DIY Extended Warranty

Extended warranties are often stupid purchases as you never actually get the item fixed or it does need fixing but the cost of the warranty meant you could of purchased a new device anyway. This happened with my camera. Camera $300 + Warranty $160. Admittedly I did claim on the warranty but now I have a barely working camera that 5 years old, I can very easily purchase a new camera with similar specs now for the $160 and I am in fact thinking of upgrading anyway. So why not just transfer the money that you would have spent on the warranty to a savings account? Eventually this will accumulate and you make get some good interest going. If anything does break or needs repair you can dip into the warranty fund. This is not a foolproof plan and may not apply to everything eg iPhone warranty is worth its weight in gold.

Stupid warranty Purchases - Cost of Warranty
Camera - $160
TomTom - $80
VCR/DVD - $220
Dishwasher - $300

Total $760

It probably wont apply to big ticket items (even then the device is most likely to break after the extended warranty period as our dishwasher has recently done and was therefore worthless).

from fivecentnickle

Thus, while extended warranties were once reserved for high dollar purchases, many retailers have started pushing them for relatively minor items, as well. And why wouldn’t they? They’re practically printing money.

In most cases, however, you’re only paying for marginal coverage when you buy an extended warranty. Consider the case of a gadget with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. You can easily extend that to two years by using the right credit card.

Thus, the three year warranty that you’re being offered is essentially a bet that your purchase will break between 24-36 months after you purchase it. And guess what? Even if it happens, you can probably get something far better (and cheaper) by then.

Instead of buying warranty after warranty, why not create an “extended warranty fund.” In other words, whenever a retailer offers you an extended warranty, simply transfer that amount of money into a dedicated savings account.

This is essentially 'self insurance' which I have been toying with, but with no solid theory as yet, before doing anything like this you do have to convince your self of what it is you are trying to achieve by taking on the risk your self and if you have the will power not to use the money for other things.

P.S. Change Experiment Mini Update: I have not been buying too much stuff with cash lately (trying to save real money) so my change jar has not been filling up as quickly. Will do a change dump at the beginning of next month to see whats what.
It's too late for the government to train me to be a weapon. For someone to approach me on the street, and to tell me I match a certain profile. I probably won't even learn another language well enough to speak it fluently. Giant crazed attack dogs won't ever suddenly act like scared puppies when they see me. I won't ever be a grandmaster of chess, either. I don't think at this stage I can even reasonably expect to make Expert. There are some things I regret as I get older, I guess. There are a ton of traditional ways to be bad-ass, and I missed the boat. But that's okay. It just means I have to be more creative. And then later that creativity will make people think I was an evil genius, instead of just so desperate for a world with monsters that I didn't mind becoming one myself. What I'm saying is - I stole an ice cream cone yesterday from the 7-11 and I have no regrets at all. untoward

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Apparently my new iphone has decided it will start posting for me. In order to keep this blog human only. The part that gives it credability I will now post about my shit day called Monday. Mondays are normaly not good as they require you to go to work, but I had a good weekend and most of the day was going quite well untill I got back to the office, which turned into instant depression. Not sure why, but it did, I am now on my 9th beer and still feel very sober and not so much of a happy thought. I am still optimistic that tomorrow will be awesome, even if it kills me. I plan to make tomorrow the most awesome day ever... I have chocolate and funny jokes to tell people and if that fails I can a-maize them with my iphone (see pun dictionary). Then if that fails then I can always fuck shit up, by, well... fucking it.

What I don't get about the optometrist is they have these massive show rooms with only a few pairs of glasses, surely they could fit a few more pairs in.

Tomorrow I am going to buy a hipflask and a sandwich which will make the unhappydays go faster, but they will still be unhappy.

p.s. On a upbeat note, I now have a tub and engine from a cheap dryer, going to have to work out the best way to make it explode.

I used Shazam to discover Walk On The Wild Side by Lou Reed

I used Shazam to discover Walk On The Wild Side by Lou Reed and thought I'd share it with you.
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Got my iPhone on Friday but did not want to start using it unroll I got a case. It arrived a lot sooner than I had expected which is nice but I already ordered a body guard skin. Nice to have something a bit more rugged. Still going to buy the incase colour because of it's hole covers. Camera is realy nice, but made butter by the screen. The screen is good but would be nice to have a higher resolution for vids normal use is excelent and the auto brightness copes well with natural, fake and darkness.