My mistake?

In opening dreamweaver up for the first time in months I find that Its crapped it self and all my setting and side pannels have disapeared. Which is very annoying, so I spent most of today fixing that up. Anyway, I said in my last post that I wouldnt be able to get it centerd. Well I was wrong. Just look at this page now its in the middle. I think the only thing I may have a problem with is the horizontal menu and the titlebanner thingy. But I think Its looking pretty good atm, I realy like the dark blue/green colour.

So I think it will work, but it may take a few revisions.

Service Disruptions

OK. I'm actually trying to update the old templates with some new blogger tags, so Thats why it looks kinda different, but dont worry. The old template will be back, but with some modifications.

What I was thinking of doing was making it a 2 collumn layout, as that seems to be the fasion of late. Also I can make the "side" or as I like to call it the secondary collumn bigger, that way it can be more spread out. Of course this means the main collumn wont be in the middle, and am not sure how that will go with my link menu or beancounting banner. So this is proberly going to take a lot longer than I thought. I'm going to set a dead line of by friday, or I'm going to switch back to the old one, untill I get it right.

hey look its me

Its the Profile.

Its all over

Now that I am over the whole 200th post I have decided now is the time to winge about blogger. Basicly blogger now has all these cool features, and now I have to redesign my page so i can accomodate some of this stuff or at least put singular links to say; profile or xml feed etc. I also kinda like some of the new templates so I think im going to steal some stuff from there. I still like my 'clean' design but maybe its time for a bit of a change if i cant intergrate the new stuff into the old template then its gona have to be redone.

200th post

Ok this is the 200th post for Bean Counting, seems only like its just getting started and I have already racked up 200. Anyway I think a bit of blogging is in order for this auspicious occassion.

Today, I went to uni and nothing realy interesting happened. But what didnt happen is more interesting. That makes no sense at all. Continuing... Today I was supposed to do my homework for tomorrow, which is worth 2%. Since its midnight and can hardly stay awake, i doubt i will finnish it. So I'm in a bit poo at the moment in regards to getting anything higher than a 4. I basicly spent most of the day reading and researching for the homework, so hopefully this will help me tomorrow morning when I begin to write it all up. It normaly only takes me about 2 hours but I think I can do it in 1, which is what is needed if I am to get my 2%. I have done pretty well on the assinghment, so i dont want to stuff it up now and only get a 4 for all of that hard work. So I will leave now in an attempt not to be further distracted and return with updated info on website matters in the near future.

Good Day.

Reelin' & a Rockin'

Ok since I havent had internet for a while I will update you/me (becuase well then its not realy an update... (its ok just confuse yourself)(note that note is for me))

Anyway. must of been the pevious last sunday me and Karl decided to go and see the movie troy. the movie was ok, better then van helsing....

So we get there and the session is booked out. so we decide without any hesitation to go and see the next session at 8:40. we then walked over to the city for no reason and came to the conclusion that food would be good. So becuase we didnt want to eat hungry jacks we walked back to southbank and went to the fish and chip place. Karl wanted a beef burger but they didnt have any (again). [note the stupidity of advertising something you dont sell] so we goto the ol favorite snappy jacks or something, which is infact another fish n chipper but they also sell food from the heat trays or as some people like to call them, the trays of death. Karl finds out that salt is salty and find out that a walnut for a bladder is contagious and has moved to the stomach.

Time for the movie. We got out the movie at 11:40 (its an epic) stroll down to the train station only to find the last train out of town left at 11:00. So at this stage we are dazed and confused as to how the last train is at 11:00 because we are pretty sure that the trains run pretty late at least till 12. but thats not the case so we walk around for a while trying to figure out how to get home. then karl rings home and no one picks up. I ring home and mum tells me we are stupid. cant ask mum to pick me up as i took the car to get to the train station and because we live in alex hills we only have one car.

So we walk around, Karl suggests we goto jerremys place but at this stage its quite late and we would proberly just get hit over the head with a frying pan. so we decide to goto the computer labs at uni. She's waiting for us and I tell her karl will wait outside as i just need to use the toilet. anyway to cut a more probable than not long story into a short story, she says "you cant go in there or you will be forcible removed". Because I couldnt be bothered arguing and obviously getting spraying in the face with capsicum spray and getting permanent respiatory problems decided it would be best to just go away. apparently the toilets are D block are open all the time so we could use them.

We walked around a bit more before the idea of taking a taxi came to mind, we asked how much it was and $50 sounded like a lot. So we walked around a bit more and ended up near roma st station. At this point we had been "discussing" wheater to take a taki or not. So in the end we decide, yes lets just take a taxi. so we walk back to the taxi place in the city. When we get there we have a brain wave and decide to walk across the bridge to save money. we walk across and finnaly meet up with a taxi who will take us for $55.

Eventualy we get home.

Basicly we spent the night discussing the pros and cons of either waiting for the morning train (1.90 @5:30am), which would be cheap or catching a cab ($55 @ now)

In other news, I got internet back which is good.

Also i signed up for my gmail account. so im gona use that for my "webmaster" account because apparently you can save a gig of messages. One of the problems is the privacy where gmail (goodle) searches the text you are reading (the email) and pics ads that ping key words just like in the search engine... some say this is an invasion of privacy, but as long as its only ads i dont realy care. which is why im only using it for my webmaster stuff. as thats normaly pretty safe. of course the other email address ( still works etc.

Oh also K-mart has/had 25% off bike stuff which was good becuase i needed a new tube for my bike as it EXPLODED. And that was very scary. so yeah, got my bike fixed but now i have another problem. the wheel isnt straight. as in it occasioanly touched the brake. so now i have to adjust that AGAIN. I dont realy like my bike anymore. I'm gona look for another one that isnt so crap. ooh and I get my self a blinking light for my bike so i dont get run over (they dont call it the redlands for nothing...) I came to this conclusion when i was walking home from the bus stop (a short 10 min stroll) as I walking home a man in a small white hatch (filled with people hahah (shouldnt laugh but it was clear he needed a larger car for his larger size....)) decided to beep at me and swear etc. (now for the reasoning) not realy sure why as i dont know him or cant remember the last time I actually spoke to someone in alex hills other than the newsagent, at woolies or my neighbors. so i couldnt of offened anyone. Other possible explinations is the strawberry theory or someone else that looks like me offended them or no one loves me.

Other things... well had more trouble with my groups this semester, but still managed to get a good mark so thats all that counts (more on this later).

NetComm are the best

NetComm are the best because they have graciously allowed me to connect to the internet.

Thank you

Van Hellsing



This is a movie about Van Helsing.

Hes supposed to be a bounty hunter with cool ancient gadgets etc. In this movie he is the left hand of GOD. Yes thats right he is Gabriel, but cant remember. Dracula is satans spawn or made a pact with satan or something. I'm not christian but from my TV knowledge isnt it that gabriel is satan, fallen angle blah blah blah becuase he has to kill the evil on earth for god, and this gives him nighmares and then they have a domestic dispute and gab says "i put food on the table and u dont even respect me" but becuase "god" is a bitch s/he said get out of my house and gab said "i was having an affair anyway" and so gab moved to the center of the earth (hell) which is where he used to stay when on business trips...

anyway if van helsing is gab (satan) but not in satans for yet (before the break up) how can dracula exist???? how can he make a pact or be born from someone who doesnt exist etc....

Note to EVERYONE: do not go and see this movie.

just rent it out and then you will know what im rambling on about

now onto the plot

dracula wants to have babies so natuarly he has 3 wives the babies are in these alien type pods hanging from the cealing. I should also point out that dracual isnt a normal vampire but someone who cant die (more on this later). frankinstien is created by the dr now dracual gets the idea that he can bring his babies to life (because dracual and vampires are dead and dracual doesnt acutally exist... (in the movie)). so he has an idea to use frankinsiten to give life to the babies by passing electricity through frank to the babies (i bet clipsal made a bucket load on this movie). while batling a warewolf van gets infected and only has 2 days till he becomes a wolf... so he still tries to find dracula and kill him as his last 2 days also convenintly dracula has the cure for being a warewolf (which is mentioned through out the movie). Draculas castle is place which can only be goten to through a mirror (or if ur a vampire then u already know where it is...).

Van and drac have a bit of a get together in this time we find out that van is actually hundreds of years old becuase he has nightmares describing stuff that hapend ages ago. Dracual and van have always been fighting. Remeber van cant rember his past, well drac does and van wants to chat and find out more.

in the end sequence van finds out that a warwolf can kill dracual (convenintly van will soon turn into a warewolf). But wait dracual has warewolfs doing his biding for him, why have they not killed him???? apparently they dont hate him enough for taking away their lives and turning them into warewolfs.... of which there is only one cure and dracula has it (but isnt that enough for them to kill him and take the cure...). basicly van goes to drac turns into a warewolf and kills him, in the mean time the other main character in the movie is not even needed and is just a nusiance.

any way so goes and gets the antidote. Since van is now a warewolf hes a bit clumbsy and knocks the bitch to the ground just by looking at her (of course throughout the movie she has taken greater beatings but who cares for consistancy) and she dies. Conventintly van has also knocked himself onto the needle of the antidote and returns to normal.

The end scene is even more absurd and nicey nice then the lion king. im not even going to describe in fear of remebering it.


i had some coffee about 2 hours ago and now my brain feels like it wants to sleep and has shut down (cant think/do my assinghment) but my eyes wont shut...

ARGH cant just sleep and get it over with and cant study and sleep later

template work

becaue blogger now has new features, it would be wrong of me not to include these features into my blog/dnews etc so for me to do this I will need to use one of bloggers premade templates to steal design ideas and education on howto actually put the tags in etc.


Blogger seems slower when publishing? 9the new thing0

9look ma no brackets0

"is it hot in here? Or is it just me?"

Well lucky for me i used the save draft feature for the last post which helped when the mess under my desk broke down because I just recently added a 1400w 12 fin oil heater to the mix. Any, its sorted and all is now good except the assinghment I'm trying to do.

Its goto be 1500 words and I only got 900 and I can exactly make the conclusion go for 600 words.... i'm just going to add some more waffle. I only need 5% (out of 25%) to pass the subject so as long as I get something on the page I should get something (see also: economics assinghment....)

i shouldnt even be in this situation, what happended to all the planning.... ARGH *stress* (note that words in the asterix are either sounds or emotions or the like (keep up its not cool to be non-intuitive/asleep))

Because I care

Because I actually give a shit about what I write here and then read (possiblt the only reader....) later on I am going to try and reconstruct/re-write what went missing.... (this will now be done through the aid of the "save as draft" method, hopefully it will work)

(why not just type everything in brackets....( it kinda makes sense (but could get tiring (does it realy matter anyway.... (no one cares (see note above for carefactor (you are just trying to copy toopasete (drew) with his p.s/p.p.s/p.p.p.s..... (GeeWhiz 0 Drew 1))))))))


I hate. I also hate it when blogger stuffs up...

but luckily i had copyed it
but wait crappy dialup takes so fucking long to load that i have inadvertantly copied another text, clearing the text i had before.

Driving with lack of sleep is as dangerous as drunk driving

By Aaron Levin, Staff Writer
Health Behavior News Service

Lack of sleep may seem like a minor problem to millions of people but it is also a major auto safety issue, a leading sleep researcher said Monday.

Drowsy driving represents perhaps the single greatest risk to people who have had inadequate sleep due to medical disorders, work schedules or life styles, said David F. Dinges, Ph.D., of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine at a conference on sleep at the National Institutes of Health.

He said fatality rates and severity of injury among sleepy motorists is similar to those in alcohol-related crashes.

A driver awake for 22 straight hours, he said, has ?psychomotor performance equivalent to a 0.08 blood alcohol concentration.

Once sleep drops below seven hours a night, perception and reaction time start to suffer, he said.

Tests that require a person to push a button in response to a light flashing show that greater sleepiness results in not only more missed signals but also more unwarranted button-pushing in an attempt to compensate.

Even though these lapses may last just seconds, that may be enough to precipitate a disaster, he said.

A drowsy driver doing 60 miles per hour can drift off the road at a 4-degree angle and get beyond the shoulder in just four seconds, Dinges said.
Response time isn t the only killer, either. The more tired people are, the more sharply they drop off into sleep, even when they re trying hard to stay awake, he said.

Yet people tend to blame the problem not on physical exhaustion but on the situation a long drive, a repetitive job, a boring lecture instead of the physiology of sleep.

The real consequences of sleepiness may not even be known with any accaccuracy, he said. People can recall the time they spend in bed, but this is not the same as actual time asleep.

To combat the risks posed by sleepiness, Dinges offered three prescriptions: training doctors to recognize sleepiness as a symptom; setting up a standardized system to rate the sedating effects of prescription drugs; and updating sleep-related regulation of working hours and conditions based on scientifically proven information.

If you sleep and drive your a bloody idiot
Health Behavior News Service

More features

Yay! Blogger now has more features.

The main one would be:

email 'a' blog
and other interblogwhizbang (basic DB stuff)

This is proberly in response to other 'blog' services coming online with more features. We all know blogger is reliable and thats half the battle...

Anyway this is just a normal post, posted in the normal way etc.... Just gona go see what the templates look like.


Its taken me a long time to develop the skill of identifying opportunity and now it seems that not enough. Not only do you have to see where it may be, but you also have to do something about it just to have the opportunity and not only that you have to still do something to take advantage of the opportunity. Makes me wonder if life really would be better in the slow lane.

not happy drew

the man who draws toothpaste for dinner -> drew <- (kinda funny why u say drew draws toothpas.....) anyway.... he seems kinda upset at the moment because some crazy people are stalking him from the internet and into reality. Its also the first time we get to see him angry it just seems so out of character as he's never like that. I might as well get to the point before I start sounding crazy.... I just recognise this as an example for my theory that when on the internet you communicate in a kinda different personality type thingy (as in your internet self is different from your reality self) so drew is normaly very happy person, but thats not entirly it, over the weekend his internet self colided with his real self this forced his real self to take action and write the letter.

When you read the letter and other stuff he has written then you will notice the difference.

Also it should be noted that drew does not want more internet friends as he has a life and just posts his cool pictures on the internet for the enjoyment of others and not as a giant personal add to meet hot women or make friends with other women.... or to sound cool that you have a cool website when talking to women....