All Breakfast All the Time

Karl has commented in a previous post, an appropriate response to this topic warrants a full blog post.

A while ago while when out on the town with my friends Karl and Jonathan, I brought up the topic of breakfast and specifically the various methods one has to cook scrambled eggs. In searching for recipes I stumbled across Mr Breakfast, dedicated to all things breakfast. But what if you don’t want to actually make the breakfast yourself? Cafe 21 (at the casino) you can order all day breakfast, because its open 24/7 you actually can order at anytime. Like at 2am and slightly drunk . It’s about 24 times better than a kebab. Most cafe’s have some kind of all day breakfast, all day breakfast is great (I think Rics has all day breakfast... can’t fully remember...). But what about other breakfast foods. Imagine being able to get a bowl of cereal at 6pm after work? Or peanut butter on toast for lunch, or pancakes at 11pm (Pancake Manor). What about a dosa as a midnight snack?

You Eat Now!

Is the slogan. The name was going to be Mr Breakfast, but since Mr Breakfast seems to already be taken (at least in Americaland). Need to call it something else.

MisterBreakfast. - All Day International Breakfast Restaurant: You Eat Now!

If there is ever a time you are feeling hungry. Think of Breakfast.

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