Jas (Jasmiina) said...

I couldn’t watch it till the end. It was so creepy. But awesome still. I really loved it. I wrote that with a scary smile...
Have you made it? Or... someone else? Simple story, yes, but a different one. Like... umm... a scary version of the Hayo Miyazaki’s The Cats Returns (I’m not sure about the name. In Finnish the name is Kissojen valtakunta, like Cats’ Kingdom).
I thought that I ask, why there were so much colors... Blue, green, red, black... But I guess it was cause colors make it looks different. If it’s yellow, I guess, that I would think, that it’s just a some kind of joke.
But it was good. Seriously. I don’t write that just cause I’m alone here and no one likes my blog. I write it cause it was awesome. Respect. \o/

Bean Counting said...

Hi, I did not make this, the credits are at the end of the clip. Yes it is a cool clip.

You should try and watch it till the end.

I will check out your blog, what kind of stuff are you writing about?