Alarm Clock Postmortem

The alarm clock has been off for a week or so. Has my world of order and timeliness crumbled. Yes. But also no.

Despite the fact I have no external alarm clock other than my sleepy self, I have managed to get to work on time. I just don't mean on time I mean early to work. Proof of this was found on Sunday morning, I stayed up till 4am watching India complete its victory, then proceeded to catch the ferry to straddie at 7:55am.

This is more the cold turkey approach, rather than going to bed early, I go to bed when I am tied. Which is around 11:00. Then I reach conciousness around 5:30 but don't actually get out of bed till 6:30 on account of my laziness.

Which brings me to a conclusion which does not fit any of the hypotheses. If you want to get up early you have to get out of bed. The body/mind is capable of getting you to the point where you should be out of bed (the same is true of an alarm clock), but you still have to actually get out of bed. For me this has/is the hardest part of the exercise. I will happily lye in my bed for a good hour, being frustrated, then get up and do something productive, potentially easing those frustrations.

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