I recently signed up for LinkedIn, which is a type of professional facebook. One interesting thing is that it is a subscription based model. There is advertising, and there are probably people trying to sell their wares on the forums or direct to people. But the cost of the subscription is not small. $20 per month.... I can get hardcore pornography for less than that. Extra things you get if you pay are things like being able to save profiles, view extended information. Which should realistically be included if they don't want a similar site to start up and taking all their users (say even facebook itself).

I have signed up to a few CPA/accounting forums and I even scored a contact which makes me feel less of a loner.

The Final...

Thank fully India made it through to the final. I stayed up till 3am listening to the radio, so would have been a significant loss if, they, lost...

I did try to goto sleep and figure I can get the result in the morning, but that wasn't going to happen as I need to know what was going on.

(tenth post of the year)

Alarm Clock

We had a power failure about a week ago and consequently my alarm clock needed to be set to the correct time. The clock it self does have a 9v battery as a backup, but never seems to provide any sort of backup to the clock in the event of such a power failure. The power failure we are talking about is about 1-2 minutes. The time it takes me to reset the safety switch after overloading the circuit with my dodgy electrical work.

Since that time, my clock has been flashing away at the incorrect time, however I have still managed to get up on time and since I have a wrist watch, its not my primary time keeper. The proposed idea is if I can go without my alarm clock.

The Bad
  • Get up late
  • Late for work
  • not knowing what time it is in the middle of the night
  • no morning music/news
The Good
  • Personal responsibility to get up/have enough rest
  • training my self to getup at a certain time
  • freedom from the constraint of arbitrary time measurement
  • less light interference
  • less electromagnetic interference
  • less electricity expense
  • less clutter on my desk
I am going to unplug my alarm clock tonight and will hopefuly have something positive to report back on this experience.