The average cost of sandwiches this week is $6.75, I did buy some extra ham today, along with the vegies, will be coming home with me over the weekend and used in sandwich making. I have not decided if I want to continue the lunch experiment over weekends as I use other ingredients that are already at home and it would contaminate. But I guess the stuff I take home could be classed as wastage. I'm not going to waste the food for the sake of the experiment. It could survive over the weekend, I just like fresh food as it tends to taste better... So best to use it up.

I think the cost of the margarine at $8.90 kinds ruined any cost savings, but you don't all have to buy proactive, sometimes its on special. So get it then, in anycase it will last a long time.

I have been buying the big hamburger rolls daily from coles which are nice, but I am thinking of going to a bakery for something different. Might cost a bit more, but should be worth it. I also need to get some plastic containers to put my tomato and cheese in to stop them from drying out.

Summary of things learned
  • Food costs money
  • Fresh tastes good
  • Healthy
  • Save time not having to pack lunch
Summary of things to implement next week

  • Containers for tomato and cheese
  • Learn how to save lettuce
  • Try different breads

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