Day in Review

How did you feel when you woke up - peircing sunlight

What did you have for breakfast -Redbull

What did you have for lunch -Chicken Ceaser Sandwich

What did you have for dinner -What mum cooked

Did you workout/exercise, how was it. if not why - I did not exercise as I am a fat slob

What interesting people did you meet today? What did you talk about? -

What did you do today that was ill advised -Tried to analysie a phone bill

What was the best music you heard all day - ABC classic FM

What was the best moment of the day - Driving home from work

Word of the day -

What did you learn today -It doesnt matter if I forget something as its highly likely that I have written it down, or thought about it in the past already. Don't need to do the work again...

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