I feel dirty

because I tried out the self service checkout at Woolworths. It feels weird having to do the work your self, like the scanning thing. Its just wrong. Is it quicker? Yes and No. Its not quicker doing the scanning, weighing and packing your self. I am slow at that. Just knowing the system etc will take time and the receipt takes an eternity to print. I thought I did it wrong. But it was just slow. The quick part is that on one uses it, so you can just hop straight on. Its very similar to checking books out at the uni library using the self check out checkouts. I think if you had just one item and paying with cash it would be extremely quick. Kinda like a giant vending machine that you have to enter the machine to retrieve the goods your self.

Would I use it again, only if there was a large line at the express checkout and I had only a few items. I do not think its worth doing it if you had a trolley load of goods as using the scanner is tricky for people who have never worked retail.

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