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What ever happened to a fair go?

The Murali muddle is more than just cricket

The Wisden Verdict by Paul Coupar in Colombo

March 28, 2004

Chris Broad's decision to report Muttiah Muralitharan for a suspect bowling action will reverberate far beyond the cricket field in Sri Lanka.

There is genuine anger here. Not quite of effigy-burning proportions. But anger all the same. This seems odd, even absurd to some outsiders. But to understand the importance of Murali you have to understand a little about Sri Lanka.

For a start, cricket is the national game. It is said that the economy suffers when the national team plays, because attendances at work drop. For one-day internationals, this might be true. Certainly the cricket team is one of the focuses of national identity.

It also important to remember Sri Lankan history. It is a small island, about the size of Ireland. It was long subjugated. From the 17th century until 1948 it was ruled, in whole or in part, by foreigners. And even their post-independence history is troubled. Civil war broke out in 1983, and 65,000 people died. But Sri Lanka is now on the up, something that is the source of justifiable pride. Since a ceasefire in 2001, tourists and foreign investment have returned; GDP grew by 3% in 2002, and 5.5% in 2003.

So the country is delicately poised between a sometimes difficult past of subjugation, poverty and war, and the prospect of a bright future. In this society Murali is a potent symbol. He has taken more Test wickets than almost any other bowler. He is one of the world's most feared cricketers. Every time he takes the field he demonstrates that Sri Lanka can be the best. That makes him a powerful symbol of what the nation is capable of.

So when people say he cheats they are questioning something that goes deeper than cricket. This can be difficult for outsiders to understand. As one Englishman from Leicester told me in Colombo after the one-day series: "You wind them [Sri Lankans] up about him being a chucker but they don't get it. And you end up having to say 'No, he doesn't throw really. It was just a joke'."

For these reasons, Murali overtaking Courtney Walsh to become the highest wicket-taker in Test history is eagerly anticipated in Sri Lanka. He currently has 513 wickets to Walsh's 519. So he would surely have taken the record in Zimbabwe in mid-April. Although he is eligible to play, there have to be questions now about whether he will tour. And even if he does pass the record there, the shine will have been knocked off the achievement.

Many Sri Lankans will feel that this decision was timed to block Murali and allow the glory to go to Shane Warne, a white man. Several sets of officials, Sri Lankans protest, have passed Murali's doosra since it appeared in a new more vicious form against England in December 2003. Why does Chris Broad, they say, in his first series as a match referee, think differently?

Even this morning, before the story broke, a major national broadsheet, The Island, carried a waspish piece saying: "Match referees these days tend to be following double standards … it seems like the Aussies and the English could get away with anything." In such a volatile atmosphere, this will be a huge story. And one that's about more than a cricketer with a bent arm.

Paul Coupar is assistant editor of Wisden Cricketers' Almanack.

The Murali muddle is more than just cricket

Google Search: moin kahn

More irrelavent cricket links to my own blog... but a number one on google is still nice to have

Thanks Moin Kahn.

Google Search: moin kahn

Its just not cricket

I can hardly belive that my website is the only site on the yahoo directory which has circket commentary

Weird (or yay becasue i got one click out of it)

Yahoo! Search Results for: comentray online for cricket matches

Finding the Quiet

What I wouldnt give for a bit of quiet.

Finding the Quiet:

"Finding the Quiet
Is noise annoying you? Most of us accept the daily racket of modern living ? sirens, garbage trucks, airplanes, television, hair dryers, whining computers, blaring car stereos, hollering sports fans, endless talking ? as normal. "

Voluntary Student Unionism

I am against voluntary student unionism, becuase it means less services... and as a student it makes sense to pool resources in this manner.


One of the concessions secured in the negotiations to have recent higher education changes passed was the elimination of Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU) from the package. However, the Liberal government has recently reneged on this deal and announced its intention to introduce the VSU Bill. This issue will be debated in the next few months.

VSU means that membership to your student organisation is not automatic upon enrolment rather, students opt in. Our current system of universal membership means that all students become members upon enrolment - this ensures that students remain in control of student affairs and student unions are able to provide the many essential services and representation to its members. Where VSU has been introduced it has had devastating effects. At Curtin Uni in WA the unions membership income was reduced from $3million to $100 000 and as a result departments such as womens, queer, and disabilities were closed down. For more information on VSU please visit www.guildonline.net/getpolitical

The Education Action Group and Student Guild is encouraging all students to write to the independent senators (Len Harris - QLD, One Nation; Brian Harridine - TAS; Shane Murphy - TAS, former ALP; Meg Lees - SA former Democrat).
The result will depend on the independents as the ALP and Greens will vote against the bill.
We will also be placing petitions on EAG Stalls and Student Guild Information Centre Desks.
So please send an e-mail to each of the independent senators and sign a petition. (There is an example leter below.)

Len Harrris

Brian Harridine

Shane Murphy

Meg Lees
info@megsdesk.com or senator.lees@aph.gov.au

And a reminder that Campus Education Action Groups will be meeting again in Week 4 and preparing for the National Day of Action to Fight the Fees.

Monday 12pm KG, A Block Lawn
Tuesday 12pm GP, Kidney Lawn
Wednesday 12pm CA, Student Lounge (outside Guild Info Centre, Level 3, C Block)

Details for the National Day of Action:
Meet 12pm, Kidney Lawn, Gardens Point for free BBQ. March to King George Square for 1pm Rally.
(Note KG and CA students will be meeting on their respective campus and catching bus to GP - more details to come).

See ya
Kirsten Harte
Education Director

Dear Senator [Insert Senator's Last Name],

As you are aware the Government has again raised the spectre of voluntary student unionism. I know that in the past you have shown good judgement and rejected this policy. I thought that I would write to you to reiterate why voluntary student unionism is an extremely flawed policy in order to reinforce your opposition to it.

Universal membership of student organisations is necessary to fund the many essential services that such bodies provide to students. For example, each year the QUT Student Guild successfully assists hundreds of students appeal their exclusion from the University for poor academic performance. Many of these students are from rural and disadvantaged backgrounds who have had trouble adapting to life at a major urban university. Without the help of their Student Guild they would be forced to leave without a degree. The Student Guild also runs an employment and accommodation service that is of particular use to disadvantaged students, especially those from a rural background who desperately need to find a place to live and a job to support themselves. Other examples of the valuable services the QUT Student Guild provides includes: free legal advice, free centrelink advice, free advocacy in disputes with the University, and subsidised childcare. QUT Student Guild representatives also sit on various University boards that make decision that effect all QUT students to ensure that their rights and interests are taken into account.

Under voluntary student unionism these services would not exist. The QUT Student Guild plays a similar role to a local council in that it charges a levy that is used to provide a number of essential services to the community which it represents. As everyone benefits from the services the QUT Student Guild provides everyone has an obligation to make a contribution. It is interesting to note that the ACCC has recently ruled that the public benefits of universal students unionism outweighs any disadvantage. Further numerous court cases in Australia have ruled that universal membership of student is not an infringement of one's rights to freedom of association. It is also important to state that students at QUT and in most other Australian universities can already opt out of membership to their student organisation by becoming a conscientious objector.

I sincerely hope that you will resist all attempts by the Government to introduce VSU.

Kind regards.

[Insert your name
and address here]

Bean Counting...

I dont like the template. Why because i just dont. anyway, since u can see its very late at night and i couldnt sleep so i am now working on a template for this blog which will most proberly be identical to the D-news one

india win

ODI # 2116
India in Pakistan, 2003/04, 4th One-Day International
Pakistan v India
Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore (day/night)
21 March 2004 (50-over match)

Result: India won by 5 wickets
Series: 5-ODI series level 2-2

Toss: Pakistan
Umpires: Asad Rauf and SJA Taufel (Aus)
TV Umpire: Nadeem Ghauri
Match Referee: RS Madugalle (SL)
Man of the Match: Inzamam-ul-Haq

Pakistan innings (50 overs maximum) R M B 4 6
Yasir Hameed st Dravid b Kartik 45 93 68 5 0
Shahid Afridi c Yuvraj Singh b Pathan 3 10 10 0 0
Yousuf Youhana lbw b Pathan 9 28 19 1 0
*Inzamam-ul-Haq b Balaji 123 160 121 9 4
Younis Khan c Pathan b Kartik 36 69 48 1 0
Abdul Razzaq c Kaif b Tendulkar 32 48 24 2 1
+Moin Khan b Balaji 0 1 2 0 0
Shoaib Malik c Kaif b Khan 13 13 8 2 0
Shoaib Akhtar b Khan 2 6 4 0 0
Mohammad Sami not out 0 4 0 0 0
Shabbir Ahmed not out 0 1 1 0 0
Extras (b 10, lb 9, w 6, nb 5) 30
Total (9 wickets, 50 overs, 221 mins) 293

FoW: 1-8 (Shahid Afridi, 2.2 ov), 2-39 (Yousuf Youhana, 8.6 ov),
3-89 (Yasir Hameed, 20.6 ov), 4-194 (Younis Khan, 38.6 ov),
5-264 (Inzamam-ul-Haq, 46.4 ov), 6-264 (Moin Khan, 46.6 ov),
7-283 (Abdul Razzaq, 48.4 ov), 8-290 (Shoaib Malik, 49.2 ov),
9-292 (Shoaib Akhtar, 49.5 ov).

Bowling O M R W
Pathan 10 1 53 2 (1nb, 3w)
Balaji 10 0 64 2
Khan 10 0 43 2 (2nb, 1w)
Kartik 10 1 48 2 (2nb)
Tendulkar 8 0 48 1 (2w)
Yuvraj Singh 2 0 18 0

India innings (target: 294 runs from 50 overs) R M B 4 6
V Sehwag c Younis Khan b Mohammad Sami 26 53 29 5 0
SR Tendulkar c Moin Khan b Shoaib Akhtar 7 22 13 1 0
VVS Laxman b Shoaib Akhtar 20 23 18 4 0
*SC Ganguly c Moin Khan b Abdul Razzaq 21 23 15 2 1
+R Dravid not out 76 141 92 9 0
Yuvraj Singh c Yousuf Youhana b Mohammad Sami 36 44 35 5 0
M Kaif not out 71 79 77 8 0
Extras (lb 9, w 19, nb 9) 37
Total (5 wickets, 45 overs, 195 mins) 294

DNB: M Kartik, IK Pathan, L Balaji, Z Khan.

FoW: 1-34 (Tendulkar, 4.1 ov), 2-69 (Laxman, 8.4 ov),
3-75 (Sehwag, 9.6 ov), 4-94 (Ganguly, 12.6 ov),
5-162 (Yuvraj Singh, 23.4 ov).

Bowling O M R W
Shoaib Akhtar 9 1 63 2 (6w)
Shabbir Ahmed 7 0 62 0 (5nb, 1w)
Mohammad Sami 10 0 50 2 (3w)
Abdul Razzaq 7 0 42 1 (3nb)
Shoaib Malik 7 0 38 0
Shahid Afridi 5 0 30 0 (1nb, 1w)

india win

geewhiz's FotoPage

Just signed up for this photoblog thing. Seems like a good idea so I can post pictures and not use up valuable space on my webhost et....c.....

and link and so forth etc...

The next match

The next match is this firday 4:30 GMT.

Pakistan win despite Tendulkar's ton

Pakistan win despite Tendulkar's ton:

"Sachin Tendulkar emulated Inzamam-ul-Haq's Karachi heroics with a dazzling 141, but it wasn't enough to inspire India to an improbable victory after they were set 330 to win by Pakistan at Rawalpindi. Shoaib Akhtar, playing his 100th one-day international in front of his home crowd, winkled out India's lower order as they fell 12 runs short at the finish. "

something to rember

"In 1940, Isaac Asimov invented the 'Three Laws of Robotics'...

1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

2. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law."

argh Kryptonite....

Today the phone borke. As you can see I have come back to the blog (yay?). The point is that all that self esteem built up yesterday is gone. Which is why I'm just going to goto bed and wake up as if this never happend (see the viscious cylce developing.... [the sleeping part {if you didnt get it}]).

Now that our powers have combined....

Now that my self esteem is fully restored. I think I might goto bed.


49.6 Nehra to Moin Khan, OUT: got'im! fulltoss on the middle and off,
Moin swings hard and ends up hitting it to Zaheer Khan at extra
cover, Nehra does his job! Indian win by 5 runs !!

the last ball

49.5 Nehra to Naved-ul-Hasan, one run, another single! terrific over so
far! on the middle and off stump line, only manages to play it
straight to the cover fielder, single is taken and Moin is back on

49.4 Nehra to Moin Khan, one run, played away to the square leg region,
the fielder moves in quickly and keeps it down to one run,
Tendulkar was the fielder there, well done

49.3 Nehra to Moin Khan, no run, another dot ball! yorker lenght
delivery on the pads, Khan misses out and the ball hits the pad
and falls dead on the track

Ganguly comes forward and has a word with his bowler

49.2 Nehra to Naved-ul-Hasan, one run, pitched up on the middle and leg,
driven down to the long off region, just the one run, tension

Pakistan require another 8 runs with 3 wickets and 4 balls

Moin Kahn is the perfect man for thse situations, can he take
Pakistan to victory here?!

49.1 Nehra to Naved-ul-Hasan, no run, dot ball! short delivery on the
middle, Hasan swings hard but makes no contact

Pakistan require another 6 runs with 3 wickets and 1 balls


Pakistan require another 9 runs with 3 wickets and 6 balls remaining

And like I predicted Nerha will bowl the last over

We are all doomed

over 49

Pakistan require another 17 runs with 4 wickets and 12 balls remaining

since zahre is bowling the second last over and Balaji already has had his ten who is going to bowl the last over?


I think Ganguly has stuffed it up just a bit....

over 48

Pakistan require another 24 runs with 4 wickets and 18 balls remaining

India vs. India

Today India and Pakistan are play cricket for the first time in ages. So far India have scored 349 runs, which is realy good.

However because India are stupid they are likely to throw the match away in a way only they can. As I write this its the 46th over and Pakistan only need 28 runs with 21 balls to go and lets not forget they still have 5 more batsmen to come.

I just wonder why India can make such big scores and still not be able to win the match.


as you can see I have been looking at the referes to my site, as I do on a regular basis to keep my self esteem up.

so far the web site has had about 560+ hits over the past couple of months....

yay gone past 500

next stop 1000

Google Search: "monkey magic" stamps

Welcome to the Number 2 site on the internet of Monkey magic stamps

Google Search: "monkey magic" stamps

MSN Search -- More Useful Everyday

Number one for a seach on "silyva" and I even got a website preview (although so did everyone else...)

MSN Search -- More Useful Everyday

Google'da Ara: "flash tree menu"

2 for -> "flash tree menu"

Google'da Ara: "flash tree menu"

Google'da Ara: "flash tree menu"

2 for -> "flash tree menu"

Google'da Ara: "flash tree menu"

Google Search: toothpastefordinner pirate cartoons

Super YAY

I am also number one for "toothpastefordinner pirate cartoons"

Google Search: toothpastefordinner pirate cartoons

MSN Search: bean counting -- More Useful Everyday

Holy fuck I am now number one for "bean counting"

double yay

MSN Search: bean counting -- More Useful Everyday

Google Search: "monkey magic" stamps

I'm number 2


Google Search: "monkey magic" stamps

XML dirven Flash

XML dirven flash seems to be the only way to extract any usefullness out of flash. Of course my website now have an XML feed.....

p.s. Dont worry I wont be doing anything like that untill I can get the XML to work in old fashioned HTML (compliant of course)


I was actually just following a link when I found this site. Not only is it cool, but it also has a world map thingo (somewhere....)

the winner of the 2001 Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica in the category "Net Excellence," the highest honor in international net art and design.

I like these kinda sleek websites and seeing what they get upto, especialy when they get to work with cool products

The world is mine

I found this realy cool Flash script with displays map coordinates on a world map and all you have to do is insert that information into an XML file. How cool is that. Plus its using Flash (and people say that flash is useless). Plus its using XML (and people say that XML is only for enterprise).

p.s. I have wood after playing with this.

p.s.s. I need atleast the weekend to get this up and running smoothly...

Everyone needs one

Just to demonstrate the power of blogger I present.....................


Gawker is editorialisation of NY citys news, not only that it provides its own take on NY etc... Making it a good source of information if you're in NY. I propose that all major citys should have something like this or maybe in Australia (because we are small in number) just a national one. Its run by a small team of people who have the same dream of blogging... (becuase you can)

The answer: Community websites?

essays :: weblogs: a history and perspective: "I don't have an answer. In our age the single page website of an obscure Turk named Mahir can sweep the web in days. But the unassailable truth is that corporate media and commercial and governmental entities own most of the real estate. Dell manages more webpages than all of the weblogs put together. Sprite's PR machine can point more man-hours to the promotion of one message--'Obey Your Thirst'--than the combined man-hours of every weblogger alive. Our strength--that each of us speaks in an individual voice of an individual vision--is, in the high-stakes world of carefully orchestrated messages designed to distract and manipulate, a liability. We are, very simply, outnumbered."

Maybe Community Website could help counter act this by facilitating more into one individual "blog" a bit like seti...

However I still think Individual blogs could be usefull, because they can provide news where there was no news. As in reporting and reviewing things we actually see. Of course searching through this mess to get the information we want will be hard.

The reason why its broke

essays :: weblogs: a history and perspective: "So why doesn't every bookmark list contain five weblogs? In the beginning of 1999 it really seemed that by now every bookmark list would. There was a bit of media attention and new weblogs were being created every day. It was a small, quick-growing community and it seemed to be on the edge of a wider awareness. Perhaps the tsunami of new weblogs created in the wake of Pitas and Blogger crushed the movement before it could reach critical mass; the sudden exponential growth of the community rendered it unnavigable. Weblogs, once filters of the web, suddenly became so numerous they were as confusing as the web itself. A few more articles appeared touting weblogs as the next big thing. But the average reader, hopefully clicking through to the Eatonweb portal, found herself faced with an alphabetical list of a thousand weblogs. Not knowing where to begin, she quickly retreated back to ABCnews.com."

Its just the most credible answer I can find.

Maybe I need a business plan

Some reasons I started blogging:

1. Practice Writting
2. confidence in writting
3. having a point of view (maddox)
4. Being creative (toothpastefordinner)

a journey of self-discovery and intellectual self-reliance.


essays :: weblogs: a history and perspective: "Certainly, both styles still exist; certainly the particular mixture of links, commentary, and personal observation unique to each individual site has always given each weblog its distinctive voice and personality; and certainly the weblog has always been an infinitely malleable format. But the influx of blogs has changed the definition of weblog from 'a list of links with commentary and personal asides' to 'a website that is updated frequently, with new material posted at the top of the page.' I really wish there were another term to describe the filter-style weblog, one that would easily distinguish it from the blog. On the principle of truth in advertising, this would make it much easier for the adventuresome reader to find the type of weblog he most enjoys."

Maybe if I can get my templates right....

Its a journal stupid

The reason I originaly started blogging was to firstly be able to articulate what I was thinking/feeling, I couldnt do this in D-news becuase it had 'expectations' which is the reason for its separation (not to mention the relavence).

Now that I think about it, what is the point of actually writting all this down? who even cares? Will I even read it?

Back to sanity... I think in a sence my own weblog experiance follows with the history of blogging (disregarding the fact that I am lagging)

"The original weblogs were link-driven sites. Each was a mixture in unique proportions of links, commentary, and personal thoughts and essays. Weblogs could only be created by people who already knew how to make a website. A weblog editor had either taught herself to code HTML for fun, or, after working all day creating commercial websites, spent several off-work hours every day surfing the web and posting to her site. These were web enthusiasts." (History of weblogs)

[Note to self: look into microcontent]

One day...

"A blog is a web page made up of usually short, frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically" (Blogger.com, 2004)

I think what is more important now what I will use the blog for. I already have a blog for news/links/comentray etc

This is just a personal blog, of well I hate to say it but...: Ramblings, musings, feelings, what am i doing/feelings/listening/reading/not doing/hoping to do type blog. I guess when I say it like that I dont like blogging. Which is why I am searching for a different definition.


Create is normaly associated with artistic things or as the implicit meaning goes, anything we make.

So a blog is realy about the recent past.

To make it easyer for my small mind to comprehend all this, and to try and clarify it in such a way it makes sense. I think it would be best to look at it from the perspective of just one entry and not thing about the archiving purposes just yet.

So what do I have to say

The next question I ask my self is what do I do in this 'space'?

Write? [see title stupid]

I realy dont know. Anyway.... The seperation of the bloggers cycle has enabled a more effeciant blogger cycle with a smaller down period, becuase it is not (shouldnt be....) linked to closely to emotion. Therefore it makes the product, in this case D-news more accessable to the market and is just a better product because of it.

From this we can summerise that seperating the bloggers cycle out of the blog into a seperate blog (D-news) to satisfy my need for "interesting" news and the need to archive and collect it like old people do with news papers (but in a more enviromentaly and physicaly less exhausting fashion) and the other need to look like I have something interesting to say. (getting closer).

Summerising the summary into a conclusion brings us to the fact that D-news is hella cool and purely for the public domain. However, what is apparent is that people do not find the ramblings/etc of anyone talking to them selves the least bit interesting (except maybe to stalkers and voiourists). Hence we have now taken the bloggers cycle out of the blog.

This still leaves us with what is supposed to go here...

Logic will tell us that we just wack in everything else that is not news or anything that I create. [essentialy whats been happening in our lives; Such as new purchases, how we are feeling etc...]

So this is a blog

This is my blog and I can write what ever I like here.

Now that I have seperated the dreaded bloggers cycle from this blog (bean counting) and called it D-news. I have now found that this blog is now lacking, in comparison with D-news.