My car is now getting repaired after it was damaged by an unknown force. I have been quite calm and quite philosophical over these events but today it has been hard to control my emotions. I took my car to get assessed yesterday and got the phone call today that its going to be 2 weeks before I get my car back. I guess a cumulation of damaged goods, having to pay $500 excess and the fact I wont have a car for 2 weeks is just a bit too much...

In good news I am apparently married and my wife who I don't know her name yet, is already planning to move in. My mum has arranged everything and all I have to do is drink my rohypnol like a good little boy.

There is something to be said about drinking beer out of a glass. Its marginaly better than drinking out of a bottle. babies drink out of a bottle. The next step is the beaker, which is very simlar to take away coffee cups.

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Fahad Naseer said...

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