Brain dump

Setting up new blog for your projects should be a good idea. Its separate to your personal crap and there is a real focus on a project. I have been thinking about setting up a new blog to talk about new things I have learned, but at the same time, what’s the point. Why can’t it all be in one place. As with most unread blog there is no real audience, friends, family and the random search link, nothing to really worry about. We might do but they will understand. One example is 3 mosquitoes video junk we decided to make whilst drunk. This should have just been posted on our personal blog, another example is the daily, weekly review I have been trying to do. I started on wordpress just to see how that works, but its just a pain to post in 2 different places and the fact no one will ever find it, or the fact that anyone that does wont understand wtf is going on because there is no other context to explain what is happening.

Main purpose of this blog is a record for my self. Sure I could just save it in a word document or write it down. But it’s the future, or at least will be soon.

Weekend Review

Most of the weekend I felt like I was in a haze and couldn't really focus or concentrate on anything for more than, well just could not think properly. Managed to get a few things done, but nothing that helps me, so another bunch of consecutive hours not going to work wasted. I did wash my car, but the bat shit is still stuck on real good. Going to clean it again tonight, also my car got scratched but was surprised that they waited around to tell me. Was shocked at the time, looks like its just paint so should just rub off. Just add it to the rest of the scratches. Which is the good thing about owning a crappy car, its already scratched up.

Subscribed to my podcasts through itunes now, so they auto update to my ipod and delete them as I play them is a really cool feature.

Digging a hole is fun, but also a lot of hard work and for my level of fitness/strength I am still a little sore, but that could be because it was so hot last night I could not sleep.


At the end of last year as is normal at that time I decided to review what I had done throughout the year. The problem I faced was that I could not remember that far back or get a good enough grasp of things to make an accurate assessment of whether it was good or bad. So I devised a system to record through standardised questions that I would answer daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half year and then at the end of the year. By reviewing daily it should be easier to review weekly, are there any patterns etc. I could just blog daily but that's not the point of this particular exercise. I think my last post was a daily review, but was some weeks back now. It does not take long to do the daily review and with 7 days worth of data it should take the same amount of time to do a weekly review, just a matter of reading back.

I have left open the possibility of changing the questions as needed, I don't believe I am that smart as to predict what information I would need in the future, having never tested this sort of thing before (this is the test).

I want to have my current perspective preserved and not tainted by the future or the things I may learn along the way. DATA!

January 2010
As was the case last year I have no Idea what happened this month as I never wrote it down.... I have a sprained ankle which is annoying due to the fact I can only walk on it. I stopped eating cereal for some unknown reason most likely because I don't get up early enough and hence would be late for work. My electric toothbrush broke forcing me to switch back to regular toothbrush, its weird because the head is a lot bigger, unsure if it cleans better, probably the same. Bought a bookcase to rid my floor of unnecessary clutter. Its doing a fine job so far but need to organise my stationary better as it seems to be all over the place. Need to buy new shoes for work as they leak when it rains, the lopsided wear on my shoes could be contributing to my ankle problems

Day in Review

How did you feel when you woke up - Shit

What did you have for breakfast - Nothing

What did you have for lunch - Crap Sandwich

What did you have for dinner - Stir Fry

Did you workout/exercise, how was it. if not why - No, feel like shit, did chores instead

What interesting people did you meet today? What did you talk about? - Work people, work stuff

What did you do today that was ill advised - loose a receipt for items that needed returning

What was the best music you heard all day - black betty

What was the best moment of the day - sitting on the ferry

Word of the day - edge

What did you learn today - the need to write everything down

Don't Buy Things While Drunk

Today I recieved two packages in the mail. I do order quite a lot of shit from the internet and now have a personal relationship with my local courier (wish it was korea...), books from amazon, from my iphone (damn those semi usefull apps), which I purchased while half asleep after drinking my self to sleep. 2 books from Michael Pollan, Food Rules & In Defence of Food. Both goods books if you go from the reviews, but theses sorts of books I wish list as a reminder to look into their contents and research the infromation them selves.

Now I am stuck with them and will read them at some point in time, maybe tomorrow. I don't know.

But never buy things when drunk its wrong, imbarasing, weird (sex dolls...) and pointless.

You don't need anything,,,