go via e toll

The government has recently changed the name of the wireless tagging system called e-toll to go via. This irritates me a lot. Not only is it worse than etoll (go via is not an improvement since there is interpritation issues with the pronounciation (is it even a word in the english language?)) it is also just more bull shit advertising they are trying to sell to the population as if we don't already know what it is. Its a tax on using a bridge, something a troll (troll->toll) would do.

"I am going via the troll, she is going to shake me down for my change, but I have no change. Thats ok she now accepts credit card."

10 minuites later

"So you also need a $15 bond?"

"so my first visit over the bridge will cost me $50 and every subsequent trip will cost $2.40, but you can change the cost of this whenever you like on an imaginary statement that I am unlikely to check as the transaction will take place and the my knowing of how much I am spending will happen at another time"

"beep beep"

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