Speech recognition

Hello world.
This is rather cool, but also it sounds dorky to do this.
I wonder how fast I can talk, before he gets frustrated.  Well it is actually quite good.
I could get used to this.
I am thinking of buying new shoes.nt

Is this the end of the page.  Yes!
Is it wasn’t I think I do not know.  I do not have the force at work.  But this could be interesting if you can work that are clearly should not stop the reaction stop talking ledger report yes.  One that does not make any sense.  Originality there must leave them on.
I am going to bed.  Good night.

Soup for one

  by beancounting
, a photo by beancounting on Flickr.

I have the flu, so I drink soup, only packet soup is crap. So i made my own.

Its a simple recipe I made up using common sense.

1 carrot
2 small potato
1 chilli
half celery stick
sweet corn (left overs)
shallots (left overs)
half onion
Stock pot - the new ones :-p

1. Dice
2. Saute onion, garlic and chilli
3. Water (1 kettle (1.5L))
4. Ingredients
5. Stock pot
6. ???????
7. Profit

Things I would do differently
No chilli, the chilli floats to the top and is dangerous, use paprika instead
More potato, the potato goes MIA but that could be the type of potato
More celery just use the whole stick
Don't get the stock pot, just get oxo cubes or similar like I was supposed to.
Some fresh herbs would not go astray.

It tastes nice, clean, clear and simple no unnecessary sugars, should keep until I recover.

All ingrediants except the celery ($1.50) and stock pots ($3.50) were already in the fridge so basically free.

Computer upgrades

So I'm sitting here doing a bit of window shopping as is my normal routine when sick. First I started out by looking at a complete overhaul, i5 to i7 and a a new GPU etc. Thankfully I realised that is a stupid idea and I could spend some money else where, eg SSD or UPS which are two things I really want (apart from an iPad). The problem with the SSD is the small capacity and the fact it gives me a headache thinking about how to install all the programs and games etc on two separate hdd, which is the suck.

So now I am onto UPS, which is making more sense as I read into it. Basically everyone needs one.

Calculate how much power you need

PC 750
Monitor 100
Modem 10
Router 10
External HDD 20
Total 890
+20% = 1068

These figures are quite rough as I guessed. So for my computer I am going to need something quite powerful. For the HTPC I have worked out it is drawing about 230w, but I'm pretty sure I put a 650w PSU in it. In any case I just need it to last maybe 5 mins while I switch the power back on in the box.

i have teh flu

I'm sick and bored. This is my third day off work which should be cause for a spontaneous celebration. Currently drinking weak ribena with warm water.

Boredom is not always good, as it can lead to various forms of fire or stop start lego annimations.