More Watts

Today I installed a new light bulb in my room. The reason for doing so is obvious. The bulb has blown. So for a few days I have been using my desk lamp to see in the dark. Its only 60 watts, which is more than adequate for using at the desk, but quite dim when trying light up the entire room. So I found a spare bulb in the garage. Still boxed. It was a four pack. And it contained one 75 watt bulb. I made sure the light switch was turned off... And removed the bulb, to find that it too was 60 watts. Pretty weird how different lamp shades and a good position can change how much brighter it can be. Or atleast more efficient at distributing its light evenly across the room.

Now that I have the 75 watt bulb in there now its a lot brighter. And better to do things in general, but I have a feeling it would be a lot harder to sleep with the light on now. Maybe I could swap the 60 watt with the 75 watt bulb.

Breathing Easier

For a long while I couldn't be bothered with the run down and general broken rowing machines available at the gym. For the past few months I have been noticing I have been puffing for air more then I should be at a certain heart rate. I just put this down to not doing cardio regularly enough. The gym has kindly purchased and installed some new rowing machines. Which are quite fancy with a large LCD that can tell you lots of information about your rowing. Its also a lot smoother than the old ones and is actually a pleasure to use. Despite the lack of actual water, it seems to simulate rowing conditions better...

I have been incorporating the rowing machines into my cardio workout, and weirdly I think its helped my breathing. Its very easy to get your heart rate / breathing up on the rowing machine. I only do 5 mins of rowing at any one time, but I think the fact that I have to think a little about when I breathe and the rhythmic nature of the rowing machine has helped my breathing when I am doing other cardio activities. It could also be that you workout out the upper body as apposed to just your legs in most cardio.

What ever the reason, using the rowing machine has helped me improve my cardio fitness overall. By allowing my to breathe a little easier when trying give my heart a workout.

Mothers Day ooo6

Today is/was mothers day. Hopefully you actually bought some crappy present and you mum got excited for a few minuites, then went into a 3 hour rant on how you (the sponge) are not doing anything with your life.

I got my mum chocolate and about a dozen instant scratchies.

I spend the rest of the day looking productive by hoovering the carpet in my room and pointing out the fact that my sister didnt get my mum a card.


Happy times.

oh ok

I have been catching the bus a fair bit and so have been using that time to write my thoughts in my notebook/journal. All the time meaning to blog something atleast once a day. This has not happened. And then you get busy and nothing seems to make sense or has any order. Which for me is like a death wish. I cant get anything done when things are a mess. They still are, but I at the stage where I just think that enough is enough and I need to start again. Sort of like formating your harddrive.

Thats what I am about to begin.