Seth Godin of The Dip fame wrote something funny about one of his clients: [edit: This is not one of Seths clients. I, however have gotten a lot of this over the past few weeks]

"So a client calls me on a Friday - 4PM.

CLIENT: I'm about to talk to the pharma client, I need a computer graphics budget for an interactive CD-ROM.

ME: Great, email me the project details, how many screens, client deadlines, etc.

CLIENT: Well, can't you just give me a ballpark figure?

ME: A ballpark figure? But, I don't know any of specs, nor any of the client info. Please send me what you have, I'll look over it this weekend and I'll have something for you first thing Monday morning.

CLIENT: Well, we need to send them something today, by 4:30PM. Can't you just estimate it?

ME: Okay, $100,000.

CLIENT: $100,000! Why is it that much?"

For inspritation on how to deal with your clients go here.

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sethgodin said...

Thanks for reading. It wasn't me, though. I was just quoting a site.