Sad Panda

I have been ill over the past week, with a cough. Its been a bit of a battle because I tend to get a second wind rather late in the evening and consequently can't get to sleep earlier. Or atleast when I should be, which is around 10:30. My constant late nights are kind of working against me inaddition with crap diet and exercise habits etc... I belive this is why I am getting sick. After watching Guns, Germs & Steel, which is a very interesting documentary about the development of civilisation and how we got to the situatuion we are in. I now have a question of my own. Modern society in a deveop contries atleast have overcome the dilema of Guns, Germs and Steel. So why do we have such a great divide between the poor and the rich. Also, do Guns, Germs and Steel still apply? If I read the book it will probably hypotasise and tell me the answer. My theory is that they still apply on some level. For example I have been sick for the last week, I have not been as productive and have consequently fallen behind in a number of key areas (Work, homework, chores and personal projects), they have all been effected. So germs have stoped me from progressing, guns and steel I have no imediate answer to, but its a working theory which I am exploring.

Other problems faced this week, which have contributed to my mild paranoia about conspiracy theories surround my own demise... I belive I have lost some hearing in my left ear, no thanks to some dimwit on a loud motorcycle. I am always very carefull about safety including hearing protection. I am the one person you see at the concert with hearing protection, the only person who wears ear muffs when vacuming and when lawnmowing etc I use the foam plugs PLUS ear muffs... I do have some nice audio equipment which is not hard to get load and appreciate, so I guess it all balances out, I still belive I am very carefull with my hearing and monitor it all the time. I almost bought a SPL Meter today, but since Dicksmith is the only store that I could find one at I did not. The hearing has come back some what and now I sit around with yellow foam all the time (maybe the persistant noise from my 8 scythe S-flex sleave bearing fans is the cause?!?!).

I also belive I am developing carpel tunnel syndrome. This is very bad as I need it to computer, eat and masturbate. Basicly, I have been playing Cod4 too much and spent all of Firday bashing in data at work. Again, I knew this day was coming, so I took precautions, I have fancy mice and keyboards. I have a program called workrave, which alerts me to my computer useage and tells me to take a break, it also gives me exercices to do... I have never had strong arms, but I do specific exercises to streangthen my hand muscles to avoid this situation. All this has counted to nothing, it could have happened sooner if I had not taken precautions, remebering that I have been using a computer for the past 22 years.

These three things have created a psudo-psycological condition know as anti-zen.

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