Click Click Schwooghhhhsss

Got my broken camera back today. The function selector could not be fixed which is a shame. But I now have a working camera so now I can get back to taking pictures of upskirts kittens and fields of wheat.

Conversely my GPS has decided to shit it self and have no sound. Which because I have it on the power saving mode, the screen is often off and the first thing I recognise is the sound as I don't look at it constantly. Having the screen turn off is quite helpful as you are not constantly looking at, even though its a straight road with no turns for the next 8.3km.

And tomorrow me and a trolley will attempt to move my bookcase back upstairs. If I die you can have all my books. They will not be any use to me as I will be dead and have no bookcase.
Something about banning drinking between the hours of 12 and 10 am.

New Zealand man gets audited has to pay tax, goes bankrupt in doing so. Buys Inland Revenue Building, kicks Tax office out. Opens hotel.

Run 800 meteres 10 times. Your average time for each 800 is your marathon time.

Looking at boobs makes you live longer. Also masturbating stops some kind of cancer. I will live to a mezillion.

Original Sesame Street classified as Adults only.
What is the deal with people that quit blogging. You have a cool blog then you stop. Why. you are as famous as you will ever be. Sure you get real life things to do, but blogging is so easy now. Its like bashing out an email with no one in mind.

There is the care factor and the fact that it doesn't actually add anything to your life unless you are being creative with it.