Monday, 6 April 2009: 8:47:55 AM

Well its Monday and I am not quite out of the woods yet, still gaming audit to be completed for Pokies and Keno and all the stuff I have been putting off to get this one audit done. It’s a self replicating cycle of hurt,

Tuesday, 7 April 2009: 8:38:34 AM

So I didn’t get time to finish Mondays post, but what you going to do about it? Yesterday was not productive and I did not even get my self-organised, which would have been something. Also homework has been lacking and really need to start a daily plan because literally my exam is in days. Everything at work seems to be due in the following month and if I want to take time off I will have to work extra hard to create a buffer…. Basically this whole situation does not compute. Its impossible to do everything in the time required and at a decent level of quality. I’m almost at the stage of micro-managing myself on an hour by hour basis with a 12/12 split of personal/productive time.

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