It said 2 cups

Today I attempted to make pasta bake. Mostly it turned out ok. Its edible, which is the main thing. The timing was a little wrong so I have giant overcooked pasta that eventually dried out and tough mince meat. It was also overcooked.

Thankfully the cheese did not burn. Mainly because of the large quantity of cheese. Most things taste better with cheese. Even cheese is improved by the quantity and number cheeses used. However, I believe I have found the limit of what cheese can do and that there can be too much a good thing. For example when you stick you fork into the 'food' you expect some meat, cheese pasta and all you get is cheese.

Not only do I feel sick, but I may have destroyed my love of cheese. This is a sad day. I will attempt to eat a sandwich tomorrow without cheese. Hopefully I will not perish in the great cheese fast of 2008.

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