Weekend Review

Most of the weekend I felt like I was in a haze and couldn't really focus or concentrate on anything for more than, well just could not think properly. Managed to get a few things done, but nothing that helps me, so another bunch of consecutive hours not going to work wasted. I did wash my car, but the bat shit is still stuck on real good. Going to clean it again tonight, also my car got scratched but was surprised that they waited around to tell me. Was shocked at the time, looks like its just paint so should just rub off. Just add it to the rest of the scratches. Which is the good thing about owning a crappy car, its already scratched up.

Subscribed to my podcasts through itunes now, so they auto update to my ipod and delete them as I play them is a really cool feature.

Digging a hole is fun, but also a lot of hard work and for my level of fitness/strength I am still a little sore, but that could be because it was so hot last night I could not sleep.


Anonymous said...

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BeanCounting said...

After reading the post again its actually quite bad and is, well, incoherent bunch of garbage. But that's one thing about having a blog. It don't matter.s