At the end of last year as is normal at that time I decided to review what I had done throughout the year. The problem I faced was that I could not remember that far back or get a good enough grasp of things to make an accurate assessment of whether it was good or bad. So I devised a system to record through standardised questions that I would answer daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half year and then at the end of the year. By reviewing daily it should be easier to review weekly, are there any patterns etc. I could just blog daily but that's not the point of this particular exercise. I think my last post was a daily review, but was some weeks back now. It does not take long to do the daily review and with 7 days worth of data it should take the same amount of time to do a weekly review, just a matter of reading back.

I have left open the possibility of changing the questions as needed, I don't believe I am that smart as to predict what information I would need in the future, having never tested this sort of thing before (this is the test).

I want to have my current perspective preserved and not tainted by the future or the things I may learn along the way. DATA!

January 2010
As was the case last year I have no Idea what happened this month as I never wrote it down.... I have a sprained ankle which is annoying due to the fact I can only walk on it. I stopped eating cereal for some unknown reason most likely because I don't get up early enough and hence would be late for work. My electric toothbrush broke forcing me to switch back to regular toothbrush, its weird because the head is a lot bigger, unsure if it cleans better, probably the same. Bought a bookcase to rid my floor of unnecessary clutter. Its doing a fine job so far but need to organise my stationary better as it seems to be all over the place. Need to buy new shoes for work as they leak when it rains, the lopsided wear on my shoes could be contributing to my ankle problems

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