Greanseas Lunchbite

This is a review of Greenseas lunchbite. It is tuna snack with rice mine was the spicy one. It can be eaten cold or hot. I have eaten mine cold. Taste wise it is ok, its supposed to be korma curry but its actually chilli with mayonnaise. The addition of chilli is a definite bonus and adds a nice kick on a cold day like today. It’s a nice amount of food and lives up to the bite sized nature. If you skipped breakfast you could have this for brunch/morning tea and you could easily carry your self to lunch or later. The main complaint is that the tuna and chilli are not mixed in well with the rice. The rice is at the bottom followed by the tuna followed the chilli, I can see how this would work in the manufacturing process and because its so full its difficult to mix it your self without eating most of the tuna to get a nice mix with the rice. Ideally you would use another bowl, but that kinda defeats the purpose of having this type of ready-made snack.

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