Tax needs to be broken up into different sections, and because I am learning and there always seems to be new developments etc I think we should create a folder for each section. Tying them all together after might become a bit of a chore, but the fact is I do not understand it yet. Also need to create cheat sheets/summaries of each area, then create a master summary. This seems to be the best way forward in terms of having a deep understanding and a reference guide to use in a practical sense for work or an exam. The other problem is the convergence of topics and some duplication (Tax planning and taxation of business entities). This could cause confusion, but as long as its increases my understanding I see this as only a minor problem.

  1. GST
  2. Deductions – General & Specific
  3. Income
  4. Capital Gains Tax
  5. Depreciation (Capital Allowances)
  6. Small Business Entities
  7. Tax Administration
  8. Fringe Benefits Tax
  9. Individuals
  10. Partnerships
  11. Trusts
  12. Companies
  13. Dividends (This is obviously linked to Companies but because its quite complex I have created another category)
  14. Non-Profit/Charities/Other
  15. International Tax Implications
  16. Tax Planning
  17. Deceased Estates

I’m going to buy 20 folders, not sure where I will house all of this, could just leave them at work, which probably makes sense since I will be doing most of my printing there. I can fit 10 folders on a shelf so 2 shelfs for tax seems like a lot, but it is a much better proposition than the laxadasical/lesaifair/haphazard approach I currently have, from which I can never find anything except silver fish.

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