The Magician

Today I saw The Magician. Its an Australian mockumentary about a hitman. There was nine people in the cinema but I can assure you that it was a much better movie than that. Was apparently made on a budget of $3000, but in the movie the guy says the camera cost 5k... (but by looking at the quality its not likely...).

It was a really funny movie, with a lot of crossed over stories. To clarify, the stories (the hits if you will) don't interconnect or meet or cross paths, its just the movie is edited that the stories run parallel to each other. And best of all it didn't suck.

I'm not sure how much is copied off man bites dog. As I haven't seen it yet. But on first viewing its very original (except maybe the concept...)

I give it 7D out of 10.
I'm on my mid semester break now.


Tis awesome I know. Friday I didn't do much expect bum around the house. Which was enjoyable knowing I didn't have to do any homework. Today was similar only I went to go see Wallace and Gromet movie - The Curse of the Ware Rabbit.

It feels like I already have mental atrophy and the holidays are only 2 days old... Sniff.

The movie was really cool. I think they may have introduced some CGI but you cant tell. And most of the movie is still clay animation. I don't want to give too much away, but it seems to me that Wallace just gets stupider and stupider in each of the movies. Tomorrow I plan on seeing Willy Wonker. It seems like a lot of kids movies. But there isn't much else on... Even at the dendy. Quite sad.

Maybe I should just get a video out. But that always takes too long so its just easier to see movies at the cinema because you don't get as much choice.

To combat boredom I plan on breaking some kind of record. Buy creating 1000 new posts in one week. I'm not sure if that is humanly possible But I think its worth a try. 100 posts per day will get me 700. But 700 isn't as cool a number as 1000. So Just for reference the current number 1204 . Or I could do something constructive and non crap and boring. Like build a kite that flies. Or catch up on all the homework I've not been doing over the semester. Or try to continue with D-Radio... So many scary possibilities. Or I could just go with the flow. and do whatever it is at the time instead of trying to force plan it.

The Long Tail

The long tail is the colloquial name given to a long-known feature of statistical distributions (Zipf, Power laws, Pareto distributions and/or Levy distributions ). They are also known as "heavy tails", "power-law tails" or "Pareto tails". Such distributions can be visualized by the image of the graph on this page. In these distributions a vast population of events occur very rarely in the yellow (or more generally have low amplitude on some scale, e.g., popularity or sales) while a small population of events occur very often in the red (or have high amplitude). The huge population of rare (or low amplitude) events is referred to as the long tail. In many cases the rare events—the ones on the long tail—are so much greater in number than the common events that in aggregate they comprise the majority.

Such distributions are surprisingly common. For example, the word "the" is the most common word in English text[2], while the word "disintermediation" isn't. However, most words used in English texts are part of the long tail.

[ Wikipedia ]


I've just gone six (6) days straight without internet. I'm amazed I'm still alive... I think if it had gone on anylonger I would have started to make a boat out of toothpicks and apple syrup and try to sail it around the world in search of the greatest spices known to man and woman. But instead I spent this time doing my homework. Which was a change to the usual doing it the morning its due arrangement. But when I got to uni (with all my homework done) I didn't have much to do. So I had a nap in the library for 2 hours. Which made me sleepy for the rest of the day, not very helpful when try to keep awake during a lecture on Scheme of arrangements for member and creditors. Even the lecturer found it boring. So we got a 50 minute early mark (on top of starting 15 minutes late....).

Last week was a bad week already without not having internet. Had an exam and a presentation on the same day. I had the presentation first which meant that if it went badly I would slightly depressed about the result which would/could effect the exam later that evening. The presentation went extremely badly. So much so I haven't spoken to my team members since then... Not that it was their fault. It was a collective failure. Its mainly just the fact that it went so badly. Just really depressing. Also I had an exam later so I couldn't exactly go and drink my sorrows away as they were planning on doing.... Very much an option at the time. The exam went ok. I got 16/20 which is good because I passed, one person actually got 20/20... The exam was pretty easily. As in you couldn't fail even if you wanted to...