Fixing Shit

Reasonalby productive day, didn't get a chance to mow the lawn but did complete the following tasks:
  • bike is now road worthy, took it for a spin around the block. This is definatly going to help with the exercise.
  • Fixed the plug for the stab mixer. Need to find the hot glue gun to stop the wire from being so loose
  • Fixed the plugs that have fallen off the walls, more double sided tape used to keep them up... not really long term solution, but just a bit scared of drilling holes into power board then attaching them to the wall with screws. Probably an easier solution I'm not aware of just yet. Need to do some research
  • Started testing sync programs to establish some sort of backup regime. I hate proprietary file containers. Much prefer just having the files naked on a drive. Just syncing the documents folders which is where all the important data is kept.
  • Probably some other shit I can't remember. Going to have a shower then think about doing some study... kinda need to at least make a start

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