For about 7 years I used a orange wallet made of elephant leather. That probably sounds mean and wrong, but its also awesome. And you know it. It was awesome until it started to fall apart. Probably had another 2 years as it fell apart, most-likely make it to 10 years, but my paranoia and OCD to protect and horde my belongings caused me to retire that wallet and pick up a wallet from the box of wallets I have collected over the years. These being those I have purchased or gained from birthday/christmas/diwali presents. The elephant leather wallet was a thin single fold wallet it was an extension of my left thigh. It just fit nicely into any trousers I was wearing. I changed to a double fold (triple flap) wallet. More slots for my cards, divider for big and small notes, dual ID holders, everything you could ever want from a wallet. But its just too fat.

If we delve deeper I also had a coin purse. It was good as during that time I never had enough money to actually hold notes, it had a flap for notes.... but mainly I only had coins during my senior high school years. Prior to that (yr 8 to 10) I had various Velcro wallets or just nothing at all.

Whilst at work I noticed how thin my ipod nano 2g was next to the bulk of my wallet and realised I needed something thinner. My wallet always annoyed me in terms of its girth, but its a wallet, holds money and cards, what do I care?

  1. Comfort
  2. Bulge
  3. Weight
  4. Durability
  5. Looks
The non descriptive nature of this wallet just sort of got to me along with its fatness (sounds hypocritical, but its dead cow and cheap nylon so STFU). I knew about the duct tape wallet so I entered the internet to find out a bout this new phenomenon (4 years late?_P) and stumbled upon paper wallets. Immediately I knew this was for me, my love of stationary combined with my love of money......dots.........

The problem with paper wallets is its hydrophobia and durability is limited to the quality/thickness of paper. Do I care. Fuck no! The fact that its unique and awesome like the elephant wallet. But made of a different type of finite resource. I am surrounded by boxes of paper that we just throw away, what if I use this resource for the first step in the recycle triangle and reuse in a productive way?

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pratham said...

why don't u use brown wallet.