I haven't made any resolutions as yet, but the usual suspects have reappeared. I am not going to worry about my previous failures which should help, but also making some kind of plan and some way to track and be accountable. If I fail, then I need to know when and by how much, maybe I didn't give my self enough time etc...

Time, is an interesting concept which baffles me to this day. But I still wear a watch and carry on...

What I mean by giving my self enough time, not just a date when I would like said resolution to be achieved, but the actual progressed time. For example, I want to build a new shed, I would like it completed by August, this is an ok resolution, but I would like to add a few layers of complexity. Firstly progressed time, this is a made up concept and the name may change in the future... But, if a resolution required 7 days of work, and your target is to complete by the end of the week, you need to allocate and do work on all the days. But you can't do that as you have other shit to do, you can't devote yourself full time to a project its not practical. You could do one day of work every weekend. Which means its going to take 7 weeks. But life isnt perfect and you may need to add an extra weekend for the off week which is inevitably going to happen.

I am going to need to spend some time working out how much real time I am going to have to invest and the time frame in which said activities should be completed in. Also having some milestones to aim for during the project, especially if its long term would be nice.


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