Uploads are poopy

I have completed my goal of 'speaking' for one hour, its all shit, but its progress. As stated in the earlier post, switchpod is crap, as you can only upload 20min shows... And every other free place I go to is extreamly difficult to upload anything, not least because of my Telstra 'internet connection'.

I was recording on Audacity, but since I have a copy of cooledit pro (before it became adobe audition) I am going to use that. What I have found using this software over Audacity, is that it is a lot faster and just nicer to use. Its like using notebook compared to word 2007. Its good for free software. But you its like you need to know what you are doing to make it work properly. I have use cooledit pro before for various things so maybe I am just accustomed to it.

So, I've been searching around for actuall hosting. One thing I miss about web 1.0 is websites. Everything is a blog, and thats great for a publishing tool. But its not a website. Its just a bunch of shit we publish. It has no value to me or anyone. I may as well just not do this shit. Its annoying. Whats more exciting or inspiring is being able to create new projects. Sure you can setup a new blog for every thing you do. But your whole online personality is everywhere. You need to tie that back in someway. Its not like domain or hosting are that expensive. Its gotten to the stage, where to get that extra level of service that I demand and need I'm going to have to pay for it. The possibilites seem to open up, it would also make uploading shit onto the internet much easier. Video is take care of via youtube/vimeo/blip, but audio... its like digital radio in Australia. Its just not on. Its just impossible to make work.

I also have a problem with my shitty download limit. 25gb is not enough, if I do go to the next plan up, 60gb which I am not afraid to pay for, it is not unlimited, as in I will be charged money $0.15/mb over. I would prefer that it just shaped. Which will help control costs. I am now seriously thinking of changing to ADSL2, since there are more providers (more than one...), but the dilema is that I am line pared and I know I quite far from the actual exchange.

The decentralisation of personal material is a problem, its great that we have free stuff, but bringing that all into one place to create the value of having signed up to all these disparate services seems to be lacking.

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