Input Devices

The case situation is not progressing as they all look crap and cost more than the cosmos, so fuck that.

The input situation is looking a bit better. Here are the contenders

Keyboard: Logitech DiNovo Edge
Mouse: Logitech Air
Remote: Logitech Harmony One

As you can see I like logitech and infact I have a fair bit of Logitech kit already. However the reason for this is they are the best in each of the catagories.

The DiNovo edge is wafer thin, looks awesome so it wont mess up the 'look' of the lounge room and has a built in track pad so no need for a mouse when surfing the internets from the couch. I could have gone with a smaller keyboard such as the DiNovo Mini, but that would make typing difficult, but for general search and small amounts of input I can see how that could work. It also has more media buttons.

The Air mouse is quite simply an engineering marvel. It does not use IR, but very accurate gyroscopes. The fact that its 2 mice in one is also very cool as you can use it like a normal mouse but also wave it around like a Wiimote to control your computer. Fucking A.

The Harmony One is IR only (no RF, you need the 900 or the 1100 for that) but it has one click functions. So say you want to watch a movie on the HTPC it turns on the and goes to the settings required (picks the input) and turns off devices not required. It also has a docking station to keep it charged up.

I haven't actually purchased these items as yet so will do a full review when I get them. But these are my current choices. The Air mouse is overkill, but its the only situation I can think of to buy one in and I really really want one (check YouTube for some awsome vids).

What not to eat at your desk

Do not attempt to eat pistacios over your desk, as it will create an aweful big mess and your kyborad will become littered with pistacios particles (PP), significantly reducing the efficiency of key strokes,


I have decided that it is time to make a home theatre PC. Not that I have a hometheater, far from it, as can be evidenced by the SD plasma and PS2 running as the DVD player.

In any case I want to be able to watch TV on the couch. The second reason is my gigantic case is actually running out of room and I need another computer to stash some more storage space into.

I have done a lot of research and have decided on intel because its going to be cooler and therefore need less fans, better sound and they just 'feel' more reliable than AMD's.

Proposed Parts:
  • Intel i3 530 $140
  • Gigabyte H55M-S2H $100
  • Corsair Select Value DDR3 1x2gb $70
  • WD 2TB green $180
  • Wifi Card $45

All this will cost me around $500, which is a good starting budget, I know these sorts of projects tend to get quite costly over the long run so I don't want to blow my budget on the initial purchase.

I was going to put all my HDD in the one box, but then realised that running 10+HDD whilst trying to watch a movie is not going to work. So I will need to build a server, which I will build after setting up the HTPC.

To save some money I will initially use some old parts:
  • Case
  • PSU
  • DVD drive
  • HDD

At the beginning I am going to use an old wired Keyboard & Mouse, obviously I will need to purchase a wireless set and a remote. Having looked into the items that I desire this is going to cost me an additional $500 on input devices alone. So I will have to work out their importance and buy them in that order.

I think the first major upgrade will have to be the case as I suspect my Mum in particular will be dissatisfied with having a noisy beige box sitting in the lounge room. There is no budget for the case as its going to be the ‘face’ of the show and is what will sell the idea.

I realise its going cost a lot of money but once setup it will be pretty awesome and hopefully should last quite a while.

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