Day in Review

How did you feel when you woke up - peircing sunlight

What did you have for breakfast -Redbull

What did you have for lunch -Chicken Ceaser Sandwich

What did you have for dinner -What mum cooked

Did you workout/exercise, how was it. if not why - I did not exercise as I am a fat slob

What interesting people did you meet today? What did you talk about? -

What did you do today that was ill advised -Tried to analysie a phone bill

What was the best music you heard all day - ABC classic FM

What was the best moment of the day - Driving home from work

Word of the day -

What did you learn today -It doesnt matter if I forget something as its highly likely that I have written it down, or thought about it in the past already. Don't need to do the work again...


I have started growing some corn, because corn on the cob after being roasted on a bbq is awesome.


A lot of my early posts refer to my unfulfilled leet status. Why do I blog now,. \ to get status in the fact that i can dribble shit for a very long period of time,. I am leet in accounting? I am leet in computers?


First Post

I have been trying to restart my blog recently, but there have been a few thoughts about what I should write. But mostly its about how I write. Not my grammar, speeling etc. But who might read this, employers, coworkers, family, friends, enemies, the government, clients, extraterrestrial beings, the list goes on...

The fear that what I written could be used by someone to deprive me of an opportunity because they may not agree with what I have written. The same goes for twitter, facebook etc.

Some places you can hide because its not necessary to identify your true self. But on twitter facebook etc you have to. Its a way to connect with IRL people.

I just went back to look at my very first post for this blog (or should I say weblog... as it was that long ago). It is about developing the technology and actually using the technology. I do not delve into programing much these days unless its work related. From what I recall (the vagaries of the mind will make the following statement incorrect) most of my blog posts related to my trying to do something and other random cool shit. Not all of it PC. Which makes it potential fodder for 'special interest groups'...

the mere thought of a threat has put the blog on permanent hiatus. And as one of the things that I have enjoyed doing in the past, ignoring the threats with the old fuck off if you don't like it attitude is sure to win back my own heart.

A statement of things, what I'm going to do etc is probably the worst thing to start off with. But it atleast gets things started and a review of this blog will show there are many...

Fixing Shit

Reasonalby productive day, didn't get a chance to mow the lawn but did complete the following tasks:
  • bike is now road worthy, took it for a spin around the block. This is definatly going to help with the exercise.
  • Fixed the plug for the stab mixer. Need to find the hot glue gun to stop the wire from being so loose
  • Fixed the plugs that have fallen off the walls, more double sided tape used to keep them up... not really long term solution, but just a bit scared of drilling holes into power board then attaching them to the wall with screws. Probably an easier solution I'm not aware of just yet. Need to do some research
  • Started testing sync programs to establish some sort of backup regime. I hate proprietary file containers. Much prefer just having the files naked on a drive. Just syncing the documents folders which is where all the important data is kept.
  • Probably some other shit I can't remember. Going to have a shower then think about doing some study... kinda need to at least make a start

Small vs Large Proprietary Company

Are you a small or large proprietary company? You need to satisfy at least two of the following:

Consolidated Revenue
Small <$25 Million> Large

Consolidated Assets
Small <$12.5Million> Large

Small <50> Large


I have for a long time tried to implement rechargeable batteries into the household. The main problem is that at times its a pain to wait for the battery to charge, then you forget about it, then you just end up buying normal batteries as its more convenient. The second problem is that rechargeable have in the past, not been consistent. After a few charge cycles the power would just not be there and the predictability of when one might need the power wont be there.

Enter the Maha MH-C9000

Its a battery charger that costs $90 (not including postage (I ended up spending close to $150 in total as I bought new rechargeable batteries to go with it))

The cost of buying batteries is a pain. I will probably keep a few regular batteries on hand for emergencies, but on the whole will be replacing everything with rechargeable. The cost of recharging is negligible so its mainly the cost of the equipment. I do like using the energizer e2 lithium in my torch/flash light as they are lighter then alkaline and rechargeable and they have a lot of power, no power drop off and last for ages (currently have a single AA in a Fenix that has been going for the last 3 years), torches are a different type of device and when in use require a constant but high load... once my stash of e2's run out I will be using rechargeables for my torches as well.

I already have a recharger that I purchased from dick smith about 7 years ago for $30. I was thinking of getting a fast charger, but the more research I did the clearer it became that quick charging is actually a bad idea and will ruin your batteries.

  • Remotes x4x2=8
  • Salt & Pepper = 8
  • Torches = 4
  • Keyboard & Mouse = 4
  • Total = 24 batteries in use
I have over the years purchased rechargeables so the batteries (appart from the ones I purchased with the charger, should not cost me anything.

On to the charger, why this charger. Basicly it is capable of bringing battery back to life through cycling through charging and discharging based on fancy electronics. It will analyse each battery individualy and program it self to best suit each battery. My old rechargables that cost $5 each (about the same cost as e2) can now be brought back to life. Also all charges from now on will be to the batteries full potential and I will not have to keep charging them because they are in a bad condition.

Drawbacks: As I said before I was looking at fast chargers, but that was wrong. The problem now is the break in/bring back to life feature takes 38 hours to complete (2 days (based on the minimum number of cycles)). So its going to take a while for me to get all my batteries in order.

I would like to implement this solution at work to reduce the cost of buying batteries every month, but I cant see how people will be able to wait 2 days to get batteries, you can obviously just have a few extra sets on charge.

Hopefully this will work out. My only other fear is my idiot family will throw away my rechargeable if they stop working and replace with regular batteries.

Nice write up of why some people dont like rechargables, also check the other posts for more info

Magnetic pen

Put small round magnets in bottom of pen. Will then stick to fridge.

- Posted from the field

Normal Service

Normal service will now resume, which won't be helpful, but is a necessary sacrifice against the evils of social media.

Input Devices

The case situation is not progressing as they all look crap and cost more than the cosmos, so fuck that.

The input situation is looking a bit better. Here are the contenders

Keyboard: Logitech DiNovo Edge
Mouse: Logitech Air
Remote: Logitech Harmony One

As you can see I like logitech and infact I have a fair bit of Logitech kit already. However the reason for this is they are the best in each of the catagories.

The DiNovo edge is wafer thin, looks awesome so it wont mess up the 'look' of the lounge room and has a built in track pad so no need for a mouse when surfing the internets from the couch. I could have gone with a smaller keyboard such as the DiNovo Mini, but that would make typing difficult, but for general search and small amounts of input I can see how that could work. It also has more media buttons.

The Air mouse is quite simply an engineering marvel. It does not use IR, but very accurate gyroscopes. The fact that its 2 mice in one is also very cool as you can use it like a normal mouse but also wave it around like a Wiimote to control your computer. Fucking A.

The Harmony One is IR only (no RF, you need the 900 or the 1100 for that) but it has one click functions. So say you want to watch a movie on the HTPC it turns on the and goes to the settings required (picks the input) and turns off devices not required. It also has a docking station to keep it charged up.

I haven't actually purchased these items as yet so will do a full review when I get them. But these are my current choices. The Air mouse is overkill, but its the only situation I can think of to buy one in and I really really want one (check YouTube for some awsome vids).

What not to eat at your desk

Do not attempt to eat pistacios over your desk, as it will create an aweful big mess and your kyborad will become littered with pistacios particles (PP), significantly reducing the efficiency of key strokes,


I have decided that it is time to make a home theatre PC. Not that I have a hometheater, far from it, as can be evidenced by the SD plasma and PS2 running as the DVD player.

In any case I want to be able to watch TV on the couch. The second reason is my gigantic case is actually running out of room and I need another computer to stash some more storage space into.

I have done a lot of research and have decided on intel because its going to be cooler and therefore need less fans, better sound and they just 'feel' more reliable than AMD's.

Proposed Parts:
  • Intel i3 530 $140
  • Gigabyte H55M-S2H $100
  • Corsair Select Value DDR3 1x2gb $70
  • WD 2TB green $180
  • Wifi Card $45

All this will cost me around $500, which is a good starting budget, I know these sorts of projects tend to get quite costly over the long run so I don't want to blow my budget on the initial purchase.

I was going to put all my HDD in the one box, but then realised that running 10+HDD whilst trying to watch a movie is not going to work. So I will need to build a server, which I will build after setting up the HTPC.

To save some money I will initially use some old parts:
  • Case
  • PSU
  • DVD drive
  • HDD

At the beginning I am going to use an old wired Keyboard & Mouse, obviously I will need to purchase a wireless set and a remote. Having looked into the items that I desire this is going to cost me an additional $500 on input devices alone. So I will have to work out their importance and buy them in that order.

I think the first major upgrade will have to be the case as I suspect my Mum in particular will be dissatisfied with having a noisy beige box sitting in the lounge room. There is no budget for the case as its going to be the ‘face’ of the show and is what will sell the idea.

I realise its going cost a lot of money but once setup it will be pretty awesome and hopefully should last quite a while.

Change Experiment


E-Tax 2009

This direct link because going through the million fucking links from the ATO is annoying

Crazy Watch

12seconds - Crazy watch

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Day in Review

How did you feel when you woke up - Like cement

What did you have for breakfast - Sausage Roll

What did you have for lunch - Turkey Sandwich

What did you have for dinner - Fish

Did you workout/exercise, how was it. if not why - No, had more pressing matters to attend to

What interesting people did you meet today? What did you talk about? - Mothra, I will destroy your kind if you come near my computer again.

What did you do today that was ill advised - Using too many moth balls

What was the best music you heard all day - ABC classic FM

What was the best moment of the day - Watch people complain about the rain

Word of the day - super

What did you learn today - Do not stock pile paper as it can lead to moth infestation.

Brain dump

Setting up new blog for your projects should be a good idea. Its separate to your personal crap and there is a real focus on a project. I have been thinking about setting up a new blog to talk about new things I have learned, but at the same time, what’s the point. Why can’t it all be in one place. As with most unread blog there is no real audience, friends, family and the random search link, nothing to really worry about. We might do but they will understand. One example is 3 mosquitoes video junk we decided to make whilst drunk. This should have just been posted on our personal blog, another example is the daily, weekly review I have been trying to do. I started on wordpress just to see how that works, but its just a pain to post in 2 different places and the fact no one will ever find it, or the fact that anyone that does wont understand wtf is going on because there is no other context to explain what is happening.

Main purpose of this blog is a record for my self. Sure I could just save it in a word document or write it down. But it’s the future, or at least will be soon.

Weekend Review

Most of the weekend I felt like I was in a haze and couldn't really focus or concentrate on anything for more than, well just could not think properly. Managed to get a few things done, but nothing that helps me, so another bunch of consecutive hours not going to work wasted. I did wash my car, but the bat shit is still stuck on real good. Going to clean it again tonight, also my car got scratched but was surprised that they waited around to tell me. Was shocked at the time, looks like its just paint so should just rub off. Just add it to the rest of the scratches. Which is the good thing about owning a crappy car, its already scratched up.

Subscribed to my podcasts through itunes now, so they auto update to my ipod and delete them as I play them is a really cool feature.

Digging a hole is fun, but also a lot of hard work and for my level of fitness/strength I am still a little sore, but that could be because it was so hot last night I could not sleep.


At the end of last year as is normal at that time I decided to review what I had done throughout the year. The problem I faced was that I could not remember that far back or get a good enough grasp of things to make an accurate assessment of whether it was good or bad. So I devised a system to record through standardised questions that I would answer daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half year and then at the end of the year. By reviewing daily it should be easier to review weekly, are there any patterns etc. I could just blog daily but that's not the point of this particular exercise. I think my last post was a daily review, but was some weeks back now. It does not take long to do the daily review and with 7 days worth of data it should take the same amount of time to do a weekly review, just a matter of reading back.

I have left open the possibility of changing the questions as needed, I don't believe I am that smart as to predict what information I would need in the future, having never tested this sort of thing before (this is the test).

I want to have my current perspective preserved and not tainted by the future or the things I may learn along the way. DATA!

January 2010
As was the case last year I have no Idea what happened this month as I never wrote it down.... I have a sprained ankle which is annoying due to the fact I can only walk on it. I stopped eating cereal for some unknown reason most likely because I don't get up early enough and hence would be late for work. My electric toothbrush broke forcing me to switch back to regular toothbrush, its weird because the head is a lot bigger, unsure if it cleans better, probably the same. Bought a bookcase to rid my floor of unnecessary clutter. Its doing a fine job so far but need to organise my stationary better as it seems to be all over the place. Need to buy new shoes for work as they leak when it rains, the lopsided wear on my shoes could be contributing to my ankle problems

Day in Review

How did you feel when you woke up - Shit

What did you have for breakfast - Nothing

What did you have for lunch - Crap Sandwich

What did you have for dinner - Stir Fry

Did you workout/exercise, how was it. if not why - No, feel like shit, did chores instead

What interesting people did you meet today? What did you talk about? - Work people, work stuff

What did you do today that was ill advised - loose a receipt for items that needed returning

What was the best music you heard all day - black betty

What was the best moment of the day - sitting on the ferry

Word of the day - edge

What did you learn today - the need to write everything down

Don't Buy Things While Drunk

Today I recieved two packages in the mail. I do order quite a lot of shit from the internet and now have a personal relationship with my local courier (wish it was korea...), books from amazon, from my iphone (damn those semi usefull apps), which I purchased while half asleep after drinking my self to sleep. 2 books from Michael Pollan, Food Rules & In Defence of Food. Both goods books if you go from the reviews, but theses sorts of books I wish list as a reminder to look into their contents and research the infromation them selves.

Now I am stuck with them and will read them at some point in time, maybe tomorrow. I don't know.

But never buy things when drunk its wrong, imbarasing, weird (sex dolls...) and pointless.

You don't need anything,,,

Day in Reivew

Day in review

How did you feel when you woke up - hungover

What did you have for breakfast - Croissant

What did you have for lunch - Croissant

What did you have for dinner - Tandori Chicken

Did you workout/exercise, how was it. if not why - No, tired

What interesting people did you meet today? What did you talk about? - I called someone on the internet a retard.

What did you do today that was ill advised - shave

What was the best music you heard all day - James Brown

What was the best moment of the day - Falling asleep

Word of the day - Asstounding

What did you learn today - How to setup ADSL


The new bookshelf is up and in a semi permanant position. I am still unsure if I can live with the height of the shelf, but I consider it a compramise between visual asthetics and practical storage of books away from piles on the ground. I have manage to fit in the corner unit and the big shelf, leaving me with one small shelf which I am hoping will live in the study room. Many times I have considered building things my self so that it will fit exactly how I want it to. Maybe I just need to get better at measuring things.