4 day weekend

4 days of mayhem, mishap, masochism, margaritas, mornings, melted ice cream and maps. Live blogging for the next 4 days because I have nothing better to do then blog. So what better way to start the holidays by getting those creative juices flowing with pornography.

I watched sex and the city once, it was scary. It was so scary I could not sleep. I do not recommend this show to anyone. It's probably because I am a man and don't understand womens 'feelings' which just means "how can I be a man but still hold the moral high ground and look pretty". Another reason not to watch the show is because of the above photos. Initially you may think, "she's ok for an old chick. I'd hit it." [while watching the show] But after viewing the above photos you find out she has a biverwack instead of a beaver and that ruins everything.

To bring the sexy back you can use this fucking cool FUCKING AWESOME Firefox plug in. Its takes the pictures displayed on the browser and turns them into a 3D interactive wall of awesome. Team this with porn and enjoy. I have been using it with a flickr RSS and its a lot of fun. It would be nice to have the tilt scroll on my mouse work with it as well. The other cool thing is that this plug in is also available for IE and safari, so there is no excuse not to be using it.

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