The Cursed Treadmill

Today I went to the gym, just like every other day... But today when on the treadmill my shoelace came undone. Which was annoying and I had to stop. Also the buttons wouldnt work and the speed changed to 1.0km instead of 10... Which has lead me to the conclusion that the first row of treadmills (from the tv wall) is cursed. On another occasion I was in the first row and my towel fell down off the rail and I had to stop. Stopping is bad. Bad mainly becuase you loose momentumn, which then takes time to get back again. And when you are more then half way through your goal time its really annoying. It also seems to cool you down a bit. Which may sound nice at first, but really all it means is you get stiff, which in layman terms is "oh crap my leg has a mind of its own. Mommy help!". [Note: some people call this "cramp" take out the 'm' and you have crap].

So from now I am not going to use the first row of treadmills, becuase I seem to have bad karma with them.

It actually flys

Went to go see The House of Flying Daggers today, at southbank on the massive screen, which is always fun. The movie was kinda crappy, maybe trying to copy Hero too much... I give the movie 4/10 and it only got 4/10 because people need to see the ending as it was quite humorous. At least on DVD...

The bus trip home was one to remember. For two things. First the idea for a comic, consisting of a mobile phone called "The Karl Phone" because I saw a lady on the bus was playing with one and had the idea to make it like a real brick phone. One that Arnie would approve of. Like you could do weights with it... And then Arnie will set up many different help lines to help you work out. But charge insane prices (like they all do...), eg, "Motivational line", or the "Arnie is your friend", "work out tips", "how not to be a peuniy man". And other insane ideas which would involve the Karl Phone (c) (tm) (r).. etc and as you answer the phone you get a work out.

The second thing about the bus was the fact we were going so fast. Left Buranda at 10:52 and got to alex hills at 11:18. Which means I got home at exactly 11:30. Which wasn't a bad thing, because I was busting to goto the toilet. What was unnerving was the fact that the bus never actually stopped at my stop, he opened the door and the bus was rolling as I practicly had to jump out or I was gona end up at Cleveland... Maybe he needed to pee as well.

I love Blog

Sometime you can blog too much or just spend time blogging about blog. Other times you have stuff to blog about but dont becuase you only think of it when not at the computer. Which is what is happening at the moment. My best time for writting is just after dinner. But for some reason blogger is slower, or maybe just my internet conncection is slower at this time and is a pain in the ass to write a whole bunch of stuff then have "sever connection error: time out (hahah you have slow internet, suck crap)".

So what have I been doing. Offline blogging. With the help of MS word. I have stored my thoughts etc and will post them proberly tomorrow, becuase right now I want to sleep. And possibly wake up.

Possibley this also means I have some kinda blogging addiction where I need to blog all the time or I even take notes on what to blog on at a latter time... hmm

January Reading

# 10½ big myths of the moment: Currently popular misconceptions about associations, boards and CEOs, by G. Tecker. Association Management Aug 2004 p66

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from the ICAA

A basic paper record keeping system

Its a flow Chart.

And I plan to make a proper one which shows how this simple rendition by the tax office is worng.

The Avalanches and King Marong and guests

I went to go and see The Avalanches yesterday at the Rev. Was supposed to be $15 to get in, but I managed to get in for free. Maybe becuase I got there really early. So that was a nice surprise.

It was quoted on the website to start at 10:00pm so I got there about 9:30. At about 10:00pm I find out they are gona start at 11:00pm. So now another dude comes on and starts jumping around and yelling into the microphone till about 11:00, something I would rather forget...

Finally one of the DJ's from the Avalanches graces us with his presence at about 11:30.... and he does his little DJ set for about 20 mins wearing a rubber mask. Which I thought was impressive considering how hot it was... Eventually the other guys come out with the african band and thats when it finnaly started. It was well worth the wait. They had the three DJ's a whole bunch of merakas and drums. The greatest mish mash of sounds ever heard, with the african drums and vocals over top of the Avalanchey stuff and other assorted sounds. After a few "songs" they started letting people on stage to sing and dance and play with the dums and other musical apparatus. So it was pretty nuts. One girl thought it was a titty bar and started to take her clothes off...

The one bad thing was that it was proberly too loud. Or maybe it was just me. But next time I have to goto a musical thingy I'm taking ear plugs.

Was definatly worth the $15 if I actually had to pay for it...