went flying by. Only did 2 hours today.... Went to the shops again because there was a sail and mum was going to buy me clothing, but as always I never liked anything so wasted a few 2 hours. Then I had an afternoon nap just because I wanted to. Then I went to the gym.... However on my way to going to the gym my bike decided to throw in the towel.... As if you thought nothing else could go wrong with it, it does. The gear bit at the back (rear cassete in bike speak) decided that freewheeling in only one direction was uncool. Which means that my problem of being able to freewheel in a forward pedling motion is fixed.... Now I can truely freewheel.... I live on a hill, and by the time I realise there is a problem I'm half way there (thank you inertia). Which means I had to walk the darn thing back home, then walk to the gym... Which was just fantastic since I like wasting time (wasting time when I know about it is ok, but non-planned time wasting is just painfull).

In other news the happy tree friends is on tonigt at 10:50 on sbs. Watch it its good.

Run Me Over Wednessday

Almost got run over about 18 times today. Mainly from idiots who dont know to let pedestrians cross at traffic lights... Also seems that the silly driving season has started early. Which I blame on christmas. Today I did most of my errands but failed to goto the gym. And on the studying front, there hasnt been much happening only got a few hours in. Its all building up to a very scary weekend...

Its proberly a good thing blogger was down yesterday...

Fact: Tuesday is the most productive day of the week

Today, was not all lost as I previously alluded too. However I did move my trip to the shops till tomorrow and just didnt goto the gym.... So all I did was about 6 hours of study. Which is pretty good considering I was awake for 12... (A ratio of 1:2 is good for me, considering during the first half of this year it was 1:3....) So I got that out of the way. However I still didnt get to finnish what I planned to which, was do all the planning for my exams. But I will finnish that tomorrow along with a whole host of things. Hopefully I can do it. If I can just get up early and goto the gym, the rest will sort it self out.

Which means I will be breaking the universal law that Tuesday is the most productive day of the week.


Today I havent been able to get away from the fact that I am getting so much sleep yet am still quite tired. I went to the gym yesterday, and only missed a week. Which is pretty good for me.... In total I think I have goten about 14 hours of sleep for today. I know that last week I was sleep deprived, but still... This is rediculous.

But then I had a brain wave. I havent been taking my vitamin/mineraly/suplimenty type tablets. I dont feel any diffrent when I do take them as apposed to not taking them, but I still think that by not taking them, I am loosing the advantage that I had previously gained. I really hate taking tablets. Mainly becuase I find it hard to swallow and end up chewing them.... I have found a soluble form but they are expensive, so its not an option.... I think thats enough Vitamin B105. Now, I'm off to chew on some powdery goodness.

I can always try again tomorrow

Its Tuesday, the begining of my expadition into the unknown (waking up on time) and well that kinda worked for about 5 mins. Woke up early and someone was already in the shower, so I thought I would just lye on my bed untill they finnish. Alas I stayed there for longer then expected, four hours unexpectedly. That four hours was very precious to me, as that was the time I wanted to goto the gym.... And now that I have goten up later I wont be able to sleep untill later. Making it harder to get up early tomorrow. And so the cycle continues.

However if I can still do what I wanted to do today... then its not a lost cause.


I finnaly got it all done and handed it in 3 mins early. I feel really tired but cant get to sleep for some reason. In the end it was about 1700 words... so I went over a little.

This is how I weel today. But muhc worse... I think my motoro skills are suffering...

950 words

Its 8:30 and I have 950 words. Its been a terrible week, and I doubt it will get anybetter.

The plumber is supposed to come today at 1:30 to fix the dishwasher. Which I am

Fast mornings?

For somereason the morning seems to go very quickly when you need to spend time doing something, like an assinghment...


This little sleepless bender that I have currently forced upon my self is stimulantless. As I just didnt find the time to some Berroca etc... Which I now feel could of been very usefull. But allas, I will have to find away through the conventional method of sleep.

So far I'm about 50% behind. As in I need to do twice the amount I have currently done but in the same amount of time...

I have to sleep

Looks like it is impossible for me to continue to be awake and still perform. I am going to goto sleep for 5 hours and hopefully I will wake up in time.

72 words and counting

Ok well i have 1500 words to write and about 18 hours to do it in. So far everythings going ok, but I havent had to put any graphs or techinical stuff in.


Its Thrusday and I am really sleepy, I have done very little on the assinghment which is due in less than 24 hours. I figure if I can write 100 words per hour then I will do it. But that assumes I will not sleep or eat or do anything but write...

For somereason I didnt get much sleep last night. This is what is supposed to happen today...

There is a link for this equation


Its not that I am not getting enough sleep. But rather too much sleep. I am now regularly getting about 10 - 11 hours sleep a day. But I goto bed about 2/3 am which is also another problem.

It would be nice to be able to goto bed at 9:30 and get up at 6:30. Its 12:30 now so I should proberly goto bed instead of ranting. But sometimes I spend hours just lying in bed ranting to my self about how I should get up earlyer and not waste the day etc....

And there concludes the rant marathon.

Ink cartridge

I now have two whole reams of premium paper for my printing machine. But now, from no fault of my own the ink for the printing machine has run out. Which proves correct the theory which says, what could go wrong will go wrong at the most annoying time...


Went to the dentist today, as previously planned and mentioned... Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it never is... So that went without a hitch. They also gave me a free coffee voucher because they were running late. Which just makes everything that much better.


This kinda leads to a question of intensity or hard work etc. I have no problem with working long hours etc. But if the work doesnt get done in time, then whats the point. Most of the time when I study its in burts. Some are short, 20 mins, some can go for ages 3-4 hours. But the longer ones only happen the day something is due, which is good for exams and cramming, but I just cant seem to motivate my self to that level on a regular enough basis. ie through out the semester. Everything seems so far away during the semester that you just kinda let it go by and say you will catch up. But the catch up is only an effort so that you dont completly humiliate your self come exam time (CRAM).

So what to do about this problem. I would not know, as I have tried and obviously failed. Its the end of the semester and its hard not to be intense now. However it is a long period of about 3 weeks to stay alert and intense. So there is still a lot of time to do nothing.


AtM I am hoping for a lot of things to go right. But as I know (see D-news for the article of things going wrong) things always go wrong at the most annoying time. hmmm, thats interesting

I really need to get more paper. I thought I had another ream lying around but I dont.... Which further destroys my chance of doing well in this economic assinghment. I think I'm gona get my some of that Berroca. Its supposed to help keep you alert through out the day. Just like those engery drinks but works out cheaper.

Week 13

Looks like I have booked my self a week of endless torture, which has thankfully started early....
I have a dentist appointment for a filling tomorrow which, will be painfull for the rest of the day. Slowing down my research for my economics assinghment which is due this Friday. I also have some homework to catch up on see my lectureer... about for economics and my crap marks in the tutorial exam, my MYOB assinghment which I still havent had a chance to fix up in preparation for the exam on Thursday. And then theres the management accounting homework and the Variance analysis which I still dont understand to catch up on. Oh and the exam on Thursday is on MYOB, Excal and Access. And its written.... Just preparation for that exam is gona take like half a day, never mind actually studying for it. Thank fully its open book and we have computer in front of us. I only started the reseach for the econmics assinghment today after a friend from uni rang up becuase he was having trouble...

Johnathans birthday party was on Friday so I figured that I was gona be out of action for 2 days (fri and sat) But for some reason I got up late (1:00pm) today (Sunday), proberly because I am lazy. I also had a meeting with some property developers which went for about 2 hours, putting a big dint in the time I had left today to work on researching for the economics assinghment...

And for some reason I now also have to goto some seminar re: property development (*smells scam...). Which is on the Tuesday. Which I'm not sure I'm even going to be able to goto as it starts only 1 hour after my tutorial...

So Monday is gona be pretty much wasted as 12:30 is my date with the dentist and I think I will only get about 3 hours of homework done. The rest of the day will be spent crying like a little girl. Hopefully on Tuesday I can get my sources for the assinghment down onto some paper. Wednessday will invariably be spent trying to get upto speed for the computerised accounting exam on Thursday. Which leaves me about 10 hours to do my assinghment. Thusday I can catchup on where I went wrong and fix those mistakes and hopefully the lectures will be short and sweet, aiding my economics assinghment.

Not forgeting this is week 13 which means revision for final exams must begin. Obviously this is not going to happen now, but I am happy to report that the stress is going to begin for those exams which start in about 2 weeks time.

Good luck Dhimesh.

Bike locked on overdrive

For a while now my front gear thingy has been stuck on the second cog. Today I found out why.

It was all becuase the clamp/holder for my bike lock had slid down the pole and was stoping the leaver thingy from moving accross down to the first gear. I really feel like an idiot.

Action Picture

Took a cool picture of a pillow in mid flight. I am really surprised that the digital camera actually picked it up.

I'm afraid

Today I realised that I am afraid of my glasses falling off my head. Espeicaly into the urinal. Or when I'm looking over a balcony etc from a great height. Hopefully this isnt the start of a fear of heights. I know I'm already a bit afraid of heights but only because I'm overly safety concious. I wonder what I would do if my glasses realy did fall into the toilet. Would I fish them out? Proberly not....

Merry September

ING Direct - A slightly early christmas

received my first christmas card of the season about 2 weeks ago from my bank.


After our (Jonathan and I) misadventure to the comic book store in the city, last weekend which resulted in us missing the bus... I began thinking about what comics I used to read. And it had been such a long time that I had forgotten what it was called. But today, while trying to catch up on some management accounting it came to me.

Asterix (and Oblix)... Asterix is actually an old comic but the Asterix books at the library were always popular. Even more so then Terry Pratchet or Rold Dhal.

"Asterix the Gaul was originally written by two authors, Ren? Goscinny (who was the cartoonist) and Albert Uderzo (who wrote the stories). Asterix first appeared in 1959 is the French magazine Pilote. After appearing in Pilote, the Asterix strip was published by Dargoud Inc. until Uderzo founded his own publishing house, "Les Editions Albert Rene"."

Inefficent Sleeping

I have also worked out (after extensive reasearch...) that I need 9.5 hours of sleep. Nine hours would be best, as that would give me time to get out of bed slower... Which means that my sleep is less effective then what the average is. If you search on the web most ppl get by with only 6-7 hours sleep, while 8 hours is recomended. which means I require 1.5 to 2 hours sleep more than most people.

Since there is 24 hours in the day and 8 hours recomended the sleep to wake ratio is 1:3 (1/3 or 33% ). In my case its 24/9 = 2.5 or 40% of the day.

Fixed with in a range

Fixed overhead remains the same at all activity levels becuase its FIXED....

I have spent the better part of this evening trying to get into my head why a fixed cost such as F O/H stays the same. I understand that its fixed... duh... But thats only at a certain activity level. I now also understand that the costs remain fixed within a range of activity. If the level of activity increases outside of the range then the fixed overhead would also change. But as luck would have it text books fail to mention this... And ofcourse all exercies have different budgeted and actual activity levels (for variable overhead), but fail to mention if the costs are within the range or not, which is why I was confused.


Just so you know, I have uploaded a few more postcards to the invisible postcard site.

There have been a load of new postcards come out recently, but for somereason I have not been able to hang onto them. As in I would collect them and then leave them (by accident...) around the place. Which is quite annoying since I'm not bringing them home where they should be.

Cheese & cucumber sandwiches

Food really is the best stimulant.

Printing Naked in a Paper paradise

For the past week or so I have been doing my printing at uni because of my indiscretion with my current printer.... Anyway, I have noticed that the crappy el cheepo, aka $3.95 "multi purpose paper" is not square. As in it does not have right angled corners. Previously I had thought that the slight variation was because I was uncoordinated at stapling and consequently the paper isn't perfectly allined. The printers at uni use the reflex brand of paper (the most expensive) and it takes little to no effort to make the pages line up (which makes stapling and hole punching a breeze).

The whole point of this rant is.... Now that the paper is properly lined up the whole world seems like a better place. hmmm.... That gives me an idea for a drawing.

MYOA - Mind Your Own Assinghment

Over the past week I have been trying to get some kinda group (total = 2, i.e. its a partnership) together for my MYOB assinghment which is due in 7 days time. After sending of half a dozen emails. My experience with groups so far has not been that good so naturally I kept my hopes down. But I think we may have reached a new low. But then again this could actually be a good thing. So, I suggest Saturday or Friday to meetup and just get the assinghment over and done with. But then he kinda dances around umming and ahhing for about 15 minutes and in this time nothing was said as I was prepared to let him sweat it out until he got up the courage to tell me what he really thought. Apparently he doesn't even care about the assinghment as it is ONLY
worth 10%. And has not even completed the homework (Date Due: 2 weeks ago). So then I concede defeat once again and say that we just do the assinghment our selves and just "reconcile" our answers next Wednesday (the day before its due). Once again I am faced with the reality that group work is a mystical creature that doesn't actually exist.

I also have an assinghment which is due today but I will hand in tomorrow for reasons unavailable.

CPA careers workshop

Went to the CPA career advantage workshop which turned out to be more of a seminar and then the complementary drinks/carapes for the purposes of networking. It was at the convention center so it wasn't very hard to find. Everyone got name tags and promotional bags (CPA passports got the string bag while fee paying members got the satchel type bag). Basically went through the basics of resume construction, nothing really new but was more specific to the accounting side of things what employers of accountants are expecting in resumes which was the most useful.

Overall the whole workshop was much more than I expected and made me feel under prepared. But at least now I know what to expect in the future and its better to make mistakes early before it actually counts. I did a bit of "networking" but was really just about asking people who have been there and done that, what I should be doing now and what I should do when applying for jobs.

A good way to prepare is to look for jobs or a position that you would enjoy in 5 years time. Then look at the responsibilities/roles etc of that job that way you can position your self earlier and not get trapped into a job you don't like. And when looking for an entry job you know what you want....

The first of many...

Had my first mid semester exam on the weekend. Went surprisingly well considering how I was feeling on my lack of study. What is also surprising is that we got our marks back on Monday which for an exam to be taken on Saturday is a pretty good turn around. I managed to get 70%, so of course I'm please with that.
"Dear Students,

Due to recent uncertainty in regards to Australian Securities and
Investments Commission (ASIC) guidelines for interim relief for low value
non-cash payment facilities, QUT and Griffith University have revised their
cross university collaboration of the copy/print card. The service that
allowed for either university copy/print card to be used within libraries
has ceased.
QUT apologises for any inconvenience the removal of this service may cause."

Super 8 Man

On an effort to find out a little more about my elmo I came accross this site. One of the advantages of super 8 over the new mini dv etc is that digital cant capture lightning strikes while the old super 8 can... The fact that you need a projector to view them makes it even cooler. And it adds teh "vintage" look to films. I dont have any film other wise I could record something. Anyway gona take it out tomorrow and see if its not melted and possibly try to sell it.

Super 8man

Taxi (1998)

Taxi (1998)

Finaly found the movie that I've been wanting to see for a while now. There was a add for this movie last week to screen on sbs but sadly I have missed it... It might be at the video store but since its a foriegn film it proberly wont be. The main reason I want to see this movie is because of the crazy chase scenes in the crazy 406... There are two more movie and a remake to be released this year, where they replace Daniel from the original with Queen Latifa... pretty much the same script because its made by the same bloke (Luc Benson he wrote the fith element).

Make your own bike light and battery charger

This is another project which I will proberly never do. This is because I will just save up for one...

Bike stuff

Just some usefull linkage for those who also have a possesed bicycle.

Barnett's manuals.


and plus there are other internet things such as google...

Quote of the Week #2

"It's been a long time since I've smelled beautiful."

Riddick (Vin Diesel)

Quote of Week

'i can fit 3 of my friends up my arse and still smile'

Stupid Crap Bicycle

I have a bicycle, and its crap.... I finally get it to work reliably, by fixing the brakes (sanded the shine off to stop the squeaking), adjusted the brakes so they work! But now the gears are starting to stuff up again for no reason. I haven't even touched them.... The front one is now out of allinghment and keeps touching the chain when its not supposed to and at the rear the whole arm thing keeps jumping around and hence doesn't stay in gear...

wow that makes everything better. I think I will be spending the day either playing with a tiny screw or cutting down a tree. When I have better things to do, like an assinghment that's due next Thursday or an exam which is on Tuesday...

Chronicles of the Ridiculous

Went to see Riddick yesterday. And was well entertained. Proberly a good idea to rent out pitch black before going to see this movie though as there are some plot continuations.... But there was one line in the movie which really made it worth while going to see for $5.70.

"Its been a long time since I've smelt beautiful."

This line is still keeping me amused and will proberly do so for many years to come.

Quiz: Does Your Weblog Own You?

Its a quiz re: how much the weblog owns you I am currently 50% owned by my weblog...

50 %

My weblog owns 50 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

Boring Tutorials

Had my computerised accounting and management accounting tutorials today. There weren't much fun. In Computerised accounting we just work by our selves, going through the exercises. ATM its access so you can see how going trough step by step, "guides" which don't tell you what you have to do just go straight into -> "click insert on the menu bar then click...... Then save the database by going to file on the menu bar and click save...." And then there was management accounting... Whoa, its supposed to get better as u go along, but it seems we have regressed back to first year, but with a super boring twist.

  1. we have to actually hand in h/w as we enter
  2. We have to have another copy of the h/w so we can go through it in class
  3. when going through the homework there is no oht slides, so the tutor just reads the journal entry's and calculations out.... (this is the most stupid part)
  4. then we leave feeling like our soul has been off somewhere else
  5. we get the solutions anyway the next day to go through in our own time
  6. the only use full thing is the exam tips
  7. but we already know that tutorial questions are a good guide for the exam...
  8. There was virtually no discussion of concepts and topics as we spent all the time feverishly writing down the answers/corrections to our answers
don't get my wrong these are both two exciting and informative subjects and the lectures are great and so is the homework... Just the tutorials don't inspire

That ends my teenageangstrant

Alarming news....

My alarm clock is broken. So last night I spent about an out on my dial-up connection searching for computer alarm clocks. I found one which plays mp3s (RJD2 - Ghostwritter), or so I thought.... The problem with my alarm clock is that it decided that I wasn't allowed to set the time (to the correct time...), also the alarm function wasn't working or so I thought...

So I set my computer alarm clock and crank up the speakers and head off to bed. At about 3:3am my stupid broken clock starts beeping, while flashing 10:5pm... I am partly to blame because it was still plugged in.... Eventually manage to get back to sleep then at 5:00am the alarm goes off again. So I franticly attack my alarm clock as it will most likely wake my sister who will be really pissed off if she has to get up before the sun, and then there's the fact the stupid device woke me up early when it was supposed to be not working... So I'm pressing all the buttons and flicking all the switches to the point where I am beating it with my fist... It continues beeping I jump out of bed to try and press the buttons better... The beeping continues... So I jump back over my bed and pull the plug out... The beeping continues... Right now I'm feeling rather crap and tired right now and this stupid beeping noise is still going on. After about 20 seconds trying to figure out WTF is going on I realise its my new computer alarm clock... Zip over to the computer and switch off the speakers (wasn't there supposed to be an mp3 playing....) and the beeping still continues. I grab the mouse give it a shake and then the computer starts crunching and it momentarily freezes as it turns the monitor on and gets rid of the porn flavored screensaver. Eventually I get access to the crappy program which is outputting a beep at 500hz.

Total beeping time: 2:30

Week 2 (a)

The semester has only just begun and I am already behind. I haven't even started my homework or readings for week 1 and its already half way through week 2.... Hopefully I can catch up, I am actually motivating my self to make a concerted effort to get some work done. Firstly I have to do my homework as it is worth 1% (it all adds up) for this week, then do my summaries other wise I will leave it to the end and it will be crap.... and also do the summaries for week 2, then do the h/w for week 2. And if that's not enough got an assinghment due in week 4! And possibly some other stuff that I don't want to remember....

New postcard

Garage days postcard. Crap movie (even though I never went to see it...) but it was directed by the same guy who directed the crow. Atleast thats what the postcard says...

If only you could send it to someone...

New drawing

Not realy, just uploading an old drawing. I have actually done a new drawing but havent had the time to upload it as yet...

The Funnyest one so far

Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 13:04:14 +0100 (BST)
From:"Johnson Wedu"
I am Mr. Willy Wedu, the personal secretary to late Mr. John GeeWhiz , who used to work with the Shell Development Company Ltd.On the 5th August, 2002, my master and all the menbers of his family died in a ghasty motor accident along Aflao express way while returning from Beach.
Since then, I have been searching to locate any member of his family without success.
It is while searching for his relatives that I came accross your contacts through the internet.
I have contacted you to assist me claim the sum of $10M usd.{Ten Million United States Dollars} deposited with a security company here in Accra-Ghana on the 20th day of february 2002 before he met his untimely death.
If this proposal is of any interest to you, contact me so that I can give you more details.
Note; All the documents related to the deposit are with me including the death cerificate.
When we finally claim the money from the security company, you will be compensated with 40%, I 50% then 10% for expenses that we may incure.
Contact me through email for further details.
Best regards,
Johnson Wedu.

I just cant belive that some one would have the surname GeeWhiz and spell it GeeWhiz and not Geewhiz....

Quest has ended

The quest for my glasses has ended with me picking the same pair I picked last week. I guess I just had to go through and check I didnt miss any...

The quest for new glasses

So now I am on a quest for new glasses. Well not realy, just re-assessing what needs to be done tomorrow.

Got to acutally get the glasses. Get the rectangular kind.

So far thats all thats been locked in. The pair that i would like to get has a thick frame so goto see if they have anything "skinneyer". This pair is silver so just goto verify this is a nice colour by looking at diffrent colour (in the same shape) ie: black.

1. "lighter" frames
2. check colour

And most improtantly actually get the glasses, as this could drag out for a long time....

USB drive

Got a new usb drive today

Its skinny and everything just a bit too long for my liking, but still better then having a box of floppies around.

It actually works

Remember the uni expense data base I was making... Well it turned out alright after all. Started puting in data the other day and well it actually works. Hooray. Now all I need to do is get the graping reports to work. But for some reason the wizard for the reports dont work and just crash everytime, which is strange. So I guess I'm gona have to do it by hand and that is definatly going to be a pain. Or i could get a hold of office 2003 and install that and hopefully it will be all OK.

Assurance provider

[sounds like something to with insurance providing of somekind....]

It takes a long time to become an auditor/assurance provider...

3 years at uni
2-5 years work experiance
2 years doing CA or CPA exams
2 years min work experiance actually in auditing
then you goto apply to ASIC to be registered...

New Glasses

Went to the optomertrist today and the news is pretty much what I expected. Last time there was a small change and today we found a small change. Two small changes = a significant change. Therefore I now have to get new glasses.... So I decided to get new frames and get rid of my round tiger print glasses that are falling apart and faded....

So far I got a squareish pair which are silver. Only problem with these is that the frame it self is quite thick

Myth of Mnemosyne

9 muses

self reminder

- Sat 17.07 @ 10:00pm

Not realy sure how becuase they said they were going to the UK for a tour or something on wed so a bit weird to be "live"...

Double the Fist

Lately I have been watching double the fist on ABC firday evenings (11:30pm) and it is a very entertaining program. Which everyone should also watch. My favorite character is mephesto. Its just great television.

They even have "cards" which you can download and "collect"/trade etc

Tina is now gone or something but hopefully she will be back next weak...

double fist...


Well i guess its because its been a while but I thought that they had just decided to pack it in. But thankfully not. The new album is supposed to come out in september. Theres been quite a bit of good stuff this year/late last year, which means it cant be bad...

I cant remember

I was going to write/blog about something which is why opened this up in the first place. But now I cant remember what I was going to write.... Its just one of those days where you go downstairs and then your in the kitchen looking around and realise you dont know what/why you came downstairs... and then you get confused wheather to go back up stairs... The worst thing that can happen in this situation is when you do go back up stairs and then cant re-stimulate your self to remember why u went downstairs or even remember wtF you were doing up stairs in the first place...

When writting and you get writters block/cant remember what you were going to write after going through it in your head... the best thing to do is just to write. Write anything, apparently that helps.


It works. I scanned a few more post cards into the puter today. And I even adjusted the contrast and brightness. What I found was that photoshops auto contrast/brightness/colour thingy(s) dont work very well and you might as well just use the manual slider. That reminds me I goto read up on what all that crap means and how to adjust after a scan. Gona try using paintshop pro to see if thats anybetter (once I download it...) because I'm lazy and want it done automaticly and not have to use my own skill to change it to make it look correct.

So goto the secret postcard page and view them.


Got my results today. And I am glad to announce that I have passed all my units. HOORAY

I actually managed to get a 6 (75%) for Law of Business associations which is very nice and also means that I got 90% of the final exam which is rediculous and I definatle want to have at look at it...

Everything else was a pass (4 (50%)) but I am actually gratefull that I have passed. And all that hard work has paid off and am actually pleased that it all worked out.

Its pretty hard to stuff it up

Went to see the resin dogs yesterday with Karl in the valley which the festival was on. It was free so thats why we went... it was ok but we didnt realy get a good spot in which to view the performance so that sucked. But I think it was still pretty good. Not much deviation from the actually music you hear (from the CD etc...) but I gues you cant realy stuff up electronic tpye music...

Remember what you read

Remembering what you read

Purpose -> Have a specific purpose when you read. This will help you to:

1. ASSOCIATE: Relate ideas to each other.
2. VISUALIZE: Try to see pictures in your mind as you read.
3. CONCENTRATE: Have a specific purpose, associating, and visualizing will help you to do this.
4. REPEAT: Keep telling yourself important points and associate details to these points.



feedburner has kindly added a couple more buttons to the already crappy website....

There is a feed for the site now and its in rss 2.0 so its super compatible -> <- the old atom feed is still around but I proberly wont be promoting it as much -> <-

Now all you need is an agregator

Tax Time

Its tax time again and undoubtably will also come accross tax tips. I have one tip:

Get your tax return in by 31 October or get it done by a tax agent (or at least get on their client list...) Then it can be lodged at practicaly anytime... another interesting statistic is that 75% of personal tax returns are lodged by tax agents (CPA).

Everything else is pretty straight forward (cant belive this has created an entire industry...) The ATO also has a new website which is a real improvement to the old teal coloured one of 95... and this one actually loads reasonably quickly and is easy to navigate. But it does require IE to download the eTax program (something to with security) just a little stupid when people are supposed to have a choice....

The tax return it self (the paper one) is a lot more "internet" style with the grey/silkscreen boxes.

Quote of the Week

Just another thing to blog about...

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently."

Warren Buffet

Back Pain

Wow! Today I am experiancing REAL back pain. Apparently something todo with the muscle/fat in my back from over use/bad useage. Not surprising since I was mowing and gardening etc pretty much all day today. And after having 3 weeks of just sitting behind my desk and the subsequent layoff from the gym has all contributed to my current non-moveable self. Its very limiting.... Its supposed to go away with time, but now I cant goto the gym tomorrow (which I had planed to) which would of averted this problem in the first place....

I just hope I can sleep.

500th post

Whoo. 500 posts!

But wait it wasnt long ago that it was teh 200th post? (and no I havent been going crazy blogging) Instead just taking the total as all the blogs are now part of the same 'website'.

A bit of reflection. I think my blogging has improved but the news blog has not. But just the information I get now is just different and different things excite me now.


Normaly I just use excell when i want to collect data over time. But sometimes this isnt enough. So I decided to re-open access. Access is good for storing and collecting data as it is a database program, but when you want quick and easy viewing of data, "reports" just dont cut it. So I have been busy trying to get the graphing thingy working. The main problem I have is that I dont name things properly and then everything becomes confusing. Also to build something in access takes so much longer then excel. If only access was as easy to use as excel I think it would be a great program, Access just makes things too complicated for simple tasks....

Databases currently trying to make:
Costing of university (just to remind myself it does cost money (HECS))
Gym (how long etc)

and thats all for now... I guess this is realy the whole point of databases, I can make a database that is good at just holding data, but now i want something from it, it just breaksdown into wasted time.


The loot which premiered on ABC on friday (8:30) is a TV program about accounting. So I watched it. Here is the summary crap

"A man is dead, millions of dollars have been lost and a mafia boss is missing. Someone's laughing all the way to the bank, but one man is on the hunt to find those who believe they are above accountability. Jason Donovan and Anita Hegh star in Loot, a fast-paced mystery that premieres Friday 25 June at 8.30pm on ABC TV.

Jon Peregrine (Jason Donovan) is an investigator with a difference - the trail he follows is a paper one, chasing money as it is hidden, laundered and fast-tracked around the world.

When his brother-in-law commits suicide after losing thousands of dollars when a share float goes belly up, Peregrine must face his sister's (Tara Morice) grief at losing her husband and vows to hunt down those responsible. Although mum and dad investors have lost millions, none of the corporate heavyweights have got burnt and no one from the top end of town is talking.

His ex-wife Cynthia (Anita Hegh) might hold a piece of the puzzle, but she's not giving anything away... at least, not officially... and certainly not until Jon looks at the divorce papers she's been trying to get him to sign for the past few months.

Together with his eccentric silent partner Charles (Barry Otto), and genius offsider Bruno (Russell Dykstra), Peregrine works to track down those involved in the deal and bring them to account. Jon smells blood money and he's not about to give up the chase. Perhaps white-collar crime doesn't pay like it used to?"


What acutally happened?

Someone dies, his brother in law then he seeks revenge the only way he knows how.... So he ends up with his sisters car which he fights with throughout. When he's solving the puzzle the other members of his team come up with the solution before just as he finds it out himself. So was a little silly in that sense. But on the plus side we get back surrealism, which I quite enjoyed. Everynow and again the dead man kept poping up in his mind, but he thought he was real....

Will watch next week to get a better picture. Overall 6/10 as there wasnt realy too much suspense.

The effect has worn off

Well today I did my LOBA exam and feel quite tired. In every way imaginable. Also bought two books ($130) which was exciting. I didnt want to get the wrong book because then the old bookshop lady gets angry when she has to sign for a refund etc. I have to get my books early this semester because the govt is taking away our misely 8% discount to compensate for the 10% introduction of GST, now its all gone.... Plus I got my HECS bill the other day, looks like I will have a nice $10k debt when i get finnish.

I also have a clash of timetableing with auditing and eco 2, which means I will have to fill out a form, AND hand it in.... I think im too tired to think.... I knew I wanted to record soemthing but cant remeber what. which is just great...

This is a joke

Its 1.5 days till my LOBA exam and well, its not looking good. dont my "summarys" but have no idea wtf the contents is. Mainly becuase I just copied everything....

Lucky for me I tape my lectures, so Thats what I'm going to listen to constantly. Hopefully I will remeber the content and not the bad jokes...

As you can the see the website is still in construction becuase of my experimentation with css is taking a long time... And will proberly have to move to css 2 soon anyway, but not untill I get this right. I have almost got complete control off the css but theres always the control 'points' in the html that need to be fixed up, as I just copied it straight from one of the blogger templates. Then theres the firfox thing which doesnt like my css at all, but most ppl use ie anyway so doesnt realy matter.

Crazy Marketing


Yes well I have uploaded another comic I drew... (hahahahh (I'm realy funny today...)) about a year ago

Promote my self

(get it...)


Yesterday I had my GBS exam, I knew all the content so it was ok, Just my exam plan didnt realy work out. Two sections 6 short answer questions and 2 newspaper things. The newspaper things are piss easy and 10% for each is realy generous... Anyway figuring that newspaper thing was so easy I will do that last. Mistake. Do the thing you are good at first, then mess around with stuff you dont know. But I think I lost maybe 3% from one of the newspaper things. ARGH. I'm just hoping I pass or get a 5 or 6 would be nice considering my GPA ATM.


Well as you have proberly guessed, I have been blogging quite a bit lately. And upon looking at my profile page, which I was trying to update but have not been able to for some reason. I noticed that I have 105 recent posts?

What I want to know is what constitutes a recent post. as in I only post about 3 per day now so that equates to about a months worth of blogging, which I dont think is quite right. Remeber the rant I had earlier about me being 5th or something. Well it seems like I'm going backwards now as I am now on the second page (proberrly something to do with excessive blogging and blogger is trying to say. "DO SOMETHING ELSE")etc...

The Secret Postcard

Well I started that Postcard blog. Its still in development. Mainly becuase I havent updated the template links etc and still got a few other things to do, like study for exams and fix up major things on the site etc, but other than that here is the link, theres only one more postcard so far, but who knows how long it will take me to upload another....

because its tactile!

More pictures

Some live action shots

Picture this

Exam Tomorrow

After a good week of visiting this site realy has died. I have had no hits since the 7th. So the old question arises. if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound? Similary -> If I blog and no one visists the site to read it is there realy a blog? Yes in both cases, because we know this to be true scientific fact. Unless this is just a figment of my imagination and I am infact blogging in my sleep (quite possible)...

Well I have my exam tomorrow and only have about 8 hours till i fail. So what am i doing instead of cramming... The answer isnt blogging. Its actually procrastinating (not my best work I know, but this might not even be a real post (so who realy cares (well no one becuase no one visits...))).

Also I noticed food actually helps studying becuase ur not constantly thinking... HEy I'm hungry, just 8 more chapters till I can eat... If you eat then that whole being distracted by food will be illiminated and you can get more study done.

ATM I am also distracted by my flashoholicness with surefire. (since I bought my a light for night riding (bycicle) I think it kinda re-ignighted something I didnt need during exam time) CURSES!

What am I listening to

Audiomatch is an winamp plug in that allows you to "broadcast" what you are listening to. Basicly takes the artsit and song title and out puts it handily as an image or text file, you can also view the last 50 songs I have listend to.

Cool eh.

Not sure what this does -> What am I listening to?

Yeah, so another cool/dynamic element to the website.

Harry Potter 3

Went to go see HP3 with Karl yesterday at southbank on the 25 meter screen (it realy is big (its actually the old Imax screen....)) This time the movie experiance went well as in we got home... So the movie was pretty good. It wasnt as long and was kinda more straight to the point, but when u see the movie u will think its over, but its not (spoiler) so it was a bit hollow

[SPOILER] ->(as in this is a dum concept and is just realy crap, because that means u cant fail.... ) <- [SPOILER]

It was still a good movie and I think im still impressed by the size of the screen.


I also thought it might be a good idea to just publish it here....

First there was forensic science television dramas, now forensic accounting will have it's turn in the spotlight.

The ABC will soon be screening an action packed television drama based on a fictitious Australian forensic Chartered accounting practice.

The script is complete with mystery, death and crime. The pilot program called 'Loot' will be launched by a strong cast including Jason Donavan, Barry Otto and Tara Morice, at 8.30pm on Friday 25th June.

The concept for this production came from our former Deputy CEO, Allen Blewitt, now the CEO of the Associations of Chartered Certified Accountants. He worked on this project for sometime developing concept outlines and then sought 'backers' for the project.

Watch it and enjoy!

I actually laughed at the this, then realised they were serious.... It even stars Jason Donavon, what more could you want. I can just imagine some people getting excited (I know I am).

To post or not to post

Its come to my attention that I maybe holding back posting becuase I want people to read the good posts, eg the last post about the postcards, is usefull and entertaining. Its also true that there arnt many people that actually read this. So do I wait till the next day or so to post so that people have a chance to read or just keep on going, and if u want to catch up then yay, if not doesnt matter.


The reason I have been thinking about this is that I apparently have 62 new posts. Which is a lot. And whats the point in posting so much if no one gets to read it. Of course the top posts will get read, so something will get read. yes, yes it will. (i think its time to go check how many hits i've got before i goto bed)


I collect postcards. OK. now thats out of the way. I would like to introduce you to maybe a new section, a post card section, which has no name yet. But I'm sure I will come up with somehting within the next six months. In the mean time I'm note sure if I should polute my photo stuff with postcards. I think not.

So Yeah, now I have to go and set up a new section.

yay for me

ofcouse I could just not do this but I think that postcards are cool so yeah. ATM I only have about 100 postcards so that should keep me busy.

Too wet your appitite I have posted one, and ONLY ONE postcard (note: I lie hehehe, maybe if i find another cool one before the launch of the new section....) to D-Pict


Today on the bus, a whole class of students from the esteemed AHS High School boarded the bus, and maybe I never noticed it before because I was also a student, by they SMELL.

relay. Had to open all the windows. And it wasn't like I've been drunk for 14 days and have only now decided to go home, but more like a smell that wasn't supposed to EXIST. It was like the smell had GERMS in it or something that could make me ill and then make me fuckup my exams. Is very frightening...

Also I have a picture of my old and new bag up on the D-pict page. Tomorrow I will try and get something good to show.

Till then. Good bye

Solar Flare

Look at some of my great solar flare pictures. (Since no one seems to be visiting that page thought i might as well give it a little plug (proberly because there was no pictures....)

A click with flare

Number 1!

Who is the first website you see when you search for "bean counting" on yahoo?

Thats right. The one you are reading now. Welcome.

[Note: the news is over at]

Yahoo! Search Results for "bean counting"

An interesting turn of events

With blogger new profile thingo you can search for things similar to those you entered in your own profile (so you can find people that like the same shit as you do)

Now this wouldnt be a problem except for the irrationalness of my self and my low self esteem that can only be boosted by webstite performance.....

I clicked on brisbane

just so you know I am number 3 (in terms of posts (357) - this the measure by the way.)
number 2 is some geek called james (415) who has a collaborative posting arrangement with 5 other equaly geeky men. It should proberly also be noted that the other person who is in the 3 digits is nathan on 252. So who is first. TADA. as if you couldnt guess, it is mill on an amazing 1388 (note: colaboration with pig).

So by my own reasoning and logic and the fact that I will contradict my self in about 5 mins time with another post. With out further adoo I declare my self the greatest SINGLE blogger.

Oh wait, thats not quite right is it. ARGH. my theory.....

Ok here is a new theory.

Now the only thing that counts is the number of posts or total hits to the SITE. Now using this criteria. I am now pretty much last. with Beancounting coming in at 4 and Dnews 5! I know..... If I combine D-news and Beancounting i move upto 3rd which is nice considering who is number first (that realy is a lot of posts). Note: even if i post once a day it will take me another 5.49 years to get 2000 posts.... atm on avg I only post 4 times a week.

This is an interesting turn of events, which I will now consider while sleeping in my own tears (j/k). Why? because all of this actually means nothing, however I just thought it was interesting.

Music genres

Today I was updating my blogger profile, so that now it includes music that I like. So i opened up winamp and recorded the genres of all the music that I listen to. Most of the stuff I like is:

General Alternative

What this means is that all of my music has no genre or catagory, yet each artist sounds completely different and deserve a catagory. It could also mean that the music I listen to is so crap that its uncatorgorisable and no one gives a shit about that music to even create a catagory. Or it could mean that its just so wide spread only lonners like my self will ever listen to such nonsense and think its cool. However, the theory that is most likely to be correct is the one where the ppl ripping the music have not been bothered to properly catagorise the music and hense their genre has not been flaged.

My mistake?

In opening dreamweaver up for the first time in months I find that Its crapped it self and all my setting and side pannels have disapeared. Which is very annoying, so I spent most of today fixing that up. Anyway, I said in my last post that I wouldnt be able to get it centerd. Well I was wrong. Just look at this page now its in the middle. I think the only thing I may have a problem with is the horizontal menu and the titlebanner thingy. But I think Its looking pretty good atm, I realy like the dark blue/green colour.

So I think it will work, but it may take a few revisions.

Service Disruptions

OK. I'm actually trying to update the old templates with some new blogger tags, so Thats why it looks kinda different, but dont worry. The old template will be back, but with some modifications.

What I was thinking of doing was making it a 2 collumn layout, as that seems to be the fasion of late. Also I can make the "side" or as I like to call it the secondary collumn bigger, that way it can be more spread out. Of course this means the main collumn wont be in the middle, and am not sure how that will go with my link menu or beancounting banner. So this is proberly going to take a lot longer than I thought. I'm going to set a dead line of by friday, or I'm going to switch back to the old one, untill I get it right.

hey look its me

Its the Profile.

Its all over

Now that I am over the whole 200th post I have decided now is the time to winge about blogger. Basicly blogger now has all these cool features, and now I have to redesign my page so i can accomodate some of this stuff or at least put singular links to say; profile or xml feed etc. I also kinda like some of the new templates so I think im going to steal some stuff from there. I still like my 'clean' design but maybe its time for a bit of a change if i cant intergrate the new stuff into the old template then its gona have to be redone.

200th post

Ok this is the 200th post for Bean Counting, seems only like its just getting started and I have already racked up 200. Anyway I think a bit of blogging is in order for this auspicious occassion.

Today, I went to uni and nothing realy interesting happened. But what didnt happen is more interesting. That makes no sense at all. Continuing... Today I was supposed to do my homework for tomorrow, which is worth 2%. Since its midnight and can hardly stay awake, i doubt i will finnish it. So I'm in a bit poo at the moment in regards to getting anything higher than a 4. I basicly spent most of the day reading and researching for the homework, so hopefully this will help me tomorrow morning when I begin to write it all up. It normaly only takes me about 2 hours but I think I can do it in 1, which is what is needed if I am to get my 2%. I have done pretty well on the assinghment, so i dont want to stuff it up now and only get a 4 for all of that hard work. So I will leave now in an attempt not to be further distracted and return with updated info on website matters in the near future.

Good Day.

Reelin' & a Rockin'

Ok since I havent had internet for a while I will update you/me (becuase well then its not realy an update... (its ok just confuse yourself)(note that note is for me))

Anyway. must of been the pevious last sunday me and Karl decided to go and see the movie troy. the movie was ok, better then van helsing....

So we get there and the session is booked out. so we decide without any hesitation to go and see the next session at 8:40. we then walked over to the city for no reason and came to the conclusion that food would be good. So becuase we didnt want to eat hungry jacks we walked back to southbank and went to the fish and chip place. Karl wanted a beef burger but they didnt have any (again). [note the stupidity of advertising something you dont sell] so we goto the ol favorite snappy jacks or something, which is infact another fish n chipper but they also sell food from the heat trays or as some people like to call them, the trays of death. Karl finds out that salt is salty and find out that a walnut for a bladder is contagious and has moved to the stomach.

Time for the movie. We got out the movie at 11:40 (its an epic) stroll down to the train station only to find the last train out of town left at 11:00. So at this stage we are dazed and confused as to how the last train is at 11:00 because we are pretty sure that the trains run pretty late at least till 12. but thats not the case so we walk around for a while trying to figure out how to get home. then karl rings home and no one picks up. I ring home and mum tells me we are stupid. cant ask mum to pick me up as i took the car to get to the train station and because we live in alex hills we only have one car.

So we walk around, Karl suggests we goto jerremys place but at this stage its quite late and we would proberly just get hit over the head with a frying pan. so we decide to goto the computer labs at uni. She's waiting for us and I tell her karl will wait outside as i just need to use the toilet. anyway to cut a more probable than not long story into a short story, she says "you cant go in there or you will be forcible removed". Because I couldnt be bothered arguing and obviously getting spraying in the face with capsicum spray and getting permanent respiatory problems decided it would be best to just go away. apparently the toilets are D block are open all the time so we could use them.

We walked around a bit more before the idea of taking a taxi came to mind, we asked how much it was and $50 sounded like a lot. So we walked around a bit more and ended up near roma st station. At this point we had been "discussing" wheater to take a taki or not. So in the end we decide, yes lets just take a taxi. so we walk back to the taxi place in the city. When we get there we have a brain wave and decide to walk across the bridge to save money. we walk across and finnaly meet up with a taxi who will take us for $55.

Eventualy we get home.

Basicly we spent the night discussing the pros and cons of either waiting for the morning train (1.90 @5:30am), which would be cheap or catching a cab ($55 @ now)

In other news, I got internet back which is good.

Also i signed up for my gmail account. so im gona use that for my "webmaster" account because apparently you can save a gig of messages. One of the problems is the privacy where gmail (goodle) searches the text you are reading (the email) and pics ads that ping key words just like in the search engine... some say this is an invasion of privacy, but as long as its only ads i dont realy care. which is why im only using it for my webmaster stuff. as thats normaly pretty safe. of course the other email address ( still works etc.

Oh also K-mart has/had 25% off bike stuff which was good becuase i needed a new tube for my bike as it EXPLODED. And that was very scary. so yeah, got my bike fixed but now i have another problem. the wheel isnt straight. as in it occasioanly touched the brake. so now i have to adjust that AGAIN. I dont realy like my bike anymore. I'm gona look for another one that isnt so crap. ooh and I get my self a blinking light for my bike so i dont get run over (they dont call it the redlands for nothing...) I came to this conclusion when i was walking home from the bus stop (a short 10 min stroll) as I walking home a man in a small white hatch (filled with people hahah (shouldnt laugh but it was clear he needed a larger car for his larger size....)) decided to beep at me and swear etc. (now for the reasoning) not realy sure why as i dont know him or cant remember the last time I actually spoke to someone in alex hills other than the newsagent, at woolies or my neighbors. so i couldnt of offened anyone. Other possible explinations is the strawberry theory or someone else that looks like me offended them or no one loves me.

Other things... well had more trouble with my groups this semester, but still managed to get a good mark so thats all that counts (more on this later).

NetComm are the best

NetComm are the best because they have graciously allowed me to connect to the internet.

Thank you

Van Hellsing



This is a movie about Van Helsing.

Hes supposed to be a bounty hunter with cool ancient gadgets etc. In this movie he is the left hand of GOD. Yes thats right he is Gabriel, but cant remember. Dracula is satans spawn or made a pact with satan or something. I'm not christian but from my TV knowledge isnt it that gabriel is satan, fallen angle blah blah blah becuase he has to kill the evil on earth for god, and this gives him nighmares and then they have a domestic dispute and gab says "i put food on the table and u dont even respect me" but becuase "god" is a bitch s/he said get out of my house and gab said "i was having an affair anyway" and so gab moved to the center of the earth (hell) which is where he used to stay when on business trips...

anyway if van helsing is gab (satan) but not in satans for yet (before the break up) how can dracula exist???? how can he make a pact or be born from someone who doesnt exist etc....

Note to EVERYONE: do not go and see this movie.

just rent it out and then you will know what im rambling on about

now onto the plot

dracula wants to have babies so natuarly he has 3 wives the babies are in these alien type pods hanging from the cealing. I should also point out that dracual isnt a normal vampire but someone who cant die (more on this later). frankinstien is created by the dr now dracual gets the idea that he can bring his babies to life (because dracual and vampires are dead and dracual doesnt acutally exist... (in the movie)). so he has an idea to use frankinsiten to give life to the babies by passing electricity through frank to the babies (i bet clipsal made a bucket load on this movie). while batling a warewolf van gets infected and only has 2 days till he becomes a wolf... so he still tries to find dracula and kill him as his last 2 days also convenintly dracula has the cure for being a warewolf (which is mentioned through out the movie). Draculas castle is place which can only be goten to through a mirror (or if ur a vampire then u already know where it is...).

Van and drac have a bit of a get together in this time we find out that van is actually hundreds of years old becuase he has nightmares describing stuff that hapend ages ago. Dracual and van have always been fighting. Remeber van cant rember his past, well drac does and van wants to chat and find out more.

in the end sequence van finds out that a warwolf can kill dracual (convenintly van will soon turn into a warewolf). But wait dracual has warewolfs doing his biding for him, why have they not killed him???? apparently they dont hate him enough for taking away their lives and turning them into warewolfs.... of which there is only one cure and dracula has it (but isnt that enough for them to kill him and take the cure...). basicly van goes to drac turns into a warewolf and kills him, in the mean time the other main character in the movie is not even needed and is just a nusiance.

any way so goes and gets the antidote. Since van is now a warewolf hes a bit clumbsy and knocks the bitch to the ground just by looking at her (of course throughout the movie she has taken greater beatings but who cares for consistancy) and she dies. Conventintly van has also knocked himself onto the needle of the antidote and returns to normal.

The end scene is even more absurd and nicey nice then the lion king. im not even going to describe in fear of remebering it.


i had some coffee about 2 hours ago and now my brain feels like it wants to sleep and has shut down (cant think/do my assinghment) but my eyes wont shut...

ARGH cant just sleep and get it over with and cant study and sleep later

template work

becaue blogger now has new features, it would be wrong of me not to include these features into my blog/dnews etc so for me to do this I will need to use one of bloggers premade templates to steal design ideas and education on howto actually put the tags in etc.


Blogger seems slower when publishing? 9the new thing0

9look ma no brackets0

"is it hot in here? Or is it just me?"

Well lucky for me i used the save draft feature for the last post which helped when the mess under my desk broke down because I just recently added a 1400w 12 fin oil heater to the mix. Any, its sorted and all is now good except the assinghment I'm trying to do.

Its goto be 1500 words and I only got 900 and I can exactly make the conclusion go for 600 words.... i'm just going to add some more waffle. I only need 5% (out of 25%) to pass the subject so as long as I get something on the page I should get something (see also: economics assinghment....)

i shouldnt even be in this situation, what happended to all the planning.... ARGH *stress* (note that words in the asterix are either sounds or emotions or the like (keep up its not cool to be non-intuitive/asleep))

Because I care

Because I actually give a shit about what I write here and then read (possiblt the only reader....) later on I am going to try and reconstruct/re-write what went missing.... (this will now be done through the aid of the "save as draft" method, hopefully it will work)

(why not just type everything in brackets....( it kinda makes sense (but could get tiring (does it realy matter anyway.... (no one cares (see note above for carefactor (you are just trying to copy toopasete (drew) with his p.s/p.p.s/p.p.p.s..... (GeeWhiz 0 Drew 1))))))))


I hate. I also hate it when blogger stuffs up...

but luckily i had copyed it
but wait crappy dialup takes so fucking long to load that i have inadvertantly copied another text, clearing the text i had before.

Driving with lack of sleep is as dangerous as drunk driving

By Aaron Levin, Staff Writer
Health Behavior News Service

Lack of sleep may seem like a minor problem to millions of people but it is also a major auto safety issue, a leading sleep researcher said Monday.

Drowsy driving represents perhaps the single greatest risk to people who have had inadequate sleep due to medical disorders, work schedules or life styles, said David F. Dinges, Ph.D., of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine at a conference on sleep at the National Institutes of Health.

He said fatality rates and severity of injury among sleepy motorists is similar to those in alcohol-related crashes.

A driver awake for 22 straight hours, he said, has ?psychomotor performance equivalent to a 0.08 blood alcohol concentration.

Once sleep drops below seven hours a night, perception and reaction time start to suffer, he said.

Tests that require a person to push a button in response to a light flashing show that greater sleepiness results in not only more missed signals but also more unwarranted button-pushing in an attempt to compensate.

Even though these lapses may last just seconds, that may be enough to precipitate a disaster, he said.

A drowsy driver doing 60 miles per hour can drift off the road at a 4-degree angle and get beyond the shoulder in just four seconds, Dinges said.
Response time isn t the only killer, either. The more tired people are, the more sharply they drop off into sleep, even when they re trying hard to stay awake, he said.

Yet people tend to blame the problem not on physical exhaustion but on the situation a long drive, a repetitive job, a boring lecture instead of the physiology of sleep.

The real consequences of sleepiness may not even be known with any accaccuracy, he said. People can recall the time they spend in bed, but this is not the same as actual time asleep.

To combat the risks posed by sleepiness, Dinges offered three prescriptions: training doctors to recognize sleepiness as a symptom; setting up a standardized system to rate the sedating effects of prescription drugs; and updating sleep-related regulation of working hours and conditions based on scientifically proven information.

If you sleep and drive your a bloody idiot
Health Behavior News Service

More features

Yay! Blogger now has more features.

The main one would be:

email 'a' blog
and other interblogwhizbang (basic DB stuff)

This is proberly in response to other 'blog' services coming online with more features. We all know blogger is reliable and thats half the battle...

Anyway this is just a normal post, posted in the normal way etc.... Just gona go see what the templates look like.


Its taken me a long time to develop the skill of identifying opportunity and now it seems that not enough. Not only do you have to see where it may be, but you also have to do something about it just to have the opportunity and not only that you have to still do something to take advantage of the opportunity. Makes me wonder if life really would be better in the slow lane.

not happy drew

the man who draws toothpaste for dinner -> drew <- (kinda funny why u say drew draws toothpas.....) anyway.... he seems kinda upset at the moment because some crazy people are stalking him from the internet and into reality. Its also the first time we get to see him angry it just seems so out of character as he's never like that. I might as well get to the point before I start sounding crazy.... I just recognise this as an example for my theory that when on the internet you communicate in a kinda different personality type thingy (as in your internet self is different from your reality self) so drew is normaly very happy person, but thats not entirly it, over the weekend his internet self colided with his real self this forced his real self to take action and write the letter.

When you read the letter and other stuff he has written then you will notice the difference.

Also it should be noted that drew does not want more internet friends as he has a life and just posts his cool pictures on the internet for the enjoyment of others and not as a giant personal add to meet hot women or make friends with other women.... or to sound cool that you have a cool website when talking to women....

Sacrifice a chicken day

Since its the holidays I have decided to actually use my own writting to fill the blog.

I have 3 exams next week and the first starts in 5 days. considering I have wasted about 7 days of study already this is not exactly a timely post, but one that is required for me to live.

The good thing about these mid-semester exams is that they are all multiple choice. Although what I have found, is that it does not make it any easyer. The first exam is the LOBA exam which is on monday. Accounting exam is on wednessday which is also hard. The last exam is Business statistics exam which is gona be piss easy and its only worth 5% so I can study for that next week.

Whats good about the holidays is that I can now have 2 days for accounting and 2 days for LOBA. And hopefully no distubances. The point is that now the only disterbances I have is from my self and all motivation etc must all come from me. Which is hard when you have so much flexability. So what did i do today to change the last couple of days. Well I just broke the day up into "sessions". Each session is 2 or 4 hours long. It is not dependent on what I do in that time rather it is a session of the day. eg. 8->12 then lunch 12->4 then snack 4->6 dinner 6->8 fruit/snack 8->10 as you can plainly see the day is broken up by food breaks. So far this has been working well. Tomorow is thursday and as everyday requires that I get up early to get the gym out of the way so I can do other stuff. Its not realy a system, just something I felt like doing today. Tomorow will proberly be a different system...

Fact of the day

Mrs. James Brown once tried to get out of traffic charges by claiming she was entitled to diplomatic immunity for being married to the 'ambassador of soul.' "


Bean counting is more popular than Guyana's Most Widely Circulated Newspaper

Yahoo! Searchs

What ever happened to a fair go?

The Murali muddle is more than just cricket

The Wisden Verdict by Paul Coupar in Colombo

March 28, 2004

Chris Broad's decision to report Muttiah Muralitharan for a suspect bowling action will reverberate far beyond the cricket field in Sri Lanka.

There is genuine anger here. Not quite of effigy-burning proportions. But anger all the same. This seems odd, even absurd to some outsiders. But to understand the importance of Murali you have to understand a little about Sri Lanka.

For a start, cricket is the national game. It is said that the economy suffers when the national team plays, because attendances at work drop. For one-day internationals, this might be true. Certainly the cricket team is one of the focuses of national identity.

It also important to remember Sri Lankan history. It is a small island, about the size of Ireland. It was long subjugated. From the 17th century until 1948 it was ruled, in whole or in part, by foreigners. And even their post-independence history is troubled. Civil war broke out in 1983, and 65,000 people died. But Sri Lanka is now on the up, something that is the source of justifiable pride. Since a ceasefire in 2001, tourists and foreign investment have returned; GDP grew by 3% in 2002, and 5.5% in 2003.

So the country is delicately poised between a sometimes difficult past of subjugation, poverty and war, and the prospect of a bright future. In this society Murali is a potent symbol. He has taken more Test wickets than almost any other bowler. He is one of the world's most feared cricketers. Every time he takes the field he demonstrates that Sri Lanka can be the best. That makes him a powerful symbol of what the nation is capable of.

So when people say he cheats they are questioning something that goes deeper than cricket. This can be difficult for outsiders to understand. As one Englishman from Leicester told me in Colombo after the one-day series: "You wind them [Sri Lankans] up about him being a chucker but they don't get it. And you end up having to say 'No, he doesn't throw really. It was just a joke'."

For these reasons, Murali overtaking Courtney Walsh to become the highest wicket-taker in Test history is eagerly anticipated in Sri Lanka. He currently has 513 wickets to Walsh's 519. So he would surely have taken the record in Zimbabwe in mid-April. Although he is eligible to play, there have to be questions now about whether he will tour. And even if he does pass the record there, the shine will have been knocked off the achievement.

Many Sri Lankans will feel that this decision was timed to block Murali and allow the glory to go to Shane Warne, a white man. Several sets of officials, Sri Lankans protest, have passed Murali's doosra since it appeared in a new more vicious form against England in December 2003. Why does Chris Broad, they say, in his first series as a match referee, think differently?

Even this morning, before the story broke, a major national broadsheet, The Island, carried a waspish piece saying: "Match referees these days tend to be following double standards … it seems like the Aussies and the English could get away with anything." In such a volatile atmosphere, this will be a huge story. And one that's about more than a cricketer with a bent arm.

Paul Coupar is assistant editor of Wisden Cricketers' Almanack.

The Murali muddle is more than just cricket