Apparently my new iphone has decided it will start posting for me. In order to keep this blog human only. The part that gives it credability I will now post about my shit day called Monday. Mondays are normaly not good as they require you to go to work, but I had a good weekend and most of the day was going quite well untill I got back to the office, which turned into instant depression. Not sure why, but it did, I am now on my 9th beer and still feel very sober and not so much of a happy thought. I am still optimistic that tomorrow will be awesome, even if it kills me. I plan to make tomorrow the most awesome day ever... I have chocolate and funny jokes to tell people and if that fails I can a-maize them with my iphone (see pun dictionary). Then if that fails then I can always fuck shit up, by, well... fucking it.

What I don't get about the optometrist is they have these massive show rooms with only a few pairs of glasses, surely they could fit a few more pairs in.

Tomorrow I am going to buy a hipflask and a sandwich which will make the unhappydays go faster, but they will still be unhappy.

p.s. On a upbeat note, I now have a tub and engine from a cheap dryer, going to have to work out the best way to make it explode.

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