It seems so obvious now

Its been a while since I last blogged. Mainly becuase Blogger was not allowing me to blog when I wanted to (internet errors). Anyway work is going ok. The main problem I have is that in the afternoon I tend to drift off a bit and not as fast as in the morning, which sux when you planned to get a certain amount done and you just dont have the spirit to go on anymore. Also I have a crap chair and hurts my back which is a problem. There are other problems but not worth mentioning... So work is not as enjoyable as a few days ago. Obviously. But I am still on track to be completing everything by the end of the week, which will be a releif.

In other not so sad news. We got a bus shelter built near the park. Its very shiny and new with no crap graffiti on it (yet), and its so much nicer sitting there then out in the open waiting for the bus, especialy on a hot day like today. Also the tax office sent me this CD so I can install my digital certificate. But for some reason it requires SP1 to be installed, which for some unknow reason I have not done this............ It just seems werid that it would even need this. Also I orderd some stuff from the ATO last Monday and it still hasent come yet. The ATO realy do suck. Thats why they should hire me. As a consultant.

My first day at work

Today was my first day at work today. I was expecting it to be hard and I was right. Mainly because I have never done anything like this before, so I'm obviously going to be slow. But when I did figure out what I am getting paid for things sort of went smoothly. Basicly its my job to sort everything out. Initialy that seems ok, but in between I actually have to do accounting work. And accounting requires everything to be in order, ticked off, complete, organised, in a fileing system of some kind, and cross refrenced so that it can be audited etc.... So its proberly harder then I thought, more complex and just so much work. Mainly becuase its backlogged. But thats ok. I actually have experiance in sorting small recipts and invioices etc when my parents ran a convenience store. Mainly the hard part is just matching stuff up (accounting is all about balancing things...). So I think I earned my wage today thats for sure. Surprisingly I am tired, most possibly becuase of my bad posture....

I got to goto (...) work tomorrow which will be even more interesting because Brooke wont be their to assist me. I like things in order and written down (business policys etc) which I am doing now. So that I know what to do in the event of X. The system is pretty much being developed from scratch so if it can sort all of this information I think it will be a job well done. This should be something I'm good at becuase I spend a lot of time sorting things out and then re-sorting them for fun...

Anyway, the place is really cool since its a record store. Initialy I thought it was just another indepedent music store. But they actually sell records. You know, the big round black things made of vinyl. The music they play is of high quality, which makes it sort of a nice enviroment to workin. But I'm not really used to working with music so its a little distracting. On the good side, I am getting to listen to stuff I have never heard before, and proberly would never of heard, which is fine by me....

In summary, my day was exciting (want to know and learn more), challanging (which keeps you busy and not bored (sort of (when you can figure out what your supposed to be doing))), tiring (hard days work) and interesting (its cool to be working in a record store).

The Unexpectedness

Tomorrow is the first day of my first real part time job. And it couldnt of come at a better time, considering I turn 22 in three weeks time. I had that costcutter job but that was just stacking shelves and I knew what I was getting my self into. This job is a little different in that I actually have to call upon my four years of study (QUT university for the real world) todo something practical. For a real business. So I'm a little nervous. Maybe even a little excited. Who knows.

In an effort to reasure my self and gain some confidence for tomorrow I have been going over my basic accounting stuff and MYOB, so that I am fully prepared and come accross like I actually know what I'm talking about. Rather then saying "you know the thing that makes the cashy type thing reduce the invetory thingy.", which wouldnt make a good impression...

Spiral Diary

I like spiral diarys. Or anything in spirals... But today I had a choice. Buy the spiral diary or the new "commercial" diary. There are two distinct differences between the two. Firstly the fact that one is spiral bound and the other case bound. The second diffrence is that the "commercial" diary has more space to write stuff in on a day to day basis. The spiral one, which is identical to my current diary, is a week to a view. That means its spread accross two pages. So far this has been ample room for me to write stuff into it. But now I have that book keeping job, so I need room to write down when ato stuff is due etc. Which could mean the diary gets busy. Ofcourse this would of easily fit into the spiral diary, but I also goto keep some room for uni dates and other personal crap. So thats why I bought the "commercial diary".

Of course I am having second thoughts. The spiral diary has 12 lines of space going from 9am to 5pm. Which means its currrently underused, with just uni stuff. The commercial diary has 18 lines of space. Basicly half the page (A5), going from 8am to 8pm and some... Which now that I look at it, is a lot. Which is why I am thinking about returning it, or giving it away as a present, and just buy the spiral one like I planned.

12-18=6 Which means the spiral one has a 6 line premium attached to it. Spiral has the extra movement, which is why I like it. But the extra space to able to write is also appealing, as it adds greater functionality/potential/capability to write more. I could use two diarys, but thats out of the question. Because I want all of my dates in one place where I can see them and not have to crossrefrence to a diffrent diary to see if I have an exam on. That I think would be even worse. The people at office works must think I'm crazy.

The Clensing Begins

Today I decided to start throwing away bank statements. Turnout I even had statements from accounts which are now closed.... I thought my room was already tidy, but I just have so much junk that I should throw away that I no longer think its clean. So now I have to start throwing stuff away. I also goto organise my self a little cos I got a job, which is gona require me to be organised and ready for action.

I am also thinking about selling some of my books that I no longer need as they are taking up quite a lot of room in my book case. My day has been pretty good. Didnt goto the gym, which was bad of me, but I got up so late that I could never of gone today. Hopefully with a better sleeping time today I can accomplish this task tomorrow.

However the big news today is that I got my ABN. Which wasnt as exciting as I thought it was gona be, but none the less I now have one. This also comes with some responsibility, like quarterly PAYG installments and proper recording of my finances. Which means I'm gona have to use something other than MS money (which is what I am currently using). I have setup a file for MYOB, but its only a trial version so.... thats not good. So I'm gona have to setup somthing in excel tomorrow untill I finnaly get around to making something in access that is capable of doing the job properly, then sell my software for millions of dollars. After selling my software I will travel the world doing motivational speaches etc to business type people for money. Then retire in the carribean and play the stockmarket/forex from there, making even more money.

Getting used to Boredem

Well as soon as I starting to get used to boredem, everything changes..... Thursday was the last day of boredem. Because Friday was pretty busy and so was saturday and sunday is sort of busy. I will still be bored over the holidays but I think I can manage.

The big news of the day is that I got a job. Which will not only help my financial situation but also my condition of boredem.

Saturday was a good day, becuase I went and attended a focus group thingy in regards to the Capalaba Bus station (which was extreamly poorly designed etc and everyone hates it...). For which I got $50. Basicly Everyone just talked over everyone else and by the end of it the interviewer was just pleased it was all over. So I dont think it was worth them having me there, but I got my money, which is the main thing. Almost feels like stealing becuase of the little amount of work I had to do. When we finnished the bus left, meaning I had to wait two hours untill the next one.... So I walked home, so I guess I got my exercise for the day out of the way. And of course today was when I found out about the job.

Friday was also, good as I got a lot done. Gym, apply for jobs and went to go see Napolean Dynamite. It was an awsome movie and very funny. Too bad more people wont see it....

Sunday was good mainly becuase I got all the things I wanted to do done. Which included doing house work, ringing people and even went to (finaly) give Karl his present...... I have even been to the video store and rented Kill Bill 2, which I havent seen yet. And if all that wasnt enough its only 5:15pm..... Looked up some info on ABN's and the such. Seems pretty straightforward now, as apposed to me making stuff up for my self. The website to which you register is awfuly slow. So I think I might have to goto the tax office and fill out the form. Which is going to be a pain, but atleast I will be doing something and not just bumming around the house.


Its been less than a week and I am bored. Yesterday I was bored, but thats nothing to what I expeiranced today. Today I really did nothing, it was a really plesant day to make it even more blander... Did house work to keep me busy, but even that was boring because I was making my own mess to clean up. Luckily mum was home to give me a day long lecture.... I wonder what I'm gona do when mum goes to work tomorrow..................................................................

I thought about just sitting at the computer and blogging my holiday, minuite by minuite, but even that would be boring and I think I would run out of things to write about.

Its proberly a good idea that I collate some goals to complete during the holidays so I dont go insane. I have already sorted out my books and stuff from uni into boxes etc so thats already been done. Thats pretty much all I had planned and I have done it already..... hmmm.... What next. Oh the gym. I could just go there and work out untill I cant work out no more and become like arnie. Hopefully that will help me in being as successfull as arnie. heheh, and guess what? The gym caught on fire today. That was exciting, had to walk out side and then go home. Cant think when the excitement from today will end.

Anyway, in the real world I have 3 applications to fill out and email etc tomorrow which is gona be exciting and maybe the catalyst to do something during the holidays. I really need to make a list. I like lists, they help me to stay alive. Thats all I can think about now, in fact thats what I've been thinking about all day, making a list.

Job Seaching

Well its monday and I decided to look for a job. So I started at the uni's carrees website and it was good to see so many jobs.... Which should keep me busy this week. Must of downloaded about 25 jobs.... The newspaper had about 3 jobs that I would consider but nothing really accounting related there. Should also just apply to employers even if they dont adversite. They still might hire me, even if it is on casual etc. So, yeah everything is looking good so far. Possibly the bestest website at making me feel better is the gradlink site. It has a whole heap of stuff to read to make stressed uni students waiting for their exam results feel better....

Also David jones is having 25% off sale so I think I'm gona go get a second shirt to wear to interviews and the such.

Other than looking for a job I mowed the "lawn" (green areas of dirt) and I must say, it does look much better. Hopefully in the future I will have real grass to mow and not just weeds. Only took me 2:30 today which is good, but there is a problem with the lawn mower not running at full power. This is because the throtle controler thingy is broken and doesnt go all the way...

Its broken

My scanner is now borken. I have tried everything and the yellow lines are here to stay. So it looks like I will have to buy a new one. Which wont be for a while... as I still have no job. Looks like the postcard and picture drawing thingy are kinda gone. Still collecting and drawing though.

Its just sad that its broken. Its been such a good foot rest. Maybe I can turn it into some kinda lamp.

D-Time Machine (c)

Last week I was worried about not getting the work that I want to get done, done. That was all just a lie. lies. Lies and more lies.... Its because I went back in time. Fitting 28 hours into 24 hours is not easy but I did it. All I had to was change the universe faster then it already changes, enabling me both the extra time to get more work done.

Its all over

I have finnished all of my exams. Whoo. Was a busy couple of weeks, but I'm still alive which is good. Considering I almost felt like I was dead(KAROSHI) a few times...

300 moves

Well for a break in studying I decided to play some chess witht the computer. Normaly I am one of those people that take all of the peices and then go for check... (bad strategy...) anyway. This one game I played only went for 16 moves! Sometimes I even amaze my self.

BP -- WP -- -- WQ -- --
-- BP -- -- -- BP BP --
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- BP
-- -- -- -- WP -- -- WP
-- -- WP -- -- WP -- --
WP WP -- -- -- -- WP --

WHITE: Player 1
BLACK: Novice

1. P-K4 P-K4
2. P-Q3 P-KR4
3. P-KR4 N-KR3
4. B-N5 N-N5
5. BxQ KxB
6. P-KB3 N-K6
7. Q-K2 N-B3
8. QxN P-QN3
9. Q-N5ch P-B3
10. Q-N6 P-Q3
11. Q-B7 N-K2
12. P-B3 P-N3
13. P-Q4 N-N1
14. PxP N-K2
15. PxQP N-N1
16. PxP++

This also happens to be the 300th post.

Conquering the Treadmill

Today wasnt just a momentus occasion for me applying for jobs. But also because I successfully ran on the treadmill. This may seem like completly absurd and ordinary to some. But for me it is not. The last time I tried running I fell off sideways.... So I just did brisk walks. Which get very boring, very quickly... But after about 11 months of this I thought, why not give another go. And it worked. possibly because I have better control over my self and better technique in doing exercises then when I started [obviously]. It was good. I kept a nice pace for 10 mins, obviously never doing any running, I'm gona have to build up to something more respectable. But its a start. The key is to get a good pace that is comfortable and sticking to it.

I also did a bit of study for my exams today (4 hours) so that was also pleasing. But didnt get as much as I want to get done, done....

New questions

Spent most of the day applying for a job at EY. Its supposed to take about 45 minuites, but there were a few questions I wasnt really prepared for. But I think just by appling I think I have gained some experiance. Especialy when it comes time to actually apply for the real graduate jobs. Hopefully I will get an interview, which would be nice. Even if it just for the experiance. But, I'm still gona give it a good go. Been looking up questions they ask during interviews etc. As long as I get my basic story right, I should be ok. Then if I get through that, there is an assement day. Which means more exams. But this time the quest is a job (and eventually a career). Hopefully nothing too hard. Apparently they like to do reconciliations.... I havent done a reconciliation in about 5 years so I think that will be a learning experiance.... And then if you pass the assement then you get an interview with the partners of the division. Then you get the job.


I am definatly going to have to do a lot more thinking, if I want one of these jobs. The questions are like. Why should we hire you? What is your value proposition??? Why do you want to work here? Why do you think you will fit in? What are some of your achivements outside uni?

Some of these questions are just a little heavy for my liking. Also how can you make an assement on how you will fit in the company buy just reading promotional material on their website.... Theres somethings I just wont get.