Trivial Update

Life as me seems to be getting better. I bought, what is probably my favorite movie of all time for $12. I also got a job interview. And now I have work experience this Friday. This is despite stuffing up in the interview and saying I have no experience. Which proves that if they really need someone they will hire you. Not that I have the job yet, but its looking good.

In other news I bought a headset, why I don't know. But it was cheap and I didn't feel like buying any Telstra Shares. They turned out the be the most uncomfortable headphones I have every placed on my head. They just sit on your head, the back of the cups don't close, plus because the cans are square (I thought this was some kind of genius new design), turns out my ears arnt square. So they dont fit properly.

It does have a decent microphone, so it will be good to use them for making internet phone calls.


I got an idea. Start a podcast... I can just talk and wont have to use ten digits to type away on an ill designed keyboard, resulting in costly corrective RSI surgery.

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