Slow Day

I have no excusses but for some reason I am getting very litle work done today. Yes I am still at work blogging, but this is but one example of not getting very much work done. I was extreamly productive yesterday, so maybe this is the comedown effect from that. Or it could be that I dont have that much to do (definatly not). I just cant seem to focus for more than 15 mins which is annoying. I have been trying to get what I can done, as I know tomorrow I will probably be back to normal. Its days like these where it would be better if you just stayed home.

Home could be the problem, because at home there is ps2 and where there is ps2 there is the recently acquired Need for Speed Carbon, which I bought on Monday for $29.95. I havent played ps2 since we got our new tv as I couldn't be arsed to hook it up. Mainly because of a lack of ports (one of everything is pretty weak), but thankfully the vcr has a few I can use. As unbeliveable as that sounds, the VCR has more holes in it than the TV.

Playing games on a wide screen is different. You can actually see what you are doing. Its also bright enough to actually see what you are doing, which you dont appreciate untill you actually play a game were there are shaddows that hide what you are doing and you basicly have to guess... But now that I can see it is awesome. God of war is a bit like that, but because of the brightness I dont keep dieing. God of war 2 is out now for about $60. But hopefully it will come down in price by the time I finish God of War. One of the interesting things about of God of War is appart from it being an awesome game there seems to be not much media attention on the mini sex games. In GTA:SA all you had to do was take your gf to the night club and visit her frequently and you would get to have sex, and on the PC version there was a patch you could download where you got to see the sex. In God of war you have 2 naked women you jump on the bed and you have to press the various buttons as they flash on the screen to make them have more vigous sex, as depicted by a wobbly vase (you win by knocing the vase over).

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