Live Music

Yay! Rage Against the Machine are coming to Australia. Yes its sold out. No one can get tickets. It is kinda RATM's fault for playing in small venues and not playing enough shows. But they are playing at BDO, so there is still hope. Most of the tickets are going for $400, which I guess is ok, but since they dont have any new material since they last split, its not really worth it. Also It sort of goes against what RATM are about, they are not about paying $400-$800 to see a band. Even if it is themselves. There are also some good people who are actually raging against the machine and stinging the scalpers. Scalpers are evil scum. Every time a scalper sells a ticket God kills a kitten.

As much as you want to see rage, its not worth it. Instead use that money to buy some massive speakers and have your own rage party until the police come kick your head in.

BDO should be good. There are only a few bands that I would like to see. Obviously rage. But also Bjork, LCD Soundsystem *swoon*, Dizzie Rasccal should be interesting and lastly cut off your hands. I have never heard any of the bands music, I like the name, so its going on the list. I imagine thats what happens when you rock out, your hands get cut off whilst trying to perform the most ultimate riff ever. They are kinda like the lepers of rock n roll.

Also the Chemical Brothers have announced a tour for March next year. And lets not forget who has a ticket to see Daft Punk in December... I can't really complain in terms of live music, for the past year and the next 6 months. But I just wish it was more frequent. Ideally once a month would be good. Thats only 12 acts a year, maybe I need to look further than the mainstream chart music and look into smaller, local, acts that actually play music not for money. But then theres the fact that they suck and thats why they don't do it for money. Its a vicious cycle.

Only a few complaint this year so far is missing out on Bloc Party. They only played in Sydney and Melbourne. Its only a small complaint as I didn't like their second album. And parklife, as Mstrkrft, Justice and Digitalism would have been cool. Ok mainly wanted to see Mstrkrft, and I'm not paying that much money to see one band. Splendour in the grass would have been awesome except for the fact that it sold out before I could ring up Butter Beats to reserve me a ticket (I work in a fucken music store and I still miss out. WTF!).

Thats actually a lot of complaining. I'm sure I missed out on other stuff, but since I don't remember I'm not going to bring it up and feel sad about missing it. The future is near and is ready to take my money away from me.

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