its just not fare

Went to uni the other day to get my free stuff and should happen, but they run out of food. Thats just great. And then "dr. Bombay.".

Well, lets just say its a cover band using someone elses name........ aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh....... It was just too good to be true

The House of Sand and Fog

Today I went to go and see the movie "The House of Sand and Fog", to try and get out of the heat wave (40+) but what happens when we get into the actuall theater. The air conditioning breaks down. So for about 2.5 hours we (Karl and I) had to sweat it out in sauna like conditions.

Anyway, the movie is the best that I have seen in a long time and is proberly better than Goodbye/buy Lenin or Mystic River (best movies of last year). I also dont expect any other movies this year to top this one. I guess the full effect of the movie was taken away somewhat by the heat/sweat/no airconditioning [note: I think it must have been at least 45 in there because it was closed in]. I guess this highlighted the length of the movie (2:25) and maybe could of shortened the second half, although it kinda added to the effect (artistic effect). If it wasnt so hot I wouldnt complain about the heat, in fact if the air conditioning was working I would proberly say that it wasnt long enough.

I dont want to spoil the movie untill it comes out on DVD so I wont tell you what happens (I'm actually thinking of seeing it again/unless I can find another movie worth seeing).

I give this movie 9D/10D

D-news -> Another funtastic way to get news

Another revelation for D-news []. If you havent been following whats been going on then first read this then check out the new/s stuff.

Firstly I would like to bring to your attention that D-news now is available in your in box. Just go to here and sign up and D-news will automaticly arive in your inbox, just like magic. Alternativly you can send an email to [] and that will also subscribe you.

At the moment I am using yahoo as its fully magical and does everything for me, but since for some reason I dont like it, maybe because its not a proper email thingo, but it works and thats the main thing.

Another development is the new design thats I am using for D-news. Guess what? Its the same as the main site. YAY...>...

Wait theres more. Blogger has introduced an RSS/XML feed for everyones blogs, so now you can use that as syndication or use it in a news agregator.

Dont forget to check the news at for all relavent news stuffs.

Its funtastic

extreamly worng

Today there was a sevear storm warning and on this premis I decided to mow the lawn, so it doesnt get too tall. But then after I finish and turn to the news, the warning is gone and all that is left is a mild breaze

World of Ends

What's the value of the internet and what should we be doing with it? Well a good plan starts here: World of Ends

William Hung

William Hung: A Real American Idol! The Online Tribute to Will Hung a.k.a. Hong Kong Ricky Martin

This guy was on American Idol, and failed. But because he is proberly the most coolest nerd you will ever find, I recomend downloading his songs (him singing other ppls songs, eg She Bangs : Ricky Martin).

If only for the laughter and to play when your feeling depressed....

Back to readability

Since my last attempt at making my own blogger template I have decided to switch back to the old one and just use that one, untill I figure out how to use this xml thingo to publish to the website.

putt putt putt.....

Today the mower broke, since my neighbour is a lawn mow guy he took it apart and found that the tube that takes the air from the air filter to the engine was broken, so goto get that little tube.

Then I can start cutting down the rain forrest that has decided to take up residency in my garden.

Mum has arrived

Mum has arrived in India saftley, just got off the phone. Not realy know what I'm supposed to do now that mum is gone, normaly she just tells me to do stuff. Its quite a different feeling.

Big storm

Had a few storms over the last week, almost everyday, with friday being the worst. Lots of trees fell down and stuff was smashed, but not at my house. Everywhere else had damage, all we had was a plastic chair turned over and the mop fell out of the bucket.


BLOGGER - Knowledge Base?-?What is Atom?

At last Blogger has RSS feed which means I will be able to hopefuly combine D-news and Beancounting all in the same place.... Keep u posted on the progress