I'm doing a big clean up as we are getting carpet in a few weeks time, so if I throw some stuff out less to move. Instead of throwing shit out I am finding that I have more of everything. An example are razor blades. As we all know they are expensive, so loosing them sucks. Hard. When you run out/can't find new ones you go out and buy some more, not a big deal. I found 3 whole packs. One in the stationary draw, one in my junk draw (mainly contains stationary for my bedroom) and one in the stationary basket.

What can I learn from this experience? Firstly I have too many places for the same types of things. Which leads to buying more of things that I will never get around to using. Waste of funds and a waste of space. Totally inefficient. What about the stationary? Yeah, too much of that too. I am now trying to consolidate it into a box(s), for things like souvenir pens they should really just go into a souvenir box. Stationary seems to be something I can't control. But at least now that it's in one place it will save space.

Variety, thats the problem. Must have one of everything...

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