Notebook Hell

I love stationary but a problem I am currently having is that I have too many which are in current circulation.

go via e toll

The government has recently changed the name of the wireless tagging system called e-toll to go via. This irritates me a lot. Not only is it worse than etoll (go via is not an improvement since there is interpritation issues with the pronounciation (is it even a word in the english language?)) it is also just more bull shit advertising they are trying to sell to the population as if we don't already know what it is. Its a tax on using a bridge, something a troll (troll->toll) would do.

"I am going via the troll, she is going to shake me down for my change, but I have no change. Thats ok she now accepts credit card."

10 minuites later

"So you also need a $15 bond?"

"so my first visit over the bridge will cost me $50 and every subsequent trip will cost $2.40, but you can change the cost of this whenever you like on an imaginary statement that I am unlikely to check as the transaction will take place and the my knowing of how much I am spending will happen at another time"

"beep beep"

New Books

Got my books from the CPA today, still trying to find space for my old books... everything is just lying on the ground atm. Should be a good semester, I have decided to do 2 subjects so I can finish early. But will probably end up failing.


My challenge today is go the whole day without eating bread. I have noticed over the last few weeks I have been consuming way too much bread and it correlates to an increase in weight. So to stop that I am going to try and have a bread free day every week.

Windows 7

I have been playing around with Windows 7 in a virtual machine for a little while and it does seem better than vista. Its still a major change from XP, the aero does nothing for me. The start button is actuall a lot more usefull and you nolonger need to short and keep it clean as you can just search and the programs you use the most will come up first anyway.

It seems quite fast, a few things are a bit more hidden and somethings are rearranged vs xp, but mostly its pretty intuative from xp once you get used to the layout. Alot of nice improvements re: task bar. with the ability to pin programs to it, so the quick launch is gone, but its a nice feature and its a lot easier to move stuff around and pin stuff and unpin, so you change your work enviroment very quickly to suit what you are doing. The system try is nice and quiet and can be made to be silent. As apposed to vista which was a source of constant annoyance. The problem with MS is that they advertised vista as the second comming, it was not. And its a pattern. 95 vs 98, 3 years difference but availability wise probably only 2. 2000 vs xp, only 2 years. Its been 2 years since vista and win 7 will be released in a few months. XP is VERY simmarly to 2000. Win 7 is very simmilar to vista, but it just works significantly better.


My car is now getting repaired after it was damaged by an unknown force. I have been quite calm and quite philosophical over these events but today it has been hard to control my emotions. I took my car to get assessed yesterday and got the phone call today that its going to be 2 weeks before I get my car back. I guess a cumulation of damaged goods, having to pay $500 excess and the fact I wont have a car for 2 weeks is just a bit too much...

In good news I am apparently married and my wife who I don't know her name yet, is already planning to move in. My mum has arranged everything and all I have to do is drink my rohypnol like a good little boy.

There is something to be said about drinking beer out of a glass. Its marginaly better than drinking out of a bottle. babies drink out of a bottle. The next step is the beaker, which is very simlar to take away coffee cups.

2 Days

A new development in my life of such small significance it has warrented a full blog post rather than a twitter (microblog not just a chat service...). I have achived something that I have been striving for, for the past 2 weeks. But the confidence gained from this experiance will undoubtadly help me continue well into the rest of the week.

I have attended the gym for two days in a row.

Why is this so important and why should it even matter (how hard could it be to visit the gym on consecutive days...)? I don't know, maybe I am scared of the gym. Who knows, but I actually feel like I am now making progress and with badminton tomorrow I will have done 3 days of continuous exercise.

My exercise tracking program is not working nice in win 7 so I have signed up to dailyburn, which has a lot of the same functionailty, kinda feels weird puting up personal information like that on the internet, I should feel libertaed but I just feel petrified.

My biggest challenge will come on Thrusday when I will be quite sore from the day before. But if I can get to the gym then I plan to do some weights (another stupid challenge).