Hurty Leg

Went to the gym today, just like any other time. But not as my leg is continuing to hurt. This is because of the thing I did on Monday. It wasnt hurting too much on Wednessday as I walked from cleveland to home. So I figured that today I would be ok to go back to the gym. But alas it is not the case. I was ok when walking but any running was not so fun... So tomorrow I plan to do a bit of walking to try and not loose any current fitness and atleast maintain it somewhat untill it recovers. Hopefully soon.

La Strada

Went to see La Strada with Jonathan yeasterday (Wednessday) at the Schonell. And it was awsome. I never liked black and white movies.... untill now. Being a black and white movie is no cosequence if the movie is a decent one. And this movie really was. Its not often that you leave a cinema feeling like that. I recomend everyone go and see or rent it or something. Its an experiance not to be missed.

Its one of those movies that you must see before you die.

9/10 (The reason it didnt get 10/10 was because I wanted it to go on forever...)

Myth Busters

To Run in the rain or walk? Was one of the questions these guys had to find out. Its a pretty cool show with large experiments. The best one was when they had to prove/dis-prove whether some one could be flung from a toilet from throwing a match down it.


Was your standard video night. Got out Class of 1999 which was worth it. It was pretty funny in a weird sort of way.

Also got out Happiness. It was funny. Yet sickening at the same time. And at other times too painfull to watch. It started out tastefully but the main point of the movie started later and just when you thought it couldnt get any worse it did. I'm not going to say anything about the movie because you have to sit down and watch it to understand. Plus I belive it would spoil the surprises. Also you may think again about renting it out if I told you what its about. Another movie to watch at least once. Maybe only once....

Twelve Cubic Meters

Had to move three cubic meters of mulch today. Took me about 5 hours. Initialy I calculated twelve cubic meters but turned out I missplaced a decimal point (ala. Popeye).... In case the number three isnt impressive enough/you cant conceptulaise what it really means.... Heres a picutre of what three cubic meters looks like.

And as always after any hard work I seem to make at least one muscle somewhere sore enough to not be able to goto the gym. How do I know this. Well I went to the gym to thinking it didnt feel all that bad. But no. It was bad and proberly made it worse... At least I go to do a bit of walking. Thats goto count for something. Doesnt it?

The Watchmen

Finished reading the watchmen. Was a pretty good. And after the first three chapter you really want to finish it. It really does gain a lot of momentumn towards the end and its best to read it all at once (last few chapters), if you think you can put it down and read some more later, you wont be able to.

So this concludes my first book of the year. Which means I have another 23 to go.

Cricket [Pak vs W/ind]

Went to the cricket yesterday (Pakistan vs West Indies) It was a pretty close match and was quite fun. Had a feeling that a lot of people were just gearing up for Fridays match, which I dont have tickets for =( (it sold out very early...)

Anyway, much fun was had and I'm realy quite disapointed I can't go on Friday.

Star Gazing

Yesterday I went to go see Sideways with Jonathan and Karl. As there was a number of refrences to wine in the movie, we decided to get some wine. Anyway after the wineing, I went home. As I was walking home I noticed that the stars were quite bright today. And then I noticed that they were every where. Normaly stars are only seen in a strip, but yesterday they were every where. I wonder if this has anything to do with saturn being brighter this time of year... Must of spent a good half hour siting there. Which has given me the grand idea of camping. Camping in the back yard, as I think it would be quite hard to camp futher afield without transport. So hopefully before the holiday is up I will have had camped out.

The movie was ok, wasnt super fantastic, but worth seeing considering what else is on. I think I will give it seven out of ten or four out of five.

A Mouse Named Optical

Today my old mouse broke. Not that it was an old mouse, just that I have a new mouse now and hence the "current" one became the Old one.... Its was only three year old. Well that's what you get for getting a crappy mouse. Luckily my old MS mouse (win 95) still works which enabled me to actually install the "new" one.... My new mouse is pretty basic Logitech Optical mouse. At first it didn't work, and need to be installed which was a hassle. But it works now. Much like the old mouse. It only cost me twenty dollars so I'm not too displeased. Its gotten rid of the "diagonal stepping" which I hated about conventional "ball" type mice.

I was hoping it would emit some light, but it doesn't. Maybe I should do a bit of surgery on it apply some perspex and leds... Like that's gona happen.

Good grief

Today I found the website for my gym. Their newsletters never mention the website. After looking at it no one could blame them for trying to cover it up...

In other news I had a dream... Not just any dream. I had a dream I was riding an new bicycle. That's right. New. Its was so shiny and even had a motor... But I only used the motor to go up big hills. Of course this isn't what I need right now (self encouragement) to buy a new bicycle as I have found out they cost more an one hundred dollars, even multiple hundred dollars (GAH!).

At least I have a small job which I earn enough to maybe save up for a new bike before the end of the year...

Going to the Library

Today (among other things) I went to the library. Which was a little diaspointing, considering the lack of selection available at capalaba library. Apparently cleveland is a little better. So If I get time I'm gona try and head down there sometime this week. However I did get out a book. Which required my re-activating my library card, since I hadent borrowed there for over a year (which is true...). The book's called "mountain bike maintainence and repairs". I am hoping that with this book I can fix my freewheel problem.

Its has also come to light that the state library which I was planning on visiting tomorrow is apparently closed the a year or so while they put in the new book ends..... grrr

Sending Email

Today, I have been sending emails. Its sort of exciting writting emails, as in propper ones to different people (not just the same people). Make me feel much better then just empyting and sorting through spam. The feeling of purpose to checking email, like its important. Or at the very least not just a pointless waste of time.

Making a list

Well as you know. I like lists so when the time comes to making a list, I will do it. Frankly I have made lists for much lessor things then the "goals to achive this year list". I think this year I'm actually going to write them out properly and tick them off. That way I might actually get somewhere with it. And it wont end up being a pointless exercise to beat up my self...

When I actually have the list made up, then I must remeber to actually work out an action plan of sorts for each. Which will help me in achiving said goals, and more importantly how I actually want to go about achiving them...

The process of making the list is also interesting. Basicly firstly you have to brain storm. Then put them in a list, then put them in some kinda priotised order. Then put a time frame for each and re-order then while incorporating the prioratisation...

Well its only 9:30 so I think I have enought time today to complete this task and make some use of the first day of the year.

So thats one down and 364 to go..............


Its 2005 and dont I know it. Last year was pretty good and I think its gona be pretty hard to top last year. But if I can achive atleast some of my goals, then I think it will still be good. hmmm... Well its not like it actually has to be better then last year. Becuase last year was so good its gona be hard to top. But if I can maybe come close to it, then I think I will be happy this time next year.