I want my 4 cents back

The deal is you shop at Woolworths, get a 4 cent per litre off petrol voucher. This should save you money. How much money? Is it even worth it in the end? After spending 30 mins waiting to fill up my car, I saved 75 cents. Lets say I do this for the whole year. Thats a total 'saving' of $39 Even if I round up the saving to $1 (25 liters) Its still only $50.

Time, like petrol and money is also a precious and finite resource. Which is why I will bring it into the equation. By going to the exclusive petrol stations where you can redeem these vouchers you are going to waste time in queing, becuase everyone goes there, especial on Tuesday. Which also happens to be the cheapest day of the week to buy petrol. So you sit in a queue for 30 mins a week for year or 26 hours a year. This is probably an over estimation of time, so if we cut wait time to 75% we get 22.5 hours. To equate that into earning potential, $2.22/hour.

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