2 Days

A new development in my life of such small significance it has warrented a full blog post rather than a twitter (microblog not just a chat service...). I have achived something that I have been striving for, for the past 2 weeks. But the confidence gained from this experiance will undoubtadly help me continue well into the rest of the week.

I have attended the gym for two days in a row.

Why is this so important and why should it even matter (how hard could it be to visit the gym on consecutive days...)? I don't know, maybe I am scared of the gym. Who knows, but I actually feel like I am now making progress and with badminton tomorrow I will have done 3 days of continuous exercise.

My exercise tracking program is not working nice in win 7 so I have signed up to dailyburn, which has a lot of the same functionailty, kinda feels weird puting up personal information like that on the internet, I should feel libertaed but I just feel petrified.

My biggest challenge will come on Thrusday when I will be quite sore from the day before. But if I can get to the gym then I plan to do some weights (another stupid challenge).

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