Change Experiment: Update

The change experiment is coming along nicely with another $100 deposited today. The total for the fund is $270, currently there is no interest yet, but it hasn’t been open long enough to get interest. I’m still unsure if this current rate of deposits is sustainable, but if it is… then should be up near $1800, which for pocket change is quite scary. But what should I spend it on? At the start of this project I was hoping for around $500, which I would spend on various deductible gift recipients (charities). But $1800 changes that because of my own greed. I could buy a fancy new phone (iphone/n95/n85/htcdream) I would appreciate and use, but ultimately and waste of money.

I have made a spreadsheet in google docs, but am having trouble publishing it to the blog... What I wanted to do is have a dynamic graph that would display what transactions have taken place. Sounds cool, but I'm still working on it.

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