Brain dump

Setting up new blog for your projects should be a good idea. Its separate to your personal crap and there is a real focus on a project. I have been thinking about setting up a new blog to talk about new things I have learned, but at the same time, what’s the point. Why can’t it all be in one place. As with most unread blog there is no real audience, friends, family and the random search link, nothing to really worry about. We might do but they will understand. One example is 3 mosquitoes video junk we decided to make whilst drunk. This should have just been posted on our personal blog, another example is the daily, weekly review I have been trying to do. I started on wordpress just to see how that works, but its just a pain to post in 2 different places and the fact no one will ever find it, or the fact that anyone that does wont understand wtf is going on because there is no other context to explain what is happening.

Main purpose of this blog is a record for my self. Sure I could just save it in a word document or write it down. But it’s the future, or at least will be soon.

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