The Great Big List of Everything

The Holiday List
  • Make a Kite
  • Make the Kite fly
  • Buy a jumper
  • Make a pie
  • Make a cake
  • mmm quiche
  • Smash something
  • Mow the Lawn
  • Have a BBQ
  • Go for a morning run
  • Make Something
  • Take up a new habit
  • Loose a habit
  • Finnish reading The Dice Man
  • Start reading a new book
  • Get a hair cut
  • Make a tape
  • And much more
  • Renew my student card to 2015
  • Goto the Gym
All of which will be blogged, analysed and discussed intricatly right here on this blog. Hooray. So the next two weeks are gona be awsome mainly becuase I want it to be. I know it could set me up for a big disapointment, which I do not need going into semester two. Or should I say FINAL SEMESTER Whooo! Atleast for a year or two, I still wana do some study on economics becuase it excites me for some reason. And then after that I can get my Masters in Taxation... But before all of that I need to do my CPA/CA program which will only take two years of studying, while working full time...

Dear Blogger

Now that its the holidays and I have nothing todo, not that its a problem I can get back to blogging. For the next two weeks atleast. So in celebration I have used the new photo upload thingy to upload a picture of the sky.

Since the holidays have started

I thought it would be wise to start doing something, like tidying up the accumulated junk in my room. So instead I spent the day starting projects I will never finnish. But will instead, keep these projects lying around so that one day, just maybe, I will finnish them. But the main victory for today was I found out what computer stuff works and doesnt work....

What I did find out is that my old PS/1 (486 DX). does not work. All it does is make noise. Which means two things are broken. The CPU and the HDD, which I had previously found to be broken. But the case is still in good shape, with no rust. Everything in that computer is extreamly well screwed down. So its gona be a while till I actually get the broken shit out.

The P100 still works, but it has a registry error (windows 95 ->A<-) so its still kickin, but the CD-rom doesnt work. The box is fine and weirdly clean.

The K6-2. Is still ugly. But it works. kinda. The HDD seems to be broken. But the CPU works. But since its just a crap computer anyway, I'm not sure if its even work saving. But I'm gona keep it anyway, never know when that kinda junk will come in handy.... The sound card doesnt work, so there goes the MP3 box idea... I did manage to salvage a 12cm fan, for what purpose I dont know yet. A network card which

The old PS/1 monitor still works, but the Goldstar doesnt. Which means its gona probably gona end its life in a spectacular way...

I also have 2 CD-rom drives which dont work, and compulsivly open without prompting and then dont close... I think they're possessed. I have also salvaged a bunch of floppy drives, which still work, but their utility is somewhat diminished with USB drives so cheap, common and so much faster.

Touching all of this technology got me thinking about the carputer. Things I already have:

  • MB
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Power supply
  • Network card
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Nothing better to do for the next two weeks
Things I dont have:

  • CD/DVD drive ($80)
  • Sound card ($10)
  • Inverter (300w $90)
  • Screen ($300)
  • Hdd ($100)
Which means its gona cost an additional $300 just to make the comptuer work not including the screen. I'm pretty sure you can put together a completly new computer for about $350. Which means the grand total would come to about $700 in the end. But for $900 you could just buy a new laptop, cheaper still for s/hand. So I think this a project I will put off untill I can afford to have a gambling probelm.

Howevever I would like to stop this noise thats coming from my current computer. Whih is the fan. And seems to be effecting my CPU as it getting quite hot (maybe something to do with the contact of the heatsink). But I think a new cooling solution is needed. Which will hopefully stop my from getting industrial deafness. I also need to get a new set of speakers because the rubber/foam bit that surrounds the cone has become detatched from the cone it self. So its making this horrible sound sound, also the driver seems to be bent. From what I dont know. But its just collaped in on it self, which is just odd. But since I only paid $15 for it I cant really complain. So hopefully I can goto the computer shop and get me a new fan and a new set of air pushers. Time to go on a spending spree... Or not, which ever is cheaper.

The End

I have now finnished my last exam for semester one. I'm tired and still a little gittery, but hopefully by tomorrow I wont remember anything about organisational architechture. This semester I actually did my homework and actually worked on assinghments, doing all the good stuff. All the stuff you're supposed to do. Since I had such a long time to study for my last exam (a whole week), I managed to do as little study in that time as possible. Which ensured I was cramming over the weekend for my exam on Monday. But after not going to a lecture or tutorial or doing anything for about a month for the subject, its actually not a good idea to do that. And cramming doesnt work when you have no idea what your reading or supposed to be reading.... This also means this is the last ever semester one I will attend at uni. For now... Which is sad, because semester one is the best semester. Possbily in the future, semester three will be better, but right now. Semester one is the best. One thing I should work on during the semester is my grammar.... I already feel stupider, And its only been a day since my last exam.

Comrades Be Vigilante

Well, the Bush-Nazi comparisons are deja-done, so of course now we have to move on. Seen on the MARC commuter train (between Baltimore and DC) today, this picture pretty much sums up the new "National Security:"

[ Articulatory Loop - Read, Repeat, Remember ]

Boston Legal

TV has just got interesting. With the slight addition of Boston Legal. I honestly used to watch the practice, and well in the final season I just couldnt wait for Boston Legal. But now that its here it doesnt seem all that super awsome. But still awsome. Which means I actually have something on TV (besides Mythbusters, megaman (the new one), media watch, lateline, little brittan, f1 and the bill) that I can follow. hmm now thats its all written down like that (see above) its actually quite a lot. mostly dailys but still not 'hours' of TV a day. Which is good. Because its not like I can spare the time. With uni and work and all. And I have to set aside time to finnish GTA: San Andreas....

The first ephisode was good. And setup a few things for the rest of the season. Which since its carrying from last year. Was possibly not neccessary. But then again, people that did not watch the practice may not know whats going on so... its probably the safe thing to do.

GST Project

This assinghment was supposed to be done over 13 weeks. But I did it in 18 hours straight.

[OK so that wasnt very long. This is just to remind me to write later... later days...]

Last Lecture

Today was my last lecture for this semester. Which means its the last lecture ever for semester one. Which is kinda sad. Becuase semester one is the best semester.

I'm so tired. I think I'll write more later... till then