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Recently I have stopped preparing sandwiches for lunch the next day. Instead I now just drive home make the sandwich. However, despite an abundance of fresh ingredients I get bored. When I do purchase lunch its normally a sandwich of some kind. Which leads to boredom or really weird sandwiches (occasionally not so good).

Today I was sitting there eating my $8 sandwich, drinking my $3 orange juice (pulp free) and reading my $10.50 magazine, looking at the people pass through the checkouts at the local woolworthes. Which got me thinking about how much my lunch cost. Is this sustainable? Is it even worth it? How much ingrediants could I buy for $8? I was paying for the privalge to eat a fairly standard sandwich. Granted I did choose the ingredients, but still, I realise that someone else gets to make it. Its convenient. You don't have to drive all the way home, break out the chopping board and spend 10 mins cleaning.

What is better, both have their merits. My point is, what to have for lunch. Its a daily ritual we all have to face, but one that gives joy to an other wise boring existence.

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