Boredom is weird, its not like you dont have stuff to do. Its just that you are not motivated enought to do them. Then you get bored, and start doing other stuff, like playing simcity.

Got Depression?

Why is that drinking has to occur in the evening. It just seems like the most inappropriate time, especialy when you want to get some serious drinking done. My main arguement is that most of the time you try and stay up, sober up, then go to sleep to staive off a hang over. Which means that you could end up staying up till 4am.... Aditionaly when drinking you are more are more relaxed and therefore sleep like you're a bear in hibernation. I know this is mainly because it couldn't have been helped so we just started later. But on numerous occasions now the evening seems like the only time... Noted it is cooler and people are generaly more free in the evening. Basicly you need about 3 hours to feel "safe". Could probably get away with 2. Which means if you stop at say midnight then you get to bed around 2/3 ish, if you sleep 10.5 hours (probably about right, and also taking into consideration the sleep cycle...) that means you wake up about midday, which for me atleast is normal.

However much you like to sleep. Just think about the day time. Maybe its the darkness of the night, but for somereason I feel like the light of the day may also be just as fun.

Note 1: Drinking is bad for you.
Note 2: I am not currently drinkign
Note 3: There is no note three, oh yeah, dont drink alone, that would be depressing and sad. Get depressed with other people so you will realise your problems arent as bad (that advice from too much coffee man (note 3.1: not my coffee))